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150+ DIY Ornaments You Can Make Before Christmas

by on Nov 16, 2023

Can you believe it? Christmas is coming up quick! The holiday season always seems to whizz right by, doesn’t it? If you’re feeling like you’ve missed out on the festivities, don’t fret – there’s still enough time to make some last-minute baubles and bits. We’ve rounded up a few (well, not a few – over 150!) of our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments that you can definitely get finished this weekend, and enjoy for Christmases yet to come.       

Ornaments are an important part of many families’ holiday season. Here are a few thoughts from one of our past writers, Melanie, on the importance of tradition: 

Growing up, we had a tradition in my family where every member of the family received a new ornament on Christmas Eve, usually based on something eventful from the past year.  When I moved out and got married, I had 19 years worth (yes, I married young!) of ornaments.  My husband’s family had the same tradition, so our sad Charlie Brown-esque tree was quickly full and made us feel right at home for our first Christmas together.

We have since continued the tradition with our kids and each other- but last year my husband forgot to get me an ornament until late Christmas Eve.  He locked himself in my craft room and emerged an hour later with a very interesting handmade ornament for me.  It was wonky, and it was obviously made by someone who has never wielded embroidery floss, but I loved it.  It got us thinking that it would be fun to put a spin on tradition and make each other ornaments every year.

We’ve separated these DIY Christmas ornaments by theme, so there’s sure to be a project for every taste and style. Keep scrolling!

What style of DIY Christmas ornaments are you using on your tree this year? Let us know in the comments!

Old-Fashioned and Classic DIY Ornaments

A Mega Roundup of 84 DIY Christmas Ornaments | Photo transfer
Source: The Homesteady

Try this effective photo transfer technique for a personalized ornament.

Tiny car carrying a tree
Source: This Heart of Mine

Cute little car and a tree? Easy enough.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Gingerbread
Source: Creative Me Inspired You

A classic to try: gingerbread dough ornaments!

Ornaments | Baking soda dough
Source: My Pinterventures

Or try this alternative baking soda dough for a fluffier look.

Hand-sewn ornaments
Source: Purl Soho

Freshen up your tree with these hand-sewn versions of the classics you’re used to. Find out more here.

Clay ornaments
Source: Movita Beaucoup

Add texture and paint to plain white clay to get this effect. Check out the instructions here.

Porcelain-look wreath
Source: Woman’s Day

A cute porcelain-looking wreath works as both an ornament and a gift-topper.

Mini snow globe
Source: No Biggie

Try this cute and simple mini snow globe (and make me one too, because gah! It’s just so cute!).

Printed paper ornament
Source: Curbly

This printed paper ornament is classic, yet unique.

Etched birch ornament
Source: Design Mom

How about an etching project this weekend?

Peppermint ornaments
Source: Curbly

How nifty are these melted peppermint do-it-yourself ornaments

Wire wrapped letter ornament
Source: Crafts Unleashed

DIY string ornaments that double as both gift toppers and place cards!

Clay monogrammed ornament
Source: Jamie Bartlett

Personalize your tree with clay monogrammed ornaments.

Gilded pinecones
Source: Martha Stewart

We think these gilded pinecones would look lovely on a tree.

Faux fused glass do it yourself ornament
Source: Curbly

And check out this neat technique for creating DIY stained glass Christmas ornaments!

Cinnamon applesauce hearts
Source: Katy Elliot

Sweet little hearts made from cinnamon and applesauce are sure to spice up your tree.

Stained clothespin ornament
Source: By Stephanie Lynn

This rustic star-shape is actually made from clothespins! 

Argyle-sweater ornament
Source: So September

This argyle ornament would be a cozy addition to your tree.

Grosgrain snow globe
Source: Curbly

Simple snow globes are merry and bright. 

Sewn birds
Source: Purl Soho

And a partridge in a pear tree… 

Botanical Do-It-Yourself Ornaments

Foraged ornament
Source: The Crafted Life

A few natural clippings looks wonderful in a glass ornament.

Terrarium in a bulb
Source: Brit Co.

Or go for the full-blown terrarium!

Temporary tattoo ornaments
Source: The Crafted Life

Check out these botanical temporary tattooed ornaments.

Decoupaged florals
Source: Design Sponge

Or a more classic technique – decoupage.

Frosted pinecones
Source: We Can Make Anything

Learn how to hang simple frosted pinecones.

Clay imprints ornaments
Source: Say Yes

These DIY Christmas ornaments preserve nature forever.

Fabric scrap ornament
Source: Noodlehead

A little scrap of floral fabric makes this simple do-it-yourself ornament unique.

DIY Modern Christmas Decorations

Hand-painted wood ornaments
Source: Curbly

These hand-painted wooden ornaments can be ready in a jiffy!

Colorful modern ornaments
Source: Design Improvised

Neon and gold will give your tree a modern vibe this Christmas. Get the tutorial here.

Scalloped top ornaments
Source: Sarah Hearts

A sweet little scalloped edge adorns these DIY modern Christmas decorations.

Wood block ornaments
Source: Sew DIY

Tassels are a fun addition to your tree as well – find out how to make these yarn tassel ornaments here.

Color-block wood ornaments
Source: White House Crafts

Color blocking and a fresh color scheme give these Christmas ornaments a thoroughly modern vibe. Find out how to make them here. 

Felt ornaments
Source: Purl Soho

Grab some felt and whip up a few of these bad boys to grace your mod tree! 

High-gloss wood ornaments
Source: Dream Green DIY

High-gloss wood ornaments would go great with a modern theme.

Faux ribbon candy from felt
Source: Purl Soho

Make faux ribbon candy out of felt… find out how here.

Printable geometric ornaments
Source: Curbly

These geometric ornaments are made using a free printable. Easy!

Modern neon ornaments
Source: Say Yes

Like bright? Check out these mod neons.

Felt ornaments
Source: Delineate Your Dwelling

These felt ornaments are given a fun twist (pun intended!) with the addition of neon yarn. Learn more here.

Confetti and color
Source: Curbly

It doesn’t get more fun than some confetti-filled, color dipped baubles.

Glitter ornaments
Source: Rosyscription

Mod Podge and glitter is all you need to make these colorful DIY ornaments!

Color block ornaments
Source: Julep

Easy color block ornaments to add to your DIY modern Christmas decorations collection.

Pinata ornament
Source: Pretty Prudent

These fringe piñata ornaments are super festive!

Painted ornaments
Source: Tell Love and Party

These painted ornaments mimic stained glass!

Do it yourself Ornaments | Sewn felt rounds
Source: Funnelcloud

A few felt rounds stitched together make for cute DIY Christmas ornaments.

Spray painted color block ornaments
Source: The Crafted Life

These spray-painted color block baubles are so fun!

Hand-painted patterns
Source: Paper and Stitch

Try your hand and some painted patterns.

Patterned ornaments
Source: The Crafted Life

Or grab a marker for these simpler patterned ones for fast-craft DIY modern Christmas decorations.

Wood gift tags
Source: Tell Love and Party

These are actually billed as gift toppers… but they would make great ornaments too! Check them out here.  

Origami diamonds
Source: How About Orange

Break out your origami paper for this project.

Silly, Cute, and Fun Decorations

DIY Ornaments | Painted eyeballs
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Eye-spy a quick DIY!

Emoji ornaments
Source: Studio DIY

Express yourself with some emoji ornaments.

Mustache ornament
Source: The Cheese Thief

I mustache you a question… how much do you love this DIY Christmas ornament?

Donut-shaped felt ornament
Source: One Artsy Mama

Or you might want to hang a colorful donut on your tree… here’s the tutorial.

Cupcake ornaments
Source: I Love To Create

Speaking of sweets, check out how easy it is to make mouth-watering cupcake baubles!

Stuffed elves
Source: Curbly

These mischievous-looking stuffed elves would go great on your tree.

Felted acorn ornaments
Source: The Magic Onions

Give rustic decor a modern update by adding some color. Find out how to make these felted acorns here. 

Pet Portrait
Source: Curbly

Hang a likeness of your favorite pooch (or kitty!) with this tutorial.

Bottle cap ornaments
Source: Curbly

Speaking of furry friends, check out these framed photos in bottle caps.

Felted macaron ornaments
Source: The Homesteady

Make your macarons last through the entire holiday season by creating them out of felt! Here’s the tutorial.

Fortune cookie ornament
Source: 24-7-365

This DIY Christmas ornament is shaped like a fortune cookie. Okay, now I’m getting hungry…

Pun-tastic animal ornaments
Source:  Curbly

These pun-tastic animal ornaments are offered as a printable! Easy, and ridiculous.

Quick and cute wood painted ornaments
Source: Apartment Therapy

You totally have time to make these quick and cute painted ornaments. 

You and Boo Shadowbox ornament
Source: Curbly

And how about a likeness of you and your boo in this shadowbox

Polymer clay ornaments
Source: Assemble

These polymer clay ornaments are made using cookie cutters.

Gingerbread gift toppers
Source: Curbly

Teeny gingerbread gift toppers that double as ornaments – and they’re made from shrink paper! 

Glam and Glitzy Ornaments

Gemstone ornament
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Hello! How glamorous is this easy diamond?

Glass glitter ornaments
Source: The Beautydojo

Glassy and glittery!  

Geode ornament
Source: A Beautiful Mess

For the fanciest of trees, make a geode ornament. 

Do it yourself ornaments | Gold leaf ornament
Source: Hello Glow

A little gold leafing can add a magical tough to your tree.

Monogrammed ornaments
Source: Sugar and Cloth

Make these personalized monogram ornaments.

Shiny pinecone ornament
Source: Skunkboy Blog

These adorable DIY Christmas ornaments are both shinny and piney! Get it – pinecone?

Gemstone bauble
Source: Idle Hands Awake

Or how about a cute lil’ gemstone?

Do it yourself Christmas ornaments | Gold-dipped ornaments
Source: Suburble

Loving these glamorous gold-dipped ornaments.

Gold thumb tack ornament
Source: Curbly

This gold-thumb tack ornament is anything but tacky!

Do-it-yourself Christmas ornaments | Glitter-filled globes
Source: Brit Co.

Try this super fast glitter-filled ornament.

Mosaic ornament
Source: Crème de la Craft

Got a bunch of old CDs lying around? Then you can make one of these mosaic baubles!

Faux metal ornaments
Source: Curbly

Create faux metals to hang.

Tinsel ornaments
Source: Pretty Fluffy

A little tinsel goes a long way with these baubles.

 Rhinestoned ornaments
Source: Lovely Indeed

Add rhinestones to your ornaments for some bling!

Sequin ornament
Source: One Dog Woof

Sequins are always a festive material to work with… check out the tutorial for this fun ornament here.

Pink and gold sparkly ornaments
Source: Vitamini Handmade

These patterned ornaments have a playful feel, thanks to the modern hot pink and gold color scheme. Learn how to make them here.

Confetti-filled do it yourself ornaments
Source: HGTV

These confetti-filled glass ornaments have party written all over them! Get the tutorial here.

Glitter initial ornaments
Source: Aunt Peaches

Custom glittery initials! These DIY Christmas ornaments would also make great gift toppers.

Fun color ornaments
Source: A Bubbly Life

These ornaments look contemporary thanks to the fun color scheme. Learn how to make them here.

Abstract color-blocked ornaments
Source: Curbly

You’ll be surprised how easy these abstract color-block ornaments are to DIY!

Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY snowman ornament
Source: Mer Mag

This DIY snowman is kid-ready but also super cute.

Igloo ornament
Source: Rust & Sunshine

An easy-to-make igloo from cardboard!

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Twig people
Source: This Heart of Mine

Tiny little twig people!

Monogram stick ornaments
Source:  3squeezes

Speaking of twigs, these stick-like monogram ornaments are actually made from wire for easy customization.

Hanging terrariums
Source: The Beautydojo

I want to make a dozen of these hanging terrariums ASAP.

God's eye ornament
Source: Curbly

Art camp throwback! Make a few God’s Eye DIY Christmas ornaments.

See-through ornaments with pom-poms
Source: Make and Tell

Glittery pom poms add some serious pizzazz to these contemporary ornaments. Get the how-to here.

Paper lantern diy Christmas ornaments
Source: The Crafty Crow

Mini lanterns that kids can make!

Temporary tattoos
Source: Tattly

Add your favorite temporary tattoos to an ornament.

Melted peppermints
Source: Hello Homebody

Melted peppermints in cookie cutters seems like it would be experimentally-fun!

Chalkboard ornaments
Source: Hello Lately

With chalkboard ornaments,  kids can redecorate their ornaments every year!

Watercolor and paper ornaments
Source: Inkstruck

Kiddos can even make beautiful ornaments out of paper and non-toxic paint. Learn more here. 

Sewing card ornament
Source: Mr. Printables

Check out these printable sewing cards your kids can hang with pride.

String art
Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

How about some old-school DIY string ornaments?

Polymer clay and string do-it-yourself ornaments
Source: Babble Dabble Do

This unique ornament is made with clay and embroidery floss… check out all the details here. 

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Glitter animals
Source: Curbly

Your kids won’t be able to make these glitter animals all by themselves, but they’ll probably be their biggest fans.

Snow-filled globe
Source: Design Improvised

Fill an ornament with”snow!”

Painted trees
Source: Curbly

These painted trees are easy and fast.

Paper ornament
Source: How About Orange

An uncomplicated paper flower ornament.

Pom-pom pinecones
Source: One Little Project

What a combo! Pom-poms and pinecones.

Paper origami ornaments
Source: Ludorn

And if origami is your kid’s strong suit, let them give these beautiful folded paper ornaments a try. Learn more here.

Polyhedron ornaments
Source: Curbly

Take those origami skills to the next level with this polyhedron-shaped bauble!

Salt dough ornaments
Source: Freut Cake

Did you make salt dough ornaments as a kid?

Minimal and Monochromatic Decorations

Minimal clay mountains
Source: Curbly

Going for a clean look? Try these clay mountains.

Scrabble ornaments
Source: The Beautydojo

Or these sillier Scrabble ornaments.

Geometric wire ornaments
Source: The Merry Thought

These geometric wire ornaments say, “Don’t overthink it.”

Marbled ornaments
Source: Oleander and Palm

These look easy – use clay to make marbled ornaments.

Wood and thread gemstones
Source: Idle Hands Awake

Wood + string = unique gemstone ornaments. 

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Wood wreath
Source: eHow

I’m in love with how cleverly simple this wood wreath ornament is.

Mod leather ornaments
Source: Delia Creates

Woah! Leather ornaments? Now we’re talkin’ trendy.

Simple wood blocks
Source: Fall for DIY

Go for a deconstructed look with this tutorial for wood block ornaments.

Wooden tassel ornaments
Source: The Merry Thought

 These wood tassels would look cute on your minimalist tree.

Colorful wood bead ornaments
Source: Nalle’s House

These gorgeous wooden bead ornaments couldn’t be any easier to make… find out all the details here.

Watercolor fabric baubles
Source: Fall for DIY

Don’t you just adore these pillowy watercolor baubles?

Mud-cloth ornaments
Source: The Beautydojo

A little mudcloth merriment.

Printable black and white ornaments
Source: Mini Eco

These tasteful winter decorations in black and white are available to download and print here

Leather tree ornaments
Source: Hello Lidy

These sweet trees are made from black leather. So simple!

Clay ornaments
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Delicate clay ornaments like these would make a lovely addition to your tree!

Stamped washer ornament
Source: Nanny Goat

Hung from a simple string, these stamped washers would fit right in to a minimal scheme.

Retro and Vintage Ornaments

Mod paper ornaments
Source: Curbly

Mod paper ornaments that can totally be done on the fly.

3d paper hanging ornament
Source: How About Orange

This 3-D paper ball ornament looks like some sort of retro lampshade.

Mid-century modern ornaments
Source: Curbly

Glitter starburst ornaments that are totally far out.

Mid-century modern ornaments
Source: DIY Network

Getting strong retro vibes from these mid-century dipped baubles.

Paper lantern DIY ornaments
Source: The True Sea

Add a modern feel to the retro lantern shape with this colorful idea. Learn more here.

Honeycomb ornaments
Source: Oh Happy Day

Rad! Honeycomb ornaments!

Kitschy ornaments
Source: Modern Kiddo

Absolutely want to make one of these kitsch ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Faux mercury glass ornament
Source: A Beautiful Mess

How cool would a few of these DIY mercury glass ornaments? So vintage.

Cookie cutter ornaments
Source: Martha Stewart

Whether you want to frame pretty papers or copies of old photos, these do it yourself ornaments are unique and festive

Adorable bell glass ornament
Source: My So-Called Crafty Life

Adorable vintage-inspired ornaments. Too cute! 

Fabric-covered trees
Source: Alice & Lois

Look at these fabric-covered trees!

Cute crystal iceberg
Source: Design Sponge

This might be the cutest one on this DIY Christmas ornaments list.

Wrapped yarn ornaments
Source: Funnel Cloud

These yarn-wrapped ornaments seem easy enough!

Paper and fabric ornaments
Source: mmmCrafts

Easy Christmas decorations DIY: These paper and fabric ornaments sure are fun! 

Painted modern wood ornaments
Source: Funnel Cloud

Paint wood ornaments to fit a more mod theme.

Felt ornaments
Source: Fantastic Toys

Felt ornaments with some seriously retro vibes. 

Scandinavian and Nordic Ornaments

Cinnamon Himmeli ornament
Source: Jojotastic

Cinnamon Himmeli ornaments that smell as good as they look!

Printable Scandinavian ornaments
Source: The House That Lars Built

Print a few Scandinavian ornaments to grace your greenery.

Colorful Himmeli ornaments
Source: Curbly

Himmeli is made easy in this tutorial for colorful geometric ornaments.

Dala horses
Source: The Homesteady

How cute are these Dala horses?

Pinecone gnomes
Source: Sweet Paul Mag

As cute as these pinecone gnomes??

Felt-stacked trees
Source: This Heart of Mine

Stack some felt to make these teeny trees.

Needle-felted ornaments
Source: Martha Stewart

Fuzzy felted ornaments like these are a fun and simple Christmas decorations DIY project.

Pipe cleaner Himmeli ornaments
Source: Smile and Wave

Glittery gold pipe cleaners take a Himmeli shape with this tutorial.

Washi tape and toothpick stars
Source: Lutter Idyl

Toothpicks + Washi tape = SUPER SIMPLE Christmas decorations DIY project!

Natural felt ornament
Source: Strawberry Chic

How sweet are these natural felt baubles?

Raised pattern baubles
Source: Fall for DIY

Finally on this DIY Christmas ornaments list – this crazy-cool idea for making raised patterns! 

diy ornaments

Looking for more than just do-it-yourself ornaments? Try this roundup of stylish Christmas decor!

81 Stylish DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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