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Curbly Ornament Challenge: Easy Printable Paper Ornament

by on Dec 8, 2014

Faith Towers

This holiday season, a group of Curbly contributors and editors got together to create a series of DIY ornament projects. We’ll be sharing our creations each day this week.   

Easy DIY Paper Christmas OrnamentFaith Towers

I’m a big fan of papercrafting, so when I ran across this project I knew I wanted to use it as my inspiration for the Curbly Ornament Challenge. I put my own spin on it by creating a hand-drawn red and white design that you can download as a printable PDF, and by using baker’s twine (one of my favorite secret weapons this holiday season). So let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A piece of thick printer paper or cardstock
– The free printable (get it here)
– Scissors
– A needle with a hole large enough to fit baker’s twine
– A thumbtack
– 10 inches of baker’s twine

Easy DIY Paper Christmas Ornament

1. Start by cutting out the strips on the free printable. 

2. Next, fold the twine in half and tie a knot at one end. slip the other end through the head of the needle. 

3. Grab the smallest strip and form it into a circle, letting it overlap about a quarter of an inch. Use the thumbtack to poke holes in the small gray dots.

4. Pull the tack out, keeping the paper in the same position. Now poke the needle through the hole from the inside of the circle up through to the outside. Keep the paper circle on the needle.

5. Poke holes in the gray dots on the next shortest strip, and loop that around the first circle. Stick the needle up through these holes as well.

6. Repeat the same process for the rest of the strips. Now pull the needle all the way through and make a knot above the hole to keep everything in place. You may need to use pliers to pull the needle through, depending on how thick your paper is. And that’s it, easy peasy!

Easy DIY Paper Christmas OrnamentFaith Towers

You could also try it with a different color twine, or even yarn or narrow ribbon. If you made a whole set, they would look great hanging on evergreen branches on the mantle too. 

Easy DIY Paper Christmas OrnamentFaith Towers

If you really wanted to get creative, you could use a metallic pen to draw a pattern on the back side of the printed page so the inside parts of the ornament wouldn’t be white. There are lots of ways to customize this easy little project!

Easy DIY Paper Christmas OrnamentFaith Towers

Now go get crafting! Happy holidays everyone!

Easy DIY Christmas OrnamentFaith Towers

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  1. Hooray! I love the idea of a printable ornament you can make with a single sheet of paper.