Curbly Ornament Challenge: DIY Color Dipped Ornament Bulbs

DIY Color Dipped Ornament

What are the holidays without a little color and sparkle? Make a set of DIY confetti bulbs to deck your halls, or gift!


What you'll need:

- Glass ornaments with removable caps
- Acrylic paint
- Brush
- Scissors/ or fringe scissors
- Foil tissue paper or other paper for confetti

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments
You could tape off the section you want to paint, but I found that to be a difficult process because of the round shape. Instead, I kept the brush still while rotating the ornament to achieve a smooth application. Paint all of your bulbs and set aside to dry.

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments
While everything is drying, make your confetti! You could obviously skip this step and just buy it, but it's really easy to make your own (especially with all that leftover paper I'm sure you gave around your house). All you need are scissors, or fringe scissors if you want to really speed things up. 

DIY Color Dipped Ornament
Place confetti inside and place the cap on. Shake a bit to mix up the colors if you're using more than one. 

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments
DIY Color Dipped Ornaments

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments
To hand on your tree, you could use a hook OR you could use a thin strip of glitter ribbon. The choice is up to you, but I think the glitter gives it an extra festive boost.

DIY Color Dipped Ornaments

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alicia on Dec 10, 2014:

Love, love, love these!

faith-towers on Dec 09, 2014:

These are SO great... such a clever idea!!

Rachel Mae Smith on Dec 08, 2014:

Thanks Chris! I actually found them at Michaels! They have a ton in all different shapes too :)

Chris Gardner on Dec 08, 2014:

Woohoo! I love the colors on these. Where did you get the clear bulbs?

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