Grosgrain Snow Globe Ornaments

Grosgrain Snow Globe Ornaments

Make the spirit of Christmas last longer than a December snow storm with these grosgrain snow globe ornaments. 

What 'cha need:

  • glass ornaments, available at any old craft store (mine are about 8.5" around)
  • grosgrain ribbon, with appropriate sentiment/design, 1/2" wide or less (calculate about 9" per globe) I used ribbon in my stash, but a quick search of the internets turned up this one, this onethis one and this one, all of which could work well. 
  • embellishing glue, I used Aleene's Jewel It
  • faux snow
  • paper towel and Scotch-Brite pad

Step 1:

created at: 12/14/2010

Pop the hanger part off the globe. Apply a strip of glue to the back of the ribbon, and glue the ribbon into place at the center of the glass ball. You'll want to pull the ribbon slightly as you apply it, which will make it form-fit to the ball's roundness, if that makes sense.

created at: 12/14/2010

Don't worry if the glue scooshes out the sides of the ribbon. A damp paper towel will get it off. For any remaining glue, let the ribbon set up for a few minutes and then rub the glue spots with a damp Scotch-Brite. It'll come right off. 

See...all clean:

created at: 12/14/2010

Step 2:

At this point, we could be done as the globes look pretty cute as is, but I did mention snow, so we're going to stuff some inside the ornaments. I'd suggest putting your bag of faux snow inside another larger bag and then stuff the globes in that bag as the flakes are really clingy and they get everywhere.

created at: 12/13/2010
created at: 12/14/2010

I chose to fill mine just up to the ribbon, which I think looks nice. After that, just re-insert the top holder bit and add a hanger of your choosing.

created at: 12/14/2010


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Anonymous on Nov 04, 2014:

Thanks!  Very cute!!

DIY Maven on Nov 04, 2014:

Anon--Plastic will work just fine!

Anonymous on Nov 03, 2014:

I want to do this with kids.  Would plastic ornaments work just as well?

DIY Maven on Nov 21, 2012:

Thanks, Daisy. :)

Daisy on Nov 21, 2012:

This is awfully awesome, Maven

DIY Maven on Dec 18, 2010:

Hey Lady! I actually tried doing just that in this tutorial. I used a Pebeo product and wasn't thrilled with the outcome. If I tried it again, I'd try to find the most opaque, finest-tipped paint pen available. I adore your 'snow days' idea. How perfect for a teacher!

DesigningMom on Dec 17, 2010:

That's a cute idea LinST.

Christmas lights Becky <><

Lady in a Smalltown on Dec 17, 2010:

A few years ago I filled the clear balls with white puff balls and gave them to some of my teacher friends as "snow days".  I was thinking about doing it again, but writing on the with paint pen.

DesigningMom on Dec 17, 2010:

You're very welcome. I worked in fabric/craft stores for about fifteen years total. You learn a lot of little things like that. Christmas lights Becky <><

DIY Maven on Dec 17, 2010:

Holy cow! That is very good thing to know. Thanks for the link! You're a doll. :)

DesigningMom on Dec 17, 2010:

You're welcome. Did you know that you can make clear ornaments from old colored ones? You can find how HERE.

DIY Maven on Dec 17, 2010:

Thanks, DM! 

DesigningMom on Dec 16, 2010:

Oh these are cute, Maven.

Christmas lights Becky <><

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