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Visit modhomeec.com to see more projects, tutorials, videos and other helpful tips for the creative homeowner or renter. 

DIY Journal is the weekly column I write for The Indianapolis Star along with periodic DIY photo-tutorials for www. apartmenttherapy.com Chicago. I teach upholstery to men and women who have a hankering to breathe new life into existing furniture. The classes double as therapy sessions, I guess due to all the creative freedom.

I have a B.S. in Design and Textiles from Butler University. After graduating, I took a turn and worked as a litigation paralegal for six years before finding my way back to the creative life.

One thing led to another and I started, owned and operated my own upholstery design studio for fifteen years when I suddenly realized I need to teach people how to do this for themselves.

My projects have appeared on Craftzine blogInstructablesDesign*Sponge ,Planet Green and more.

I encourage everyone to DIY, or at least give it a try.


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Steve says:
Wher & How do I get the "BEIGE IS NOT...
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Sam-Did you read the entire project written up in Popular...
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Sam says:
i am making my very own tree house in a...
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ModHomeEcTeacher says:
That photo is deceiving. There is a vase right in...
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I noiced that you used the same fabric on the...
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Yes! You Can Paint a Ceramic Tile Floor

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 14, 2015

created at: 2009-07-27

When we bought our house many years ago, one big problem was the big front entry and hallway. They were tiled in a mauve-y purple thick ceramic tile. Mr. Mod had just put down hardwood floors in the large great room and we had them stained and finished by a professional (at that time we lacked DIY know how), and we were tapped out. 

created at: 2009-07-27

Contrary to the advice of every single paint store person I interrogated, IContinue Reading

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Make Your Own Papier Mache Nightstand

By: Modhomeecteacher Mar 11, 2011

Finding the right size side table or nightstand presents a challenge for the small space dweller. Here's a DIY side table/nightstand project to the rescue. Recycling  cardboard and paper into this functional piece of furniture brings the cost down to practically nothing, not to mention the eco-hip artsy practicality of the whole project.  See how Unqiueutopia Continue Reading

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I put my three tubes out on the curb five years ago. They disappeared w/in 10 minutes. Sure as heck haven't missed 'em.  All one needs is the web, a library (and a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) card. And subsidized housing, if all you have to live on is social security and you're tired all over again (or re-tired).

(and, criminently, how the heck does "captcha" think any hominid is going to read those twisted ink-blots they're calling "two words"?)

Hey Shelly, Thanks for welcoming me! let me know if you need anything :)

Thanks for the great shout out about our utdoor rugs!  We want to be sure our name gets out there correctly so that there is no customer confusion...it should be Home Infautation.:)

Thanks for the mention, and for reading the intro to my bed project.


What type of urethane did you use?  I only found urethane for stripping wood, is that what you used or is there a specific urethane for tile?  How easy is it to touch up the paint?  Does the paint peal, what happens to it when it chips or wears?

Adam-No I don't. However, funny you should ask. Just today I found some light blue velvet that may just work for a similar looking ottoman. I'll have to make it though. Waiting to see if my friend will let me buy the fabric from him. I can make it oval, diamond tufted. legs and all. However, for me, I'd do the legs a little differently.

Hi Mod,  I was reading your older post about the turquoise tufted oval ottoman.  I loooooove it and I can't find anything like it online.  Do you have any suggestions where I could find one?  Thanks!



Hey Mod, thought you might be able to weigh in on this forum posting:


I think that would work fine if you don't mind the pins.  Very resourceful!  My comforter never quite fit down to the corners so I needed an extension, i.e. the length of ribbons.

If you tie ribbons on each corner , isnt that ptretty much the same as pinning each corner? I might have to do this but with minimal sewing

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