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How To: Make a DIY Hanging Shoe Rack For Small Spaces

by on Dec 21, 2010

Not Martha had a shoe dilemma in her cramped back hallway. She found the answer with the slick, wall attached j-me shoe rack, a single piece of bent stainless steel that holds just the tips of your shoes. Big problem-it was 5 inches too long for N.M’s back hallway wall. She improvised and came up with her own brilliant, space-saving DIY version.  A green shoe hanging off a shoe rack.

After searching the aisles, she decided on  “a pair of boards sliced so the top one is narrower and the bottom one is wider”.  Easy enough, but it still took some time and planning. Here’s what you need to get started:

1/2″ x 6″  boards

small and large L brackets

An L-shape metal clip attached to a wooden piece.

screws and wall anchors

sandpaper, paint or stain

tools to attach

After it was all said and done, Not Martha says she would have closed down the 5 1/2″ gap between the pairs of shelves to 3″ and she would have added a third pair of shelves.

Read her full tutorial right here.

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