Turn Your Builder's Grade Oak Vanity Into a Thing of Beauty

Turn Your Builder's Grade Oak Vanity Into a Thing of Beauty

Our master bathroom vanity is ugly, awkward and has terrible hardware. However, like most home improvements, a bathroom remodel would open up an expensive can of worms. But then I saw this little inexpensive transformation which blew me away and has me thinking.

Obviously, the most arduous part of this makeover is painting the vanity.

Here are Centsational Girl's six steps to a sophisticated do over.


1)  Remove all hardware and cabinet doors.  Usually I remove the drawer fronts too, but this time I taped off the edges and refinished them in place.

2) Tape off your walls, countertops, and flooring with painter’s tape.

3) Clean all parts of the cabinetry and lightly sand with medium grit sanding wedge (80 – 120) to remove any debris.  Wipe clean.

valspar kitchen and bath
4) Prime cabinet door fronts, drawers, and frame with oil based primer.  Sand away any brush strokes or drips.  If painting a dark color, like brown or black, use a layer of dark primer before your dark paint.

5) Paint with two coats of either a) oil based paint in semi-gloss, or b) latex paint specialty designed for bathrooms.   Use a paint conditioner and high quality brush like I mentioned here to minimize brush stokes.

6) Reattach doors, drawer fronts and hardware.

She has a followup Q &A section here to give you more specifics. I don't know about you but I think this one is worth bookmarking.

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George on Nov 15, 2015:

Is this better than Benjamin Moore Aura? I want to redo one piece of furniture and i was thinking of using Benjamin, but right now this is becoming more interesting. 

Kim on Nov 15, 2015:

Would love to know the wall color?!

Dawn on Oct 30, 2015:

I love this! I think the hardware you used is awesome too. Where did you get the hardware? Thx

Anonymous on Aug 10, 2015:

Why not roll the paint on to avoid brush strokes?

Angie on Jul 20, 2014:

What color are your walls? Thanks

D Car on Jun 21, 2014:

How is the paint holding up on the cabinets in comparison if they would have been stained instead? I have the builders grade cheap cabinets and trying to figure out if I should paint or stain for the dark look. Thanks.

CapreeK on Jun 16, 2014:

Hey everyone! The paint color is Valspar’s latex ‘Betsy Ross House Brown’ #6011-2 in the soft gloss Kitchen & Bath formula.

Anonymous on Jun 08, 2014:

Did anyone ever figure out paint color?

Debbie on May 29, 2014:

What kind and color of paint did you use?

Ed on Apr 28, 2014:

Just followed step by step with similair color. Looks awesome. Thanks!

Bridget on Jun 19, 2013:

Love the color. What is it called?

Lori on Jun 17, 2013:

Wish I knew what color you used. This is exactly what color I am wanting to do my vanity in!

Sandy on Jan 07, 2013:

What kind of paint did you use and also what color?

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