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10 Architecturally Wondrous Staircases

by on Feb 23, 2011

A friend forwarded me one of those emails her husband got at work. It was full of photos of amazing staircases plus some strange magic eye type puzzles. Being the visual person that I am, I became completely fixated on the staircases and even went so far as to search for more and more visually indulging photos of creative staircases. I couldn’t get enough. Who thinks of these designs?  "An Artwork on the Swirling Staircase"

A steps is in the room.

A tree stump that has been turned into a spiraling staircase.

"A Beautiful and Wondrous Swirling Staircase"

There are many books in the library.

Staircases made of shiny steel with glass railings.

Innovative architectural type of staircases.

Pink color staircase with tree shaped railing.

Black and orange color round staircase in the house.

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