Turn an Old Frame into a Modern Jewelry Organizer

Turn an Old Frame into a Modern Jewelry Organizer

I have to admit two things. One, I've been meaning to make one of these, and two, I've been a smug one at Goodwill when I discover some of these ornate looking frames are really plastic under some tricky wood grain effect.  Once I tap and hear the hollow, I toss it back like its got the plague. But for this reuse project, it honestly doesn't matter.   

created at: 01/16/2011

The white on white gives the jewelry rack a modern vibe that I love.   Just Live Simply doesn't show her process steps, but if you look closely, you can see that the frame is just hanging on the wall and the hooks are attached to the wall. Simple Dimple Shirley Temple.


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Suzy on Apr 24, 2012:

Don't know which I like the best...this great idea or the "Simple Dimple Shirley Temple"!  :)

Got to remember that one!  LOL

ishma siddiqi on Jun 17, 2011:

wow! How did u manage to think of this??? I mean.. It seems like such a simple thing to do.. But it woudn't strike otherwise! So a big thank u! 

-Me, from India :)

ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 14, 2011:

JD--Another great idea.

JD on Feb 14, 2011:

I have made something similar, but instead of leaving the frame empty I stapled some wire mesh inside so that I can hang my earrings in the fram. I love it!

DesigningMom on Jan 17, 2011:

Oh how cute Teach. It would be easy enough to added a padded piece fitted inside the frame as one would a picture using pins to hang your jewelry on too.

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