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How To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel from Scratch!

by Faith Towers
How-To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel
Photo: Faith Towers

I recently tackled a big project for my dining room - a DIY wooden mantel - and today, I'm pretty excited to share the process with you. If you have a fireplace without much character like mine used to be, this project might be the perfect solution for you. And let me be clear ... I only have basic woodworking know-how, so this is feasible for anybody with a bit of crafty know-how and a willingness to try. Click through to check out the new mantel and to find out how to make one yourself.   

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Upgrade Furniture with Bold DIY Faceted Handles

by Holly Wade

DIY Clay Faceted Drawer Handles

I don't know about you, but I can't afford expensive furniture. I've grown accustomed to cheaper options like IKEA and Target, where I've found pieces that I absolutely love with one problem - the hardware is very plain. After my latest furniture purchase of a new media unit with two cabinet doors, I decided to upgrade the hardware myself and make DIY faceted handles out of clay. 

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The 100 Best IKEA Hacks of All Time

by Alicia Lacy

100 Best IKEA hacks of all time.

We've rounded up one hundred IKEA hacks that prove you can have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Each of these hacks illustrates the power of transformation - basic warehouse pieces are cleverly altered in beautiful ways that make them feel custom. This round up has me feeling like Aladdin on a magic carpet ride - so come along with me! I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under on a magic IKEA hack ride. All...

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Roundup: 20 DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Materials

by DIY Maven

20 DIY projects using reclaimed materials feature image

Is there anything more rewarding in the DIY world than using reclaimed materials to make something? Seriously. A dejected object on a layover to a landfill is spotted by a keen eye. The object is swooped up and turned into something marvelous, getting a second chance on life and love. (We should all be so lucky.) The reclaimed materials featured in these 20 projects were the main characters of such fairytales. They now act as inspiration to...

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Make It: DIY Small Homework Station

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Small Homework Station

School starts in two days at my house and we've been running around getting ready for my son to start the third grade. Although it is not much, my son is becoming the age where homework and projects need to get done at home. My dining room table has been the landing zone for everything. After homework was finished, it continued to remain all over my dining room table, making it a mess. This year, I decided to make a fun and organized place for homework and craft projects so I could take my dining room table back!   

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