Are You Faux Real? How to Make a Fake Fur Pillow with Faux Leather Accents

DIY fur pillow with leather accents

Usually during this time of year, I'm sad to say good-bye to summer. It's hard to let go of the long nights and sunny days. This year, however, I'm pretty excited about the start of the fall season. Don't get me wrong - I love summer, but there's just something so enthralling about the onset of chilly weather. I love the smells, the colors, and the textures - specifically textures like furs and leathers. To start the transition from summer to autumn, I decided to make a DIY fur pillow out of my favorite fall feels.... except this pillow is animal-friendly!       

Ralph Lauren leather accent pillow

My inspiration for this DIY fur pillow came from a cushion I found on Pinterest. It's not available for sale anymore, and since it was Ralph Lauren, it was probably out of my price range, anyway. I love the way my pillow turned out though - and faux fur makes everything a thousand times better!

 I put together a little video if you want to see how this pillow was made - otherwise, keep scrolling for all the details!


Materials needed for leather & fur pillow


  • Pillow form
  • Fabric A - This will be the front-facing fabric; I'm using faux fur
  • Fabric B - This will be the backing for the pillow, and should be a non-stretch fabric, like cotton
  • Faux leather or vinyl fabric
  • Sewing machine and notions


Leather/Fur Pillow | Step 1

First, to cut the shapes. This is an envelope pillowcase, so it's made from a front square piece and two overlapping rectangles in the back. There are also four triangles and strips of vinyl fabric for detail.

Start by determining how large your pillow form is. Next, cut a square from Fabric A that measures one inch larger on each side. For instance, my pillow is 21 inches across, so my Fabric A is 22 inches wide, and 22 inches long.

Fabric B should be cut to measure the width of the pillow plus one inch, and the length of the pillow divided by two, plus six inches. For example, with my 21" pillow form, my Fabric B piece is 22 inches wide, and the length is 21 divided by two, plus six - which is 16.5. Cut two Fabric B pieces.

For the vinyl details, cut four right triangles that are 7 inches on each side. For the piping detail, cut strips of vinyl that are at least 1.5 inches wide. 


Leather and Fur Pillow | Step 2

First, hem the two pieces cut from Fabric B. Sew a 1/2 inch hem across the length of each piece. You only need a hem across the top of each piece, not the sides or bottom.


Leather and Fur Pillow | Step 3

Now to prep the piping. For this pillow, we won't be making true piping, since we won't be stuffing the fabric with cotton rope. Simply fold the vinyl strips in half, then sew* shut along the raw edge.

*Pro tip: When sewing vinyl, you might notice the vinyl sticking to your sewing machine. Keep things running smoothly by covering the foot and plate with strips of masking tape. 

You'll need to make enough piping to cover the radius of the pillowcase. If your strip of vinyl is not long enough, you can add to it by folding a new piece inside the old piece, and continuing to sew.


Leather and fur pillow | Step 4

Next, sew the detail triangles to the face of the pillow. Pin each triangle to each corner of Fabric A, lining up the raw edges, with both fabrics facing right side up. Stitch along the two outer edges - not across the diagonal portion of the triangle. 


Leather and Fur Pillow | Step 5

 This step is optional, but just adds a little extra dynamic to the DIY fur pillow. Fold Fabric A in half, and cut. Fold each half in half again, and cut. You'll be left with four smaller squares.

Mix up the direction of the fur by rearranging the squares. Once you're happy with your arrangement, stitch the squares back together.


Leather and fur pillow | Step 6

Now to create a pillowcase sandwich, and stitch it all together. Grab your sewing pins, and start by laying Fabric A face up. 

Pin the piping along the border of Fabric A, with the raw edges meeting. When you get to a corner, fold the piping at a right angle. 

Once you've covered the radius of the pillow with piping, cut the piping long by an inch or so, overlapping with the start of the piping.


Leather and fur pillow | Step 7

The last layer of this pillowcase sandwich is the envelope pieces cut from Fabric B. Lay each one face side down, with the raw edges meeting with Fabric A's raw edges, and the hemmed edges in the middle of the pillowcase. Pin in place.

Sew along all four sides of the pillowcase. Caution! Be mindful of the pins you have holding everything together! 

Turn the pillowcase inside out, stuff with your pillow form through the back, and presto, your DIY fur pillow is done!

Faux fur pillow project

Detail shot of faux fur pillow

Woman holding DIY pillow

How to make a faux fur and pleather pillow
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Are you ready for fall? Or are you desperately trying to soak up every last bit of summer sunshine? It's a bittersweet farewell, but I am really looking forward to wearing sweaters again.

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MEGray on Sep 04, 2018:

@Faith Towers Provencher Thanks! :)

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Ooh this is so fun! Love the combination of different textures!

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