130+ Halloween Costume Ideas If You Have No Idea What You're Going to Be Yet

128 Ideas on What to Be for Halloween

As an adult, you've got a lot of important decisions to make every year, but one of the most important is what to be for Halloween! We're only kidding - but sometimes it does seem like an overwhelming responsibility! If you're still scratching your head as to what to be, take a scroll down this list and see if anything tickles your fancy. We have costume ideas for couples, whole families and groups, or for a party-of-one. Asking yourself, "What should I be for Halloween?" Look no further. Happy Halloween!         

         What's the best thing you've ever dressed up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments! 



A bird!
Source: Curbly

Why not be a graceful bird? You can make this costume of cardboard.


A unicorn!
Source: Brit Co.

Maybe you want to be a magical creature! Check out this simple unicorn costume here.


Classic skeleton costume
Source: Naturally Curly

Show off who you are on the inside by going as a classic skeleton.


Baa! A lamb!
Source: The Joy of Fashion

Baa, baby! You could always go as a lamb!


Doe, a deer
Source: Flattery

Oh deer, still don't know what to be? How about a doe


A flamingo (good luck standing on one leg all night, though)
Source: Pretty Providence

Or perhaps a one-legged flamingo?


Smokey the Bear
Source: The Merrythought

Smokey the Bear says, "Only you can figure out what to be for Halloween!"


Cat Burglar
Source: Keiko Lynn

Meow! Here's a cute cat costume idea: dress up as a cat burglar.


Cat nap costume idea
Source: Curbly; Photo: M.E. Gray

How about this cat costume idea? Go as a "cat nap," and catch some extra Zzzs.


A Woman from France
Source: Brit Co.

Do you own a striped shirt? You could be a stereotypical French woman (ooh la la!).


Minnie Mouse costume
Source: Girl with Curves

This Minnie Mouse costume looks adorable! Click here for the makeup tutorial.


Rosie the Riveter
Source: The Homesteady

Still asking yourself, "What should I be for Halloween?" Show your guns and dress as Rosie the Riveter.


Wonder Woman Halloween Costume
Source: The Sorry Girls

Grab your lasso of truth! Get ready to fight for justice in this DIY Wonder Woman costume.


Deadpool makeup
Source: Instagram

Want to be Deadpool for Halloween? Check out this video tutorial for how to do awesome makeup, and check this list for the rest of the costume supplies.


Source: Curbly

Maybe classy Cleopatra suits your style.


Birth of Venus
Source: The House That Lars Built

Perhaps the artist in you craves to be re-birthed as Venus?


Amelia Earhart
Source: The Homesteady

Soar away as Amelia Earhart with some goggles and an oversized jacket.


The Queen of England
Source: Studio DIY

This Queen of England costume might be my favorite on this list.


Missy Elliot costume
Source: Naturally Curly

I retract my previous statement - THIS Missy Elliot costume is my favorite. 


Source: Brit Co.

Got a blonde wig? You're already halfway to being Sia.


A Painting
Source: The House That Lars Built

Pose for the painting! You could be the Girl with the Pearl Earring.


Jackson Pollock painting costume idea
Source: Curbly; Photo: Faith Provencher

Speaking of painting, check out this Jackson Pollock-inspired masterpiece.


A mime
Source: The Joy of Fashion

Asking yourself, "What should I be for Halloween?," but also feeling kind of quiet and introverted? Grab a striped shirt and go as a mime.


A Mermaid
Source: The House That Lars Built

This gorgeous mermaid costume is made from everyday supplies like coffee filters and straws!



Source: Martha Stewart

Wondering what to be for Halloween that's not too complicated? Rubber snakes in your hair = a pretty convincing Medusa.


A mummy
Source: Martha Stewart

What about going as a super realistic mummy?


Wednesday Addams costume
Source: Paper & Stitch

Want to dress up as Wednesday Addams? Grab a black dress and start practicing your best dead-pan expression. 


Marie Antoinette
Source: By Bun

Or this REALLY realistic interpretation of the beheaded Marie Antoinette?


Wicked Witch
Source: Refinery 29

Try out a classic - you could go as the Wicked Witch.


Cruella de Vil
Source: Keiko Lynn

Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil! If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!


Ursula costume
Source: superholly

Maybe you want to be the best Disney villian ever, Ursula?


Harley Quinn Costume
Source: Instagram

Sometimes it feels good to be bad. Reference this tutorial on how to dress up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, complete with videos.


Poison Ivy costume
Source: Brit Co.

You're just a few fake leaves away from becoming Poison Ivy (preferably the Uma Thurman version). 


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Nancy Drew
Source: The Homesteady

Still haven't solved the mystery as to what to be for Halloween? It's easy enough to go as Nancy Drew with a magnifying glass and cardigan!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Morton Salt Girl
Source: Keiko Lynn

If you have a yellow umbrella you could be the Morton Salt Girl.


Disney's Moana costume
Source: The Sorry Girls

Disney doesn't have to be just for kids, as is evidenced by this Moana costume.


The Descendants Halloween costume ideas
Source: Instagram

Interested in The Descendants Halloween costumes (or the Descendants 2 costume ideas?)? This YouTuber has makeup tutorials for all looks!


A Minion
Source: Brit Co.

Or if you just really like yellow, you could be a Minion.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Ms. Frizzle
Source: Freckle and Fair

Step inside — it's a wilder ride! Red heads won't have any problem dressing up as Ms. Frizzle.


Cookie Monster costume
Source: Persia Lou

Me want cookie! Wear a DIY Cookie Monster costume, and no one can stop you from shoving sweets in your face all night.

128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Barbie Doll
Source: Aww Sam

This Barbie costume is an adorable option for what to be for Halloween!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Vintage Barbie
Source: Vintage Vandalizm

Maybe vintage Barbie is more your style?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pineapple
Source: CGH

Aww! How perfect is this pineapple costume?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Watermelon Slice
Source: LaurDIY

Maybe you could be a refreshing watermelon slice!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Strawberry
Source: Studio DIY

Or a tasty strawberry...


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Bubble Tea
Source: Aww Sam

Or a delicious cup of bubble tea.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pumpkin Spice Latte
Source: Curbly

How about everybody's favorite fall refreshment, the pumpkin spice latte!


Piece of cake Halloween costume
Source: Studio DIY

This Halloween costume idea is a piece of cake. Literally.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Avocado Toast
Source: Brit Co.

Are you a millennial? Don't worry about buying a house - make an avocado toast costume instead!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Taco
Source: Aww Sam

Taco 'bout a cute get-up! 


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Sushi
Source: LaurDIY

Something's fishy here... oh! It's this adorable sushi costume!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Poptart
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Still haven't gotten your outfit planned? Perhaps you could be a pop tart!


Popsicle Halloween costume
Source: Curbly

Or maybe a budget-friendly cardboard popsicle?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Ice Cream Cone
Source: Cakies

How about a delicious ice cream cone? Love the popsicle stick sprinkles on this one.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Popcorn
Source: Aww Sam

Or a tasty bag of popcorn


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Gum ball machine
Source: Revamperate

How cute is this gumball machine outfit?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Letterboard
Source: Aww Sam

Who doesn't love letter boards


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Party animal
Source: Studio DIY

Are you outgoing? Why not be a party animal!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Party pooper
Source: Aww Sam

Or are you the type who hates festivities? What a party pooper.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Floral bouquet
Source: The House That Lars Built

You might have problems walking around the party, but how perfect is this floral bouquet


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Champagne popper
Source: Studio DIY

One of the easier solutions to the "what to be for Halloween" problem... All you need is a bottle and some balloons to be this champagne popper!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Nature!
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Love nature? Show it!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Chiquita Bonita
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Feeling lazy about your costume this year? You can just throw some color on your head and go as Chiquita Bonita.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Loofah
Source: LaurDIY

Scrub-a-dub! Want to be a loofah?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Houseplant
Source: The House That Lars Built

If you're a crazy plant lady, this potted plant hat is perfect for you.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | That Pink Door
Source: Studio DIY

That Pink Door!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Roy Lichtenstein piece
Source: annamarie.tumblr.com

Flex your makeup game and go as a Roy Lichtenstein piece.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | The Galaxy
Source:  Kidsummers

Or you could be THE ENTIRE GALAXY.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Demon
Source: Flattery

How about something darker, like a demon?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pizza face
Source: Etsy

This one would be easy enough to make. How about a pizz'a this??


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | X-ray machine
Source: Country Living

Flaunt your inner beauty with this x-ray costume.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Brawny Man
Source: Brit Co.

If you have a flannel shirt, you're just a pack of paper towels away from being the Brawny Man.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Van Gogh
Source: The House That Lars Built

Still asking yourself, "What should I be for Halloween?" How about going as the tortured Van Gogh (bonus points if you wear an ear bandage)?



Grayscale couples costume
Source: Making Nice in the Midwest

Turn down the saturation and go gray-scale with your boo.


Grease costumes
Source: Say Yes

Greased lightnin' -- woah


Pizza Delivery Boy and a Slice
Source: Instagram

First in the couples category is the iconic Pizza delivery boy and his slice.


Butterfly and catcher
Source: Julie Ann Art

Butterfly and catcher... grab your significant other before they grab you!


Cowboy and Cowgirl
Source: A Beautiful Mess

You're just a couple of plaid shirts away from a cute cowboy couple


Alien and Astronaut
Source: Flattery

How about this out-of-this world idea of going as as alien and astronaut?


Milkman and housewife
Source: Real House Moms

Or the classic and scandalous housewife and milkman? That lipstick stain on the collar is key.


An electrical storm
Source: Julie Ann Art

Shocking! Try going as an electrical storm!


Dentist and tooth fairy
Source: Instagram

How cute is this pair? A dashing dentist and adorable tooth fairy.


Safari costumes
Source: Camille Styles

You know what they say: The couple that safaris together, stays together.


A bank robbery in progress
Source: Julie Ann Art

Hands up! You could go as a bank robbery in progress.


Supermarket Sweepstakes
Source: The Merrythought

Or win big as Supermarket Sweep contestants.


Princess Bride
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Want to dress as the Princess Bride couple? As you wish.


The Birds
Source: Costume Works

"The birds!!" Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is another favorite solution to the What To Be For Halloween problem.


Alice in Wonderland
Source: Keiko Lynn

Alice and the white rabbit is a classic option.


Singing in the Rain
Source: Say Yes

Or you and your boo could be singing in the rain.


Mary Poppins and Bert
Source: Keiko Lynn

This Mary Poppins and Bert pairing is practically perfect in every way.


Back to the Future
Source: Friday We're In Love

Grab your partner and go back to the future!


James Bond
Source: Say Yes

STILL asking yourself, "What should I be for Halloween?" How about Bond? James Bond.


Forrest Gump and Jenny
Source: Instagram

Going as Forrest Gump and Jenny means you get to carry around (and eat) your own stash of chocolates.


The Royal Tennenbaums
Source: Instagram

Practice your too-cool attitudes and go as this couple from The Royal Tenenbaums.


Adventure Time
Source: Brit Co.

It's Adventure Time!


Source: Buzzfeed

Throwback to childhood with this Arthur paring.


Pam & Jim
Source: Pinterest

How about going as Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office?


Stranger Things
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Have you watched Stranger Things yet??


Portlandia Feminists
Source: We Can Make Anything

Maybe you want to go as Portlandia's feminist bookstore owners, Toni and Candace?


A League of Their Own costume
Source: Camille Styles

Check out this clever A League of Their Own costume.


I Love Lucy
Source: Your Homebased Mom

Who doesn't love Lucy?!


Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree
Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Dress up as Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree!


Simon and Garfunkel
Source: The House That Lars Built

How about your favorite oldies duo, Simon and Garfunkel?


Kissing Sailor
Source: Say Yes

Or the iconic kissing sailor pair? How romantic.


Two Fridas
Source: The House That Lars Built

Love Frida Kahlo? You and your other half could BOTH be Frida!


All Rose and Slash costume
Source: Curbly

How about Axl Rose and Slash?? 


First place trophies costume
Source: Costume Works

You could go as a pair of first place trophies.


Row houses costume
Source: The House That Lars Built

Or an adorable section of row houses.


Photo strip costume
Source: Curbly

Is this photo strip costume too cheese-y?


"Oh Deer" and "Holy Cow" costumes
Source: Pinterest

Oh Deer and Holy Cow!


Birds costumes
Source: Martha Stewart

It's pretty simple to dress up as this mildly upsetting pair of birds.


Birds of a feather
Source: Lovely Indeed

Okay, these birds are a lot less upsetting than the last. How cute is this DIY Birds of a Feather costume?


Pantone couples costume
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Graphic designers rejoice! A pair in Pantone might be the hippest "what to be for Halloween" idea on this list.


Nerds costume for two
Source: She Knows

How nerdy is this get-up?


Peanut butter and jelly couples costume
Source: Teen Vogue

Peanut butter jelly time!


Fries before guys costume
Source: Studio DIY

Let him know where you stand - fries before guys, always.


Pinata costumes
Source: Costume Works

Wondering what to be for Halloween with your bestie? Pair up as cute piñatas!


T-Rex Halloween Costume
Source: Colorado Anne

Rawr! Learn how to make a comfy T-Rex costume here



Mario Kart group costume
Source: Brit Co.

How FUN would it be to go as the Mario Kart gang?


Pokemon group costume idea
Source: Brit Co.

Wondering what to be for Halloween that can involve your pets? Check out these Pokémon-themed getups. Gotta catch 'em all!


Source: Brit Co.

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an easy enough costume for you and your pals.


Powerpuff Girls group costume idea
Source: Instructables

Best cartoon ever! Why not grab your gals and go as the Powerpuff Girls?


Scooby Doo and the gang group costume idea
Source: Buzzfeed

Get man's best friend involved in this Scooby Doo and the Gang group costume.


Bob's Burgers costume
Source: Buzzfeed

How about ya'll go as Bob's Burgers?


Golden Girls costumes
Source: A Beautiful Mess

You're a few white wigs and a trip to the thrift store away from being the Golden Girls.


The Heathers costume
Source: Keiko Lynn

A totally 80s Halloween costume idea: You could all go as The Heathers...


Breakfast Club group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Gather your friends, hit the thrift store, and dress up as the Breakfast Club. Learn more about these 80s Halloween costumes here.


Napoleon Dynamite group costume
Source: Pinterest

Or the team from Napoleon Dynamite.


Addams Family group costume
Source: Just Jodie

How about this ON POINT Addams Family??


Peter Pan group costume idea for Halloween
Source: Say Yes

Or the adorable cast of Peter Pan!


Pinocchio and friends group costume idea
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Still wondering what to be for Halloween? Transform your family into Pinocchio and his friends!


Wizard of Oz group costume
Source: Keiko Lynn

Or a mix-and-match version of The Wizard of Oz.


Where's Waldo group costume
Source: Say Yes

Maybe you and your fam want to all be Where's Waldos?


Disney Princesses group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Or be the ultimate girl gang of Disney Princesses.


Disney tourists costume
Source: Say Yes

Disney Tourists instead?


Skittles Halloween costume
Source: LaurDIY

These Skittles costumes are easy and limitless!


Pie slices group costume
Source: Studio DIY

How cute are these pie slices!


La Croix group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Try going as a line up of La Croix.


Avocado toast group costume
Source: hello, Wonderful

Or a whole family of avocado toast.


Milkshake group costume
Source: Studio DIY

Maybe a mess of milkshakes?


Fanta girls group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Dontcha wanta go as the Fanta Girls?


A group of sushi
Source: Brit Co.

Or some delish sush?


A fruit salad group costume
Source: Say Yes

Your whole family could go as a fruit salad.


Group costume idea: Clue
Source: Melanie Grizzel for Camille Styles

Whodunit? Check out this Clue-themed costume idea.

Pair of gardeners and a baby clove
Source: Say Yes

Or a pair of gardeners and their little garlic clove.


Shark week group costume
Source: Her Campus

Hungry for a Shark Week lineup?


Beanie Babies group costume
Source: The Dana Mariner

These Beanie Babies costumes are totally easy!


Beer pong group costume
Source: Instructables

Maybe your group could go as every college student's favorite game.


Star Wars Halloween Costume
Source: WTOP

Have you considered Star Wars Halloween costumes? This group costume would require a bit of prep work, but is great for large groups of people.


Rock, paper, scissors costume
Source: Lauren Conrad

Rock, paper, scissors - shoot! 


Source: The Merrythought

STILL don't know what to be for Halloween?? If nothing has tickled your fancy yet,  throw some white dots on a shirt and call it a day.

120+ Ideas on What to Be for Halloween | From couples costumes to parties of one, this list is sure to inspire!
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