130+ Halloween Costume Ideas If You Have No Idea What You’re Going to Be Yet

by on Oct 25, 2021

128 Ideas on What to Be for Halloween

As an adult, you’ve got a lot of important decisions to make every year, but one of the most important is what to be for Halloween! We’re only kidding – but sometimes it does seem like an overwhelming responsibility! If you’re still scratching your head as to what to be, take a scroll down this list and see if anything tickles your fancy. We have costume ideas for couples, whole families and groups, or for a party-of-one. Asking yourself, “What should I be for Halloween?” Look no further. Happy Halloween!        

         What’s the best thing you’ve ever dressed up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments! 


A bird!
Source: Curbly

Why not be a graceful bird? You can make this costume of cardboard.


A unicorn!
Source: Brit Co.

Maybe you want to be a magical creature! Check out this simple unicorn costume here.


Classic skeleton costume
Source: Naturally Curly

Show off who you are on the inside by going as a classic skeleton.


Baa! A lamb!
Source: The Joy of Fashion

Baa, baby! You could always go as a lamb!


Doe, a deer
Source: Flattery

Oh deer, still don’t know what to be? How about a doe


A flamingo (good luck standing on one leg all night, though)
Source: Pretty Providence

Or perhaps a one-legged flamingo?


Smokey the Bear
Source: The Merrythought

Smokey the Bear says, “Only you can figure out what to be for Halloween!”


Cat Burglar
Source: Keiko Lynn

Meow! Here’s a cute cat costume idea: dress up as a cat burglar.


Cat nap costume idea
Source: Curbly; Photo: M.E. Gray

How about this cat costume idea? Go as a “cat nap,” and catch some extra Zzzs.


A Woman from France
Source: Brit Co.

Do you own a striped shirt? You could be a stereotypical French woman (ooh la la!).


Minnie Mouse costume
Source: Girl with Curves

This Minnie Mouse costume looks adorable! Click here for the makeup tutorial.


Rosie the Riveter
Source: The Homesteady

Still asking yourself, “What should I be for Halloween?” Show your guns and dress as Rosie the Riveter.


Wonder Woman Halloween Costume
Source: The Sorry Girls

Grab your lasso of truth! Get ready to fight for justice in this DIY Wonder Woman costume.


Deadpool makeup
Source: Instagram

Want to be Deadpool for Halloween? Check out this video tutorial for how to do awesome makeup, and check this list for the rest of the costume supplies.


Source: Curbly

Maybe classy Cleopatra suits your style.


Birth of Venus
Source: The House That Lars Built

Perhaps the artist in you craves to be re-birthed as Venus?


Amelia Earhart
Source: The Homesteady

Soar away as Amelia Earhart with some goggles and an oversized jacket.


The Queen of England
Source: Studio DIY

This Queen of England costume might be my favorite on this list.


Missy Elliot costume
Source: Naturally Curly

I retract my previous statement – THIS Missy Elliot costume is my favorite. 


Source: Brit Co.

Got a blonde wig? You’re already halfway to being Sia.


A Painting
Source: The House That Lars Built

Pose for the painting! You could be the Girl with the Pearl Earring.


Jackson Pollock painting costume idea
Source: Curbly; Photo: Faith Provencher

Speaking of painting, check out this Jackson Pollock-inspired masterpiece.


A mime
Source: The Joy of Fashion

Asking yourself, “What should I be for Halloween?,” but also feeling kind of quiet and introverted? Grab a striped shirt and go as a mime.


A Mermaid
Source: The House That Lars Built

This gorgeous mermaid costume is made from everyday supplies like coffee filters and straws!



Source: Martha Stewart

Wondering what to be for Halloween that’s not too complicated? Rubber snakes in your hair = a pretty convincing Medusa.


A mummy
Source: Martha Stewart

What about going as a super realistic mummy?


Wednesday Addams costume
Source: Paper & Stitch

Want to dress up as Wednesday Addams? Grab a black dress and start practicing your best dead-pan expression. 


Marie Antoinette
Source: By Bun

Or this REALLY realistic interpretation of the beheaded Marie Antoinette?


Wicked Witch
Source: Refinery 29

Try out a classic – you could go as the Wicked Witch.


Cruella de Vil
Source: Keiko Lynn

Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil! If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!


Ursula costume
Source: superholly

Maybe you want to be the best Disney villian ever, Ursula?


Harley Quinn Costume
Source: Instagram

Sometimes it feels good to be bad. Reference this tutorial on how to dress up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, complete with videos.


Poison Ivy costume
Source: Brit Co.

You’re just a few fake leaves away from becoming Poison Ivy (preferably the Uma Thurman version). 


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Nancy Drew
Source: The Homesteady

Still haven’t solved the mystery as to what to be for Halloween? It’s easy enough to go as Nancy Drew with a magnifying glass and cardigan!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Morton Salt Girl
Source: Keiko Lynn

If you have a yellow umbrella you could be the Morton Salt Girl.


Disney's Moana costume
Source: The Sorry Girls

Disney doesn’t have to be just for kids, as is evidenced by this Moana costume.


The Descendants Halloween costume ideas
Source: Instagram

Interested in The Descendants Halloween costumes (or the Descendants 2 costume ideas?)? This YouTuber has makeup tutorials for all looks!


A Minion
Source: Brit Co.

Or if you just really like yellow, you could be a Minion.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Ms. Frizzle
Source: Freckle and Fair

Step inside — it’s a wilder ride! Red heads won’t have any problem dressing up as Ms. Frizzle.


Cookie Monster costume
Source: Persia Lou

Me want cookie! Wear a DIY Cookie Monster costume, and no one can stop you from shoving sweets in your face all night.

128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Barbie Doll
Source: Aww Sam

This Barbie costume is an adorable option for what to be for Halloween!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Vintage Barbie
Source: Vintage Vandalizm

Maybe vintage Barbie is more your style?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pineapple
Source: CGH

Aww! How perfect is this pineapple costume?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Watermelon Slice
Source: LaurDIY

Maybe you could be a refreshing watermelon slice!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Strawberry
Source: Studio DIY

Or a tasty strawberry


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Bubble Tea
Source: Aww Sam

Or a delicious cup of bubble tea.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pumpkin Spice Latte
Source: Curbly

How about everybody’s favorite fall refreshment, the pumpkin spice latte!


Piece of cake Halloween costume
Source: Studio DIY

This Halloween costume idea is a piece of cake. Literally.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Avocado Toast
Source: Brit Co.

Are you a millennial? Don’t worry about buying a house – make an avocado toast costume instead!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Taco
Source: Aww Sam

Taco ’bout a cute get-up! 


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Sushi
Source: LaurDIY

Something’s fishy here… oh! It’s this adorable sushi costume!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Poptart
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Still haven’t gotten your outfit planned? Perhaps you could be a pop tart!


Popsicle Halloween costume
Source: Curbly

Or maybe a budget-friendly cardboard popsicle?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Ice Cream Cone
Source: Cakies

How about a delicious ice cream cone? Love the popsicle stick sprinkles on this one.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Popcorn
Source: Aww Sam

Or a tasty bag of popcorn


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Gum ball machine
Source: Revamperate

How cute is this gumball machine outfit?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Letterboard
Source: Aww Sam

Who doesn’t love letter boards


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Party animal
Source: Studio DIY

Are you outgoing? Why not be a party animal!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Party pooper
Source: Aww Sam

Or are you the type who hates festivities? What a party pooper.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Floral bouquet
Source: The House That Lars Built

You might have problems walking around the party, but how perfect is this floral bouquet


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Champagne popper
Source: Studio DIY

One of the easier solutions to the “what to be for Halloween” problem… All you need is a bottle and some balloons to be this champagne popper!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Nature!
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Love nature? Show it!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Chiquita Bonita
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Feeling lazy about your costume this year? You can just throw some color on your head and go as Chiquita Bonita.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Loofah
Source: LaurDIY

Scrub-a-dub! Want to be a loofah?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Houseplant
Source: The House That Lars Built

If you’re a crazy plant lady, this potted plant hat is perfect for you.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | That Pink Door
Source: Studio DIY

That Pink Door!


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Roy Lichtenstein piece
Source: annamarie.tumblr.com

Flex your makeup game and go as a Roy Lichtenstein piece.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | The Galaxy
Source:  Kidsummers

Or you could be THE ENTIRE GALAXY.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Demon
Source: Flattery

How about something darker, like a demon?


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Pizza face
Source: Etsy

This one would be easy enough to make. How about a pizz’a this??


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | X-ray machine
Source: Country Living

Flaunt your inner beauty with this x-ray costume.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Brawny Man
Source: Brit Co.

If you have a flannel shirt, you’re just a pack of paper towels away from being the Brawny Man.


128 Halloween Costume Ideas | Van Gogh
Source: The House That Lars Built

Still asking yourself, “What should I be for Halloween?” How about going as the tortured Van Gogh (bonus points if you wear an ear bandage)?



Grayscale couples costume
Source: Making Nice in the Midwest

Turn down the saturation and go gray-scale with your boo.


Grease costumes
Source: Say Yes

Greased lightnin’ — woah


Pizza Delivery Boy and a Slice
Source: Instagram

First in the couples category is the iconic Pizza delivery boy and his slice.


Butterfly and catcher
Source: Julie Ann Art

Butterfly and catcher… grab your significant other before they grab you!


Cowboy and Cowgirl
Source: A Beautiful Mess

You’re just a couple of plaid shirts away from a cute cowboy couple


Alien and Astronaut
Source: Flattery

How about this out-of-this world idea of going as as alien and astronaut?


Milkman and housewife
Source: Real House Moms

Or the classic and scandalous housewife and milkman? That lipstick stain on the collar is key.


An electrical storm
Source: Julie Ann Art

Shocking! Try going as an electrical storm!


Dentist and tooth fairy
Source: Instagram

How cute is this pair? A dashing dentist and adorable tooth fairy.


Safari costumes
Source: Camille Styles

You know what they say: The couple that safaris together, stays together.


A bank robbery in progress
Source: Julie Ann Art

Hands up! You could go as a bank robbery in progress.


Supermarket Sweepstakes
Source: The Merrythought

Or win big as Supermarket Sweep contestants.


Princess Bride
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Want to dress as the Princess Bride couple? As you wish.


The Birds
Source: Costume Works

“The birds!!” Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is another favorite solution to the What To Be For Halloween problem.


Alice in Wonderland
Source: Keiko Lynn

Alice and the white rabbit is a classic option.


Singing in the Rain
Source: Say Yes

Or you and your boo could be singing in the rain.


Mary Poppins and Bert
Source: Keiko Lynn

This Mary Poppins and Bert pairing is practically perfect in every way.


Back to the Future
Source: Friday We’re In Love

Grab your partner and go back to the future!


James Bond
Source: Say Yes

STILL asking yourself, “What should I be for Halloween?” How about Bond? James Bond.


Forrest Gump and Jenny
Source: Instagram

Going as Forrest Gump and Jenny means you get to carry around (and eat) your own stash of chocolates.


The Royal Tennenbaums
Source: Instagram

Practice your too-cool attitudes and go as this couple from The Royal Tenenbaums.


Adventure Time
Source: Brit Co.

It’s Adventure Time!


Source: Buzzfeed

Throwback to childhood with this Arthur paring.


Pam & Jim
Source: Pinterest

How about going as Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office?


Stranger Things
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Have you watched Stranger Things yet??


Portlandia Feminists
Source: We Can Make Anything

Maybe you want to go as Portlandia’s feminist bookstore owners, Toni and Candace?


A League of Their Own costume
Source: Camille Styles

Check out this clever A League of Their Own costume.


I Love Lucy
Source: Your Homebased Mom

Who doesn’t love Lucy?!


Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree
Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Dress up as Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree!


Simon and Garfunkel
Source: The House That Lars Built

How about your favorite oldies duo, Simon and Garfunkel?


Kissing Sailor
Source: Say Yes

Or the iconic kissing sailor pair? How romantic.


Two Fridas
Source: The House That Lars Built

Love Frida Kahlo? You and your other half could BOTH be Frida!


All Rose and Slash costume
Source: Curbly

How about Axl Rose and Slash?? 


First place trophies costume
Source: Costume Works

You could go as a pair of first place trophies.


Row houses costume
Source: The House That Lars Built

Or an adorable section of row houses.


Photo strip costume
Source: Curbly

Is this photo strip costume too cheese-y?


Two women standng together, one with an oh! shirt and one with a shirt that has a cow pattern.
Source: Pinterest

Oh Deer and Holy Cow!


Birds costumes
Source: Martha Stewart

It’s pretty simple to dress up as this mildly upsetting pair of birds.


Birds of a feather
Source: Lovely Indeed

Okay, these birds are a lot less upsetting than the last. How cute is this DIY Birds of a Feather costume?


Pantone couples costume
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Graphic designers rejoice! A pair in Pantone might be the hippest “what to be for Halloween” idea on this list.


Nerds costume for two
Source: She Knows

How nerdy is this get-up?


Peanut butter and jelly couples costume
Source: Teen Vogue

Peanut butter jelly time!


Fries before guys costume
Source: Studio DIY

Let him know where you stand – fries before guys, always.


Pinata costumes
Source: Costume Works

Wondering what to be for Halloween with your bestie? Pair up as cute piñatas!


T-Rex Halloween Costume
Source: Colorado Anne

Rawr! Learn how to make a comfy T-Rex costume here



Mario Kart group costume
Source: Brit Co.

How FUN would it be to go as the Mario Kart gang?


Pokemon group costume idea
Source: Brit Co.

Wondering what to be for Halloween that can involve your pets? Check out these Pokémon-themed getups. Gotta catch ’em all!


Girls wearing colorful tee shirts with letters on them.
Source: Brit Co.

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an easy enough costume for you and your pals.


Powerpuff Girls group costume idea
Source: Instructables

Best cartoon ever! Why not grab your gals and go as the Powerpuff Girls?


Scooby Doo and the gang group costume idea
Source: Buzzfeed

Get man’s best friend involved in this Scooby Doo and the Gang group costume.


Bob's Burgers costume
Source: Buzzfeed

How about ya’ll go as Bob’s Burgers?


Golden Girls costumes
Source: A Beautiful Mess

You’re a few white wigs and a trip to the thrift store away from being the Golden Girls.


The Heathers costume
Source: Keiko Lynn

A totally 80s Halloween costume idea: You could all go as The Heathers


Breakfast Club group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Gather your friends, hit the thrift store, and dress up as the Breakfast Club. Learn more about these 80s Halloween costumes here.


Napoleon Dynamite group costume
Source: Pinterest

Or the team from Napoleon Dynamite.


Addams Family group costume
Source: Just Jodie

How about this ON POINT Addams Family??


Peter Pan group costume idea for Halloween
Source: Say Yes

Or the adorable cast of Peter Pan!


Pinocchio and friends group costume idea
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Still wondering what to be for Halloween? Transform your family into Pinocchio and his friends!


Wizard of Oz group costume
Source: Keiko Lynn

Or a mix-and-match version of The Wizard of Oz.


Where's Waldo group costume
Source: Say Yes

Maybe you and your fam want to all be Where’s Waldos?


Disney Princesses group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Or be the ultimate girl gang of Disney Princesses.


Disney tourists costume
Source: Say Yes

Disney Tourists instead?


Skittles Halloween costume
Source: LaurDIY

These Skittles costumes are easy and limitless!


Pie slices group costume
Source: Studio DIY

How cute are these pie slices!


La Croix group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Try going as a line up of La Croix.


Avocado toast group costume
Source: hello, Wonderful

Or a whole family of avocado toast.


Milkshake group costume
Source: Studio DIY

Maybe a mess of milkshakes?


Fanta girls group costume
Source: Brit Co.

Dontcha wanta go as the Fanta Girls?


A group of sushi
Source: Brit Co.

Or some delish sush?


A fruit salad group costume
Source: Say Yes

Your whole family could go as a fruit salad.


Group costume idea: Clue
Source: Melanie Grizzel for Camille Styles

Whodunit? Check out this Clue-themed costume idea.

Pair of gardeners and a baby clove
Source: Say Yes

Or a pair of gardeners and their little garlic clove.


Shark week group costume
Source: Her Campus

Hungry for a Shark Week lineup?


Beanie Babies group costume
Source: The Dana Mariner

These Beanie Babies costumes are totally easy!


Beer pong group costume
Source: Instructables

Maybe your group could go as every college student’s favorite game.


Star Wars Halloween Costume
Source: WTOP

Have you considered Star Wars Halloween costumes? This group costume would require a bit of prep work, but is great for large groups of people.


Rock, paper, scissors costume
Source: Lauren Conrad

Rock, paper, scissors – shoot! 


A family of two parents and three kids have on black shirts and stand together.
Source: The Merrythought

STILL don’t know what to be for Halloween?? If nothing has tickled your fancy yet,  throw some white dots on a shirt and call it a day.

120+ Ideas on What to Be for Halloween | From couples costumes to parties of one, this list is sure to inspire!
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Now that you’ve figured out what to be for Halloween – what about how you’re going to decorate?

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