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20 Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ideas to DIY or Buy

by on Sep 7, 2023

Feeling nostalgic? Step into the upside down with a Stranger Things Halloween costume this season. The hit Netflix series made its debut in 2016, introducing supernatural horror, science fiction, and drama with an ode to ’80s pop culture.

Stranger Things has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with memorable (and creepy) characters and a thrilling supernatural storyline. The nostalgic appeal of the show, from its vintage arcade games to its synth-heavy soundtrack, appeals to fans who grew up in the era while taking younger viewers back in time. 

This Halloween, you can immerse yourself in the world of Hawkins, Indiana, by choosing one of our top 20 Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas. Whether you prefer to tap into your telekinetic skills as Eleven, flex bravery and charm like Dustin, or terrify the neighborhood as a Demogorgon, these costumes will help you channel the spirit of your favorite Stranger Things characters and make your Halloween a memorable trip to the upside down.

We’ll explore Stranger Things costume ideas that will transport you straight into an eerie new world. Whether you choose a DIY outfit option (like grabbing a staple leather jacket from your local thrift store) or a pre-made costume, we’ve included costume options for every budget and flavor. 

Found a favorite? Drop a comment to let us know which costume you chose (Hellfire Club tee included). 

Photo by Photo by Brianna Lisa Photography on Pexels.

DIY Stranger Things Costumes

If you’re feeling creative, try DIY’ing your Halloween costume this year! You’ll be surprised to find that mixing and matching jackets, jeans and shirts can easily transform your idea to dress as Lucas Sinclair into reality. Just don’t forget the Adidas. 

  1. Eleven: Kicking off our list is the mysterious Eleven. Known as EL by her friends, she has a shaved head, and distinctive tattoo on her arm. Most importantly, she boasts psychokinetic abilities. You can achieve her classic look by rocking a pink dress, a short blonde wig and a box of Eggo waffles as your accessory. Be sure to add a touch of fake blood under your nose for that intense telekinetic look.
  2. Mike Wheeler: As leader of the gang, Mike Wheeler is kind-hearted, determined, and protective. To rock his most popular look, pair a plaid shirt, jeans, and a vintage walkie-talkie.
  3. Dustin Henderson: Dustin’s charm and magnetic personality make him a fan favorite. To resemble this character, sport curly hair, a camp cap, and a t-shirt with a vintage science-related logo. You can finish the look with a backpack full of nerdy gadgets.
  4. Lucas Sinclair: Lucas is another member of the group, known for his strong-willed nature and resourcefulness. He often wears a camouflage bandana and is good with a slingshot. You’ll also need a denim jacket, and if you’re feeling extra retro, grab some cool 80’s kicks. 
  5. Will Byers: Want to transform into the kid who started it all? You’ll need a plaid shirt, khaki pants, and a bicycle if you want to embody his character from the first season.
  6. Max Mayfield: Introduced to the Stranger Things cast in the second season, Max adds a fierce element to the group. Get her look with a turquoise jacket, jeans, and, of course, a skateboard to ride around in style.
  7. Steve Harrington: Known as “King Steve”, the once high school heartthrob (and Nancy Wheeler’s love interest in season 2) transformation into a responsible babysitter is iconic. Pull of his look with a Farrah Fawcett styled wig, a striped shirt, and a bat with nails.
  8. Nancy Wheeler: Nancy, Mike’s older sister, is ready to uncover the truth. Dress as her with a plaid blouse, high-waisted jeans, and a camera to capture all the supernatural moments.
  9. Jonathan Byers: Will’s older brother Jonathan is a great choice. Combine a shaggy haircut, a worn-out jacket, and a vintage camera to pay homage to this character.
  10. Erica Sinclair: Erica is Lucas’s younger sister, known for her sassy personality and funny catchphrases. She becomes more involved in the group’s adventures as the series progresses.  Known for her colorful outfits, you can’t go wrong with a graphic tee, headband and neon shades. 
  11. Joyce Byers: Hoping to communicate with Will? His mom Joyce was determined to find him. A messy wig, an oversized jacket, and a string of Christmas lights will complete this costume.
  12. Billy Hargrove: Billy is the bad-boy of Stranger Things season 2, and his attitude is unmistakable. Take a trip to the mall with a mullet wig, a muscle tee, and a pair of aviator sunglasses to transform into this character.
  13. Mrs. Wheeler: Go totally 80’s suburban mom as Mrs. Wheeler. Her most iconic outfit? A pink and turquoise one-piece swimsuit with heels, a big curly wig, and a big costume pearls to match. 
  14. Hawkins High Cheerleaders: Ready, okay! To round out our DIY faves is an easy group costume. The Hawkins High Cheerleaders wore classic cheerleading uniforms, so all you’ll need is a sleeveless top with Hawkins High School colors and a matching pleated skirt. Remember to add a side ponytail for extra 80’s flair and cheerleading pom-poms.
Girl in grey shirt and plaid shirt around her waist playing vintage video game in arcade.Pexels

Pre-made Stranger Things Costumes 

Sometimes it’s just easier to grab something and go! Choose from accessories to a full head-to-toe Halloween costume.

As you look through the list (and maybe add to your cart), think about which Stranger Things character you relate to the most. We bet you’d make a gnarly Vecna.  

  1. Demogorgon: Get ready to scare everyone at the Halloween party with a Demogorgon costume. You can pretty much find this grotesque creature costume anywhere, and if you’re a pet parent, you can even grab a costume for your fur baby. Try this Demogorgon Costume on Amazon available in kids and adult sizes!
  2. Vecna: The main antagonist in Stranger Things season 4, Vecna is not only powerful (enough to battle Eleven), but just downright scary. Grab this Adult Vecna Mask to top off your costume that proves you aren’t afraid to destroy everything, including Hawkins. 
  3. Hopper: Sheriff Hopper’s tough exterior hides a big heart. As the police chief of Hawkins, Indiana, he’s been at the forefront to really understand the secret of the upside down, all while taking on the role of Eleven’s father figure. Check out this Super Trooper’s Costume, including a shirt, hat, and a few other accessories to complete the outfit.
  4. Eddie Munson: Hellfire club leader Eddie Munson was introduced to us in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He’s also the owner of a hardware store in Hawkins, Indiana, and friend to Dustin, Lucas and Mike. We found this Rocker Wig with Necklace that embody’s his energy. 
  5. Argyle: “Surf’s up! Surfer Boy Pizza, this is Argyle speaking.” Argyle is a fun and eccentric friend of Jonathan Byers, who is a delivery driver for Sufer Boy Pizza. He’s also a new character introduced in the fourth season of Stranger Things. You won’t need much to complete this costume, so we made it easy for you with this Argyle Stranger Things Surfer Boy Costume
  6. Robin Buckley: Scoops Ahoy! Robin works with Steve Harrington at the Starcourt Mall. She’s smart, resourceful, and a key part of the group’s effort to understand the mysteries of Hawkins. Try this Scoops Ahoy Uniform, inspired by a classic sailor’s uniform. It consists of a blue and white striped shirt with a sailor collar, a matching skirt, and a sailor’s hat. (Create your own Scoops Ahoy logo for a DIY twist.)

Our Top Stranger Things Costumes Picks

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