DIY Halloween Costume Challenge: Photo Booth Strip

How to make a DIY photo strip costume

For this year's Curbly Halloween Challenge, we came up with a simple, classic costume that you can pull together in only a few hours. We made a life-size couple's photo booth costume that is as easy to do as it is charming. Read on to find out how. 

There's something undoubtably adorable and nostalgic about a classic black-and-white strip of photos from a good ol' fashioned booth. We've all piled into them with friends, lovers, and maybe even strangers. They capture a moment in time;  there's no editing, no re-dos, and no telling how they'll turn out. All of these quirks add to the endearment of the experience and it's no wonder we hold onto these tokens forever.

Lay out your pics and choose the best ones

We came up with an easy life-size version of the classic photo strip and we're bringing it to our next Halloween party. Here's the scoop on how to make your own!


  • 4 - 11x14" thin black picture frames. We ordered these thin profile plastic frames for around $9 a piece.
  • 3 - 11x14" prints of your faces. We took our pictures in front of a blank white wall; turned them black and white in Photoshop, and ordered them online from Costco. They were ready in an hour and cost $4 per print! Woot!
  • Craft adhesive. Our favorite is E6000 because it's strong! 


How To:

  1. Arrange plastic frames in portrait format and glue together to form one long strip. 
    Glue the frames together


  2. Once frames are fully adhered and the glue is dry, insert photos. Our frames were front loaded, and we left the glass out of the frame to make the frames lighter and free of glass dangers.


  3. Leave the second frame from the top blank so you have a place to place your face. Our frames had plastic support strips across the back of the frame. We removed them with a hacksaw.


  4. Grab your partner!



That's all, folks! Now, go be the life of the party with your photo strip and your Halloween honey!




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