15 Punny Halloween Costumes to Make this Year

Punny Halloween costumes

With Halloween less than one month away, it's time to start thinking about what costume you'll wear for the big day! In case you want to go with a creative costume that will get people thinking, try one of these 15 punny Halloween costumes that are not only easy to DIY but fun to wear around and keep people guessing what you are. I know my favorite...what's yours?


Photo by Studio DIY

1. This "raining men" costume cracks me up, and I especially love the throwback celebs from the 90s and early 2000s featured in this post! 

Photo by @avantgeek

2. Go ALL OUT with this "taco Belle" costume that combines tacos and Belle's signature yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast. 

Photo by AwwSam

3. Turn a common idiom into one of the most hilarious punny Halloween costumes ever with this "tough cookie" costume that's easy to put together at the last minute. 

4. Sally sells sea shells down by the seashore! Turn a tongue twister into a cute costume with this simple costume idea.  

Photo by Brit+Co

5. Make it a couple's costume! Combine two costumes to create a pun, like this "Hawaiian Punch" costume featuring a hula girl and a boxer. 

Photo by Costume Craze

6. You could buy or DIY this "chick magnet" costume

Photo by Real Simple

7. This adorable "raining cats and dogs" costume can be adapted for kids or adults with an umbrella. 

Photo by Studio DIY

8. Let everyone know what you are with this Halloween "eye candy" costume using just paper and glasses.

Photo by @fromramonawlove

9. Are you a social butterfly? You can make a punny take on the "social butterfly" costume too!

Photo by The Balance

10. Holy cow! You could be just that for Halloween when you mix an angel halo with a cow costume.

Photo by Brit+Co

11. Need a maternity costume idea? You could turn your bump into the cutest pun with this "bun in the oven" costume

12. Upgrade a couple's costume to a three-person costume with this adorable "3 peas in a pod" Halloween costume made for babies that can be easily adapted for adults.

Photo by  Society19

13. Turn a plain striped prison uniform into a cuter "jailbird" costume with wings!

Photo by Southern Living

14. Whether it's for a kid or an adult, you can be a true "queen bee" for Halloween with a simple striped dress and crown - oh, and maybe wings!

Photo by Studio DIY

15. Last but not least, this is one of my all-time favorite punny Halloween costumes: a very simple "apple of my eye" costume you can make with a pair of red heart-shaped glasses!

Some of these are just so clever! Have a very punny Halloween!

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