Roundup: 10 Creative IKEA Play Kitchen Makeovers

by Faith Provencher
Roundup: 10 Creative IKEA Play Kitchen Makeovers
Photo: Babiekins

The IKEA Duktig play kitchen is a popular item for families around the world, but it has a bit of a generic feel. It is also easily customizable, however; so many have given it a more personalized feel by changing the colors, adding metallic details and even creating backsplashes and storage. Here are ten super creative IKEA play kitchen makeovers that are sure to inspire you!   

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Roundup: 10 More Small Space Herb Garden Ideas

by DIY Maven

Small Space Herb Garden Ideas Feature Image

Growing season is upon us where I live, and I'm itching to plant some herbs. But where to plant? Outside, deer and rabbits mow down anything within their reach. Inside, there isn't much space. To overcome both obstacles, we've rounded up 10 small space herb garden projects  that could very well solve all my--and your--space and pest issues.

For the original 10 small space container and herb garden ideas, visit this Curbly post.

We'll start with a few indoor ideas, all of which take up very little space.

coat rack herb garden
Photo: Itsy Bits and Pieces


This idea comes from the Bachman's Idea House via Itsy Bits and Pieces. Making the hanging jars would be easy enough, and as for the frame onto which the hooks are attached, it could be reproduced using wood, or something like this could work. Expanding on the idea, a traditional standing coat rack could work too. 

Suzie Frazier's vertical garden
Photo: Suzie Frazier

I adore Suzie Frazier's vertical garden, which would be perfect for herbs too. Click here for the tutorial. 

Mason Jar vertical herb garden
Photo: Domestically Speaking

Maryann's take on a vertical garden couldn't be more charming--or simple!

Martha's tower herb garden
Photo: Martha Stewart

Moving outdoors, Martha offers this great tower-of-herbs project using terra cotta pots. It would be PERFECT for a patio or deck. I also like the idea of using random pots for the project, all of which you might already have on hand. (I do.) And if you don't, they're a common item at garage sales that you can pick up for next to nothing. 

hanging vertical garden
Photo: Brit & Co.

Still vertical is this outdoor hanging garden project from Brit & Co. (Adore!)

vertical trellis container garden
Photo: BHG

This DIY trellis used as a vertical container garden would deliver a happy pop of color all growing season long. Visit BHG for more details. 

frame vertical garden
Photo: Dash and a Pinch

For an even simpler take on the trellis idea is this basic frame turned vertical garden from Dash and a Pinch. (LOVE the random containers.) 

DIY Network's herb planter box
Photo: DIY Network

Clean, simple and lovely, the DIY Network's wooden herb planter box goes together in a flash. 

Bonnie Plants stepped herb garden
Photo: Bonnie Plants

Considerably more ambitious than the last project, but for the herb lover, this vertical stepped garden is the cat's meow. Visit Bonnie Plants for a detailed PDF. 

chain and ammo can vertical garden
Photo: Style Carrot

This last idea doesn't come to us as a DIY project...but it could be. Think about it, first, you build a frame, then using hooks at the top and bottom, attach lengths of chain. The original planters are actually ammo cans, but a similar version of the DIY Network's idea could work. Then, you'd just attach them to the chain via threaded rods and nuts. Right??? Gorgeous!! For  more pictures of the eye-popping garden in which this vertical garden is located, visit Style Carrot. 

Small Space Herb Garden Ideas Pinterest Image

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For ten MORE small space container and herb garden ideas, visit this Curbly post.







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Unrecognizable $180K Kitchen Remodel

by DIY Maven
J A S Design Build kitchen remodel before
Photo: J A S Design Build

Yes, I know we usually feature kitchen remodels of the DIY variety, but this pro job by J A S Design Build out of Seattle, WA, was too juicy not to share. But before we see the "after" let me warn you, perspective has changed completely, so we really have to take the word of J A S that this is even the same space. That's because not only is the vantage point of the photographs are different, J A S

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Curbly Original
Embracing Simplicity: A Home Office Makeover, COMPLETE!

by DIY Maven


Maven's office swap compete
Photo: DIY Maven

If you've been following along with this series, you'll know that this project wasn't just a room makeover. It also involved some room swapping. My home office was going to be where my guest room was and vice versa. And my craft room was going to be a dedicated workout area. And my craft room was going to become a craft cubby located in the closet of the guest room. I'll admit it, I didn't think it was going to be possible to cram all my books, printers, and office and craft supplies into one room and make it make sense. BUT...after much planning, painting, and paring back, the room swapping experiment

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Never-Give-Up Midcentury Modern Chair Makeover

by DIY Maven
MCM Thrift Store Chair Before MCM Thrift Store Chair After
Photo: Thrift Diving


Talk about a lesson in perseverance. When Serena snagged this marvelous MCM chair at a thrift store for $7, she had no idea what she was in for. After stripping the entire thing, she discovered the chair's back and body were constructed of two different types of wood. Then Serena had issues with  her sanding and finishing job. (Together they left a blotchy mess.) See?

MCM Thrift Store Chair With Blotchy Finish
Photo: Thrift Diving


Not deterred, she decided to paint the chair's body (made with the less-desireable wood) and readdress the blotchiness of the back with a steel wool rubdown. Then Serena applied tung oil to the walnut. (Exhausted just reading about the transformation? Me too.) Take a look at what the chair looks like now:

MCM Thrift Store Chair After
Photo: Thrift Diving


To read more about this makeover adventure, visit Thrift Diving.

Mid-Century Modern Chair Makeover Part 2 [Thrift Diving]

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DIY Kitchen Makeover With a Twist

by DIY Maven
Megan's kitchen before
Photo: One Kings Lane

What I love about Megan's DIY kitchen makeover is it's totally unexpected. Let's face it, there's a lot of kitchen makeovers out there that, although they look fabulous after, they all kinda look alike. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; they're popular for a reason. But as someone who searches for kitchen makeovers on the intertubes on a regular basis, something different is good. Now back to

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