Roundup: 10 DIY Garden Tool Totes and Benches

Roundup: 10 DIY Garden Tool Totes and Benches

One of the most irritating things about gardening can be getting all your gardening tools to the spot where they're needed. It's cumbersome, and it oftentimes involves multiple trips to the garage or garden shed because you've forgotten something. By the time all your equipment is assembled, you just might be too tired to actually garden! And then, when you're finished, you have to haul all that stuff  back to said garage or garden shed. Oye. No wonder some people turn a blind eye to their weeds. Of course, one way to make things a bit easier on yourself is to get all those tools to the garden efficiently and in one trip. Here are 10 fabulous DIYable garden tool totes and benches that are sure to help.

We'll start with projects for the sewers first.

Makezine turns oil cloth into a sweet tote for smaller jobs.

Sew Mama Sew goes all out with this tote that has a 'spot' for everything.

Beautifully Contained shows us how to make a 5-gallon bucket tool organizers. (I have a store-bought version and love it for smaller gardening jobs.)

Now for the woodworkers....

Today's Homeowner tells us how to make this durable and MOVEable potting bench. Nice.

Brad made his garden cart out of a frame from a discarded BBQ, an old bed frame and a couple of wheels off an old bike. No how-to for this one I'm afraid, but it is very inspirational.

Speaking of recycling... these portable carts are bits of genius.

Two-wheel hand cart + 30 gallon barrel = garden cart.

Derek drilled holes in the lid of a rolling 32-gallon plastic garbage can to store his garden tools and to easily port them to the yard/garden. Click here to read more.

A $4.50 thrift store golf bag made a perfect garden tote for the Savvy Housekeeper. 

The golf bag started me thinking about old coolers. Rolling ones, like the one pictured below, sometime spring leaks. Instead of pitching them, how about turning them into a rolling garden cart? Nice place to take a seat while you're working too.

This old gurney set the owner back $295. Now it's her perfect potting bench. It's not the cheapest upcycle option, but it is one of the most weird and wonderful ones we've seen in a long time.

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ruby Alex on Dec 14, 2017:

ahha great tools thanks for sharing with us

Angie on Aug 21, 2013:

I can see using the cooler for potting soil mixes too. I'm going to keep my soil and soil amendments in buckets that have lids on them, but I like the idea of having something on wheels that I can mix them in and then wheel over to the area where I'll be working. I also thought of using a golf bag for hauling tools around the yard, so I'm glad to see someone else has actually done it.

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