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How to: Make Giant Wood Veneer Christmas Ornament Decorations

by on Dec 12, 2013

Lexy Ward

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. I just love vintage ornaments and I scour flea markets every holiday season to add to my Shiny Brite collection. We won’t have the space for a big Christmas tree this year, so I decided to make some oversized ornaments from wood veneer to hang on the wall instead!       

red scissors on to of pink construction paper with rolls of tape.Lexy Ward

1. Supplies:

  • Birch wood veneer sheets
  • scissors
  • bakers twine
  • pen
  • dinner plate
  • silver glitter paper
  • glitter washi tape
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)
A round dish is used to trace a circle on a construction paper, which is then cut with a pair of red-handled scissors.Lexy Ward

2. Draw ornament shape on wood veneer. This can be an onion, a simple circle, or elegant drop. Tip: To get the perfect circle, trace a dinner plate directly onto the wood veneer!

3. Cut out your shapes with scissors. Cut carefully, as wood veneer can tear easily down the grain.

4. Admire your perfect circle.

5. Using a hot glue gun, attach a piece of foam core to the back of your ornaments. This will give it some stability allowing you to store these ornaments year after year! 

A person spreads pink tape over a wooden disk.Lexy Ward

6. Accessorize! Add glitter, ribbon, gold leaf, or in this case, glitter tape! I followed the stripe design of a vintage ornament from our Christmas tree.

7. Lay the tape flat and make sure each piece is secure.

A person using scissors to cut away long edges of ribbon that have been glued to a circle.Lexy Ward

8. Trim the edges of the tape so that they are round to match the ornament.

Giant Wood Veneer Christmas Ornament Decoration with tapes and glittersLexy Ward

9. Assemble the ornaments. Trim a piece of baker’s twine to your desired length. Hot glue one end to the top of the ornament and place a square of the silver glitter paper on top. 

Pink and red decorations share the space with a tan chair and table.Lexy Ward
Arts and crafts ornaments taped to a wall.Lexy Ward

Flat, round hanging Christmas ornament featuring gold and red stripes on pale wood.Lexy Ward

A cute beige and pink room wit decorative ornaments on the wall.Lexy Ward

I hung the ornaments using neon pink washi tape to keep things nice and colorful. These festive ornaments would be perfect to use in a cluster for a holiday photo backdrop! 

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