Cool to Creepy: 6 Toys Turned Planters

Cool to Creepy: 6 Toys Turned Planters

On your next garage sale excursion, you might want to keep an eye out for old toys. It doesn't matter if they're broken, because you won't be playing with them; you'll be planting in them. From cool to downright creepy, these 6 toys-turned-planters are sure to inspire.

We'll start out with a  store-bought, recycled toy boat planter/container from Plow & Hearth. Pretty, no? Well at $150, it should be. A thrift store version, if you can find the right boat, might set you back a couple of bucks.

My dad would have loved this dump truck alternative.

I, however, am partial to this pick-up truck. Love how the cab was used too.

For the Lego Lover in all of us, a Lego container for a household plant might be perfect.

Things start to get a little strange with these wonderful dinosaur planters. Click here to see how to make them.

And, finally, the creepy one. Any doll that's lost a quarter of her head might be pronounced 'deceased', but the succulents that fill this toy's cranium give her new life. 

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