6 Sensational Up-cycled Birdhouses

6 Sensational Up-cycled Birdhouses

This selection of birdhouses will have you rethinking the wooden variety from here to eternity. 

Our first example is  actually a store-bought option, but any metal teapot will do.  All we'd need to do is drill a hole in the bottom to hang.

Another teapot but of the vintage variety. This one is available on Etsy, but, again, great inspiration for an upcycle.

Love the simplicity of this next one, which involves a pot, a circle of wood and a some fixings.

How about giving an old boot to the birdies?

If the last option is a rambler, this next one would be a two-story.

Our final option isn't a birdhouse, but it was too clever not to include in our list. A tea cup + saucer + E6000 = bird feeder. 

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Brent Crubaugh on May 31, 2013:

Such clever upcycling ideas! Any bird would be proud to call any of these spots home. And providing plenty of spots like these is key to preserving and protecting birds, so we encourage people to put them out (one way or another). Well done!

rebecca at thisfineday on May 28, 2013:

Oh my!  I have a thing for birdhouses- I love them for some reason.. and this is awesome!  Thanks for the inspiration!

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