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6 Sensational Up-cycled Birdhouses

by on May 24, 2013

This selection of birdhouses will have you rethinking the wooden variety from here to eternity. 

Our first example is actually a store-bought option, but any metal teapot will do.  All we’d need to do is drill a hole in the bottom to hang.

A bird resting in a brown tea kettle surrounded by green leaves.Eden Project

Another teapot but of the vintage variety. This one is available on Etsy, but, again, great inspiration for an upcycle.

A silver teapot is hanging from a chain in a tree.Etsy

Love the simplicity of this next one, which involves a pot, a circle of wood and a some fixings.

A keg is hanging on a wooden pole.Hen and Hammock

How about giving an old boot to the birdies?

A black shoe stuck to a tree trunk with a bird perched on its rim.imgfave

If the last option is a rambler, this next one would be a two-story.

A green boot attached to the side of a large tree.3 Twisted Sisters

Our final option isn’t a birdhouse, but it was too clever not to include in our list. A tea cup + saucer + E6000 = bird feeder. 

A plate with rocks and a mug hang next to a tree.Country Musings

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