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Before and After: 7 Sensational Front Porch Additions

by on Jul 31, 2013


There should be some sort of law that stipulates that all homes constructed from this moment in time onward must include a front porch. My opinion, of course. But seriously, wouldn’t all homes look better with a front porch? They’re inviting, charming, and add to the livable space of your home. If I haven’t swayed you, check out these seven homes that have been transformed by porches.

We’re gonna start big and Victorian. At one point in its lifetime, this 1893 home actually had its wraparound porch removed. Recent owners–wisely–decided to put the porch back.

A white two story house with a red door and a cross on the rooftop.BHG

Now she’s back to her old, beautiful self. 

A red burgundy colonial home has white trimmings.BHG

Although this home looked lovely before, the porch Stratton Exteriors gave it is the perfect cherry on top. 

A before and after picture of a dirty home versus a renovated home.Stratton Exteriors

Although this rambler had a porch, it was totally forgettable. Not any more, for not only did  it get a new porch, the entire roofline was reworked (not to mention new windows, siding and etc.).

A brick house with a two car carport and a three tiered roof sits below a lush green lawn.Front Porch Ideas and More

Now it’s fresh and lovely.

A drive curving to the steps of a house.Front Porch Ideas and More



Take it from us: every porch needs a porch swing. For $66, this one will make your porch the perfect summer hangout.


Big and boxy, this two-story was ripe for a porch.

A flag is flying at the door of a two story house.Palmer Custom Builders Yup, better.

A large, colonial mansion is shaded in gray.Palmer Custom Builders

Another 2-story that was aching for a porch:

A mailbox sitting in front of a three story house set in the pine trees.Room Zaar

Although it might look like it has new siding, it doesn’t. The owner painted the bricks. 

A large two story house with a garage and big green lawnRoom Zaar

Now for something more demure, this sweet little 1 1/2 story had a bit of a porch before that didn’t command much attention.

A dark SUV is parked at a yellow house.Mickey Simpson

After, there’s no mistaking it. That is a porch.

A two story house with a chiminey at daytime.Mickey Simpson

Overgrown and overlooked, this modest home was lacking major curb appeal.

Grass and plants growing in front of a one story home.Gettum Associates, Inc. Now it oozes it. 

Steps lead up to the porch of a one story house.Gettum Associates, Inc.

And, finally, this house not only got a porch but a second story too. And the front entry was repositioned.

A white colonial home has many bushes in front of it.We Build Design

All the changes work together. So much so, I can’t imagine one without the other two. 

A large, white three-story home since among the trees.We Design Build

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  1. We designed skylights over each bedroom window that looked out over our covered back patio. I can’t say it added much needed inside light during the day because the roof line was facing north east. I feel like we wasted our money as far as inside the house. The actual patio gets a little reflective light because the inside of the skylight boxes are painted a light color.

  2. I’m the owner of house #5. The porch was added by previous owners. We absolutely love it and spend a lot of time on it!

  3. We added a porch to our last two houses.  They were both wonderful additions!  If you’re worried about your house getting dark, don’t cover the porch, or at least all of it, or don’t extend the porch so it goes past all windows.  In our current house we were unable to extend the small porch roof that was already there, so probably 3/4 of the porch is not covered.  The house gets plenty of light.  Porches are a great way to socialize with your neighbors.  My late husband was wheelchair bound and the porch allowed him to get out.  I can’t tell you how many neighbors came over to talk to him and friends taking their daily walk would stop and sit with him.  I would highly recommend porches!

  4. The key to porches you can enjoy is to bild them with a railing. It gives you a sense of a room and privacy while you are sitting out on them. We originally built our home with no railing. it was amaxing how cosy it got when we added one. We are in teh country so don’t need one but have noticed so many people in less private locations without railings and the porches don’t seem to be used.