Nine Ways to Decorate Your Bell Jar for Christmas

Nine Ways to Decorate Your Bell Jar for Christmas

Do you have a bell jar or two? Are you looking for ways to decorate them for Christmas? My answer to both these questions is, "yes." I figured I can't be the only one, so I decided to scrounge around  for some inspiration. 

Love this gorgeous yet simple branch and white stars combo

Another simple option. Of course we'd use a battery-operated votive to illuminate the house. All could be constructed out of paper,  by the way. For the sentiment, a rub-on label would be the best bet.

A grouping of mini-trees, perhaps?

Antique glass ornaments are given a lift, thanks to some old jars, in these bell jars.

Sweet and snowy:

The Haunted Lamp shows/tells us how they were able to construct this display of vintage tree toppers under their bell jar. And, no, they won't topple over.

A quick tour of your backyard or nearby park and you'd have all that's needed for this idea:

Don't have a bell jar? Check out this inverted threaded jar idea from Sixty Fifth Avenue:

Also from Sixty-Fifth Avenue is this charming cloche vignette. It consists of Dollar Store trees and "borrowed" toys. A handful of styrofoam give is a "'snow globe' effect."

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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