Roundup: 10 Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

by DIY Maven

Roundup Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

We covered the guys last week. Today we're turning our attention to the ladies. Although, I'm guessing there are a lot of guys out there that would love some of the things on this list as much as some of the ladies out there would love some of the things on the guys' list--okay, maybe not the beard oil, but I digress. So, read on and make your must-make list, because Valentine's Day is going to be here before you know it. 

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Roundup: 10 Sweet and Simple Handmade Valentine's Day Card Tutorials

by DIY Maven

DIY Valentine's Day roundup 2016


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to think about Valentine's Day cards. Hand made, of course. These 10 options take the guesswork out of the undertaking. Super clever, super easy, super adorbs, they're sure to win  a few hearts. 



Fish Bowl Valentine
Photo: Bliss Bloom Blog

1. First we'll start with the kiddos. For their school mates, it doesn't get much better than this fishbowl card from Bliss Bloom Blog. And, yes, Bliss Bloom offers a free download for the bowl and text part. 

Smarties Valentine Card
Photo: 733 Blog

2. Rolls of Smarties (or, if you're Canadian, Rockets candies), some washi tape and this free download from 733 Blog and you're ready to go to make these sweet sentiments:


Washi Tape Card from A Step in the Journey
Photo: A Step in the Journey

3. These washi tape cards from A Step in the Journey couldn't be cuter or easier to make. 

Washi Tape Valentine from No Biggie
Photo: No Biggie


4. Speaking of washi tape, this idea from No Biggie would take seconds to whip out. 

Googlie Eyes from Paper Source
Photo: Paper Source

5. We're suckers for googlie eyes around here, so these google-eyed-in-love hearts from Paper Source won ours. Hearts that is, not google eyes.

Paint Chip Valentine's from Country Living
Photo: Country Living

6. If you have a some stamps and ink pad--or a steady hand--and some old paint chips, these Valentine's Day cards would be PERFECT for your fellow fan of Curbly or DIY in general. The idea comes from Jodi Kahn picked up at Country Living.  

King of Hearts Valentine from Real Simple
Photo: Real Simple

7. This next idea comes from Real Simple, and although it features a King of Hearts playing card, the idea could use other cards as well, with a little tweaking, of course. Queen of Hearts = "Queen of My Heart". Ace of Hearts = "You're Aces". Two of any cards = "We're 2 of a Kind". You get the idea. 

Balloon Valentine from A Pretty Cool Life
A Pretty Cool Life

8. A red balloon heart used to make a Valentine's Day card?? You had us at "balloon". Visit A Pretty Cool Life for all the details. 

Clothespin Arrows from I Gotta Create
Photo: I Gotta Create!

9. These clothespin love arrows aren't traditional Valentines, but imagine them clipped to unexpected places Valentine's morning! On a vanity mirror, a lampshade, on the edge of your sweetie's coffee cup...just about anywhere you'd like to share the love. Darling!! I Gotta Create tells us how to make them. 

Heart in fork Valentine from Botanical Paper Works
Photo: Botanical Paper Works

10. And, finally this last minute, no excuses Valentine from Botanical Paper Works. Grab some colorful paper, cut out a heart, write a sweet message on it and slip it into a dinner fork. Love!

DIY Valentine's Day cards roundup pic
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Those are just some of our favorite DIYs this season of love. For many more Valentine's Day projects, gift ideas and inspiration, click here!





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DIY Floating Message in a Bottle for the One You Love

by Alicia Lacy

Make a DIY floating message in a bottle for Valentine's day
I love Valentine's Day, and the truth is, I always have. Even when I was single, broke, and in no position to treat my self or anyone else - I tresured the holiday. Here's why: It's a holiday centered on love. That's basic and not exclusionary. So, for years I've used the day as an invitation to tell the ones nearest and dearest to me how much they mean to me; a love letter to the ones I love.

This year, I'm putting a little twist on my love letters and upping my game with a floating message in a bottle that's a little bit The Police and a little bit The Fifth Dimension. Check it out!

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Roundup: 20+ More Inexpensive DIY Gift Basket Ideas

by DIY Maven


DIY gift basket ideas

A bunch of years ago I wrote a roundup of 20+ Inexpensive DIY Gift Baskets Ideas We Love, and apparently, you love them too, because the article still gets plenty of viewing action. Although we STILL love those ideas, we thought it might be time to expand on the idea. As mentioned in the original post, gift baskets are great to receive, but giving them can be surprisingly expensive. Pick a basket, add a little of this and a little of that,...

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Free Printables: Kid Valentine Cards

by DIY Maven
Free Printables: Kid Valentine Cards

When I was a kid, I LOVED Valentine's Day for a lot of reasons. One, we made Valentine Boxes which meant I could bust out red, pink, and white construction paper, and tons of glitter. Two, going to the store and picking out the most glittery box of Valentines cards I could find. (I liked glitter. Still do.) Three, finding the most mushy card in the box to give my current crush. Four, opening all the cards I got from the other kids and hoping my crush gave me an equally mushy card. I think my fond memories

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