A Very Valentine's Day Roundup: 15 DIY V-Day Gift Ideas

A Very Valentine's Day Roundup: 15 DIY V-Day Gift Ideas

I can hardly believe how fast it has come up, but Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away. Is that crazy or what? I honestly feel like I just packed up my Christmas decorations. Anyway, if you've been racking your brain for gift ideas for this love-filled holiday, I have a roundup for you. Here are 15 do-it-yourself gift ideas to show the ones you love how much you care on V-Day.   

1. Make custom wall art with your own fingerprints

2. Boxed geometric heart DIY

3. How to make a custom love puzzle

4. Cute as a button Valentine DIY

created at: 02/02/2013

5. Make a block print heart print

6. Custom type wine bottle gift idea

7. Leather heart coin purse DIY

8. Yarn font message

9. Hearts in a jar DIY gift idea

10. DIY prize ball Valentine

created at: 02/02/2013

11. DIY love notes

12. How-to: embroidered faux bois heart

13. Secret message Valentine DIY

14. V-day care package DIY

15. Stamped clay Valentine DIY

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giovanna on Feb 05, 2013:

You are a genius! Congratulations from a small town of Italy ... I still have not decided which I prefer, they are all wonderful!
Thanks for the ideas!

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