DIY Floating Message in a Bottle for the One You Love

Make a DIY floating message in a bottle for Valentine's day
I love Valentine's Day, and the truth is, I always have. Even when I was single, broke, and in no position to treat my self or anyone else - I tresured the holiday. Here's why: It's a holiday centered on love. That's basic and not exclusionary. So, for years I've used the day as an invitation to tell the ones nearest and dearest to me how much they mean to me; a love letter to the ones I love.

This year, I'm putting a little twist on my love letters and upping my game with a floating message in a bottle that's a little bit The Police and a little bit The Fifth Dimension. Check it out!




Pour your heart out on that little strip of paper. Tell your people how much you love them. They deserve to hear it and telling them will give you all the feels. 

Write your message.



Roll your paper into a scroll and slip it into the glass bottle. Set aside.

Put the message into the bottle



Fill your heart balloon with helium. These ballons are small, so be careful not to over-inflate them; they fill quickly.

Fill the balloon with helium



Measure about an arm's length of string and cut. Tie one end to the end of your balloon and the other to the end of the eye hook on your bottle's cork top. 

Tie the bottle to the string


Carefully place your love letter contraption in your brown box, put a ribbon on it and share your love. It's the sweetest surprise.

Place the balloon in the box


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A DIY floating message in a box for Valentine's Day

Step by step how to make a Valentine's Day floating message box




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Kristiina on Feb 03, 2016:

Very cute idea.

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