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20+ More Inexpensive DIY Gift Basket Ideas

by on Nov 19, 2015


A bunch of years ago I wrote a roundup of 20+ Inexpensive DIY Gift Baskets Ideas We Love, and apparently, you love them too, because the article still gets plenty of viewing action. Although we STILL love those ideas, we thought it might be time to expand on the idea. As mentioned in the original post, gift baskets are great to receive, but giving them can be surprisingly expensive. Pick a basket, add a little of this and a little of that, and suddenly you’re over budget. So, once again, we’ll start from the ground up. That means talking baskets first. 



When choosing a basket, always opt for smaller rather than larger. Why? Because they’re less expensive to fill, and a big basket scantily-filled looks sad. And it still makes you look cheap. The better option is to go with a small basket and fill it to the gills. 

Be sure to use the basket best suited for the occasion. If you’re making a Christmas gift basket, for example, use an appropriate material for the holiday. In the prior post, we mentioned using cardboard boxes wrapped with pretty paper for a basket to keep costs down, as well as re-using gift baskets and thrift store baskets that can be given new life with a shot of spray paint. All still great ideas, but it started us thinking about more utilitarian objects we could use for baskets. You know, baskets that have further purpose. Here are some that sprang to mind:


As for filler, we still really like the idea of used paper straight out of the shredder. (To make it more interesting, run a couple of colorful sheets from an old magazine through the shredder to mix in with the mundane stuff.) 


We included some great ideas for homemade gifts to tuck inside the baskets in our last roundup, but, today, we’ve found even more to consider. Again, we’ll start with items that women might like, then we’ll cover items for the guys, and, finally, we’ll visit the “everybody” basket, which can only mean food…because who doesn’t like food?

DIY Lavender and Coconut Oil Bath Bonbons
Photo: Sow and Dipity


Gift Basket Gifts for Her

Buy or DIY? Etsy has Bath Bombs starting around 10 bucks   Buy now
DIY Hand Cream
Photo: The Prairie Homestead


Gift Basket Gifts for Him


Buy or DIY? The Gentlemen’s Soak is $14 on Etsy     Buy now
Cream Cheese Mints
Photo: Cream Cheese Mints from Hoosier Homemade


Gift Basket Gift For Anyone (AKA: The Food Basket)


Final Thoughts

That’s it for this addition of inexpensive DIY gift basket ideas, but for even more, remember to visit the original post! 




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