Free Printables: Kid Valentine Cards

Free Printables: Kid Valentine Cards

When I was a kid, I LOVED Valentine's Day for a lot of reasons. One, we made Valentine Boxes which meant I could bust out red, pink, and white construction paper, and tons of glitter. Two, going to the store and picking out the most glittery box of Valentines cards I could find. (I liked glitter. Still do.) Three, finding the most mushy card in the box to give my current crush. Four, opening all the cards I got from the other kids and hoping my crush gave me an equally mushy card. I think my fond memories  surrounding the holiday is the reason why I STILL prefer kid Valentine cards to all the others. They're tiny, cute, and to the point. And, preferably, glittery. (Have I mentioned I like glitter?) That's why I decided to put together a kid-appropriate roundup of Valentine cards, all downloadable and all free.

I love Kate's offerings. (Have you ever noticed that Valentine's cards employ the use of pun an inordinate amount of time?)

Image: Kate

C.R.A.F.T. has some seriously clever saying + treat ideas. Besides this Bandaid card, they have no less than 153 others, also some with free printables.

Photo: C.R.A.F.T.

Here's sweet little collection. Perfect for added embellishments, like glitter.

Image: Family Fresh Cooking

More delightful puns.

Image: Amy is the Party

More owls but with a twist, from A Fanciful Twist. ("Owl stop the world and melt with you"...? Admit it, that's cute.)

Image: A Fanciful Twist

Or these, also from A Fanciful Twist:

Image: A Fanciful Twist

Beep bop boop means I love you in Robot.

Image: Parent Hacks

Bunny Cakes' Conversational Heart Valentines are cute by themselves, but...

Image: Bunny Cakes

pair them up with a box of actual Conversational Hearts and it's a match made in heaven (like me and glitter on Valentine's Day).

Photo: Bunny Cakes

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