Curbly Bookworm: Mason Jar Crafts

Curbly Bookworm: Mason Jar Crafts

To be honest, when the prospect of reviewing Lauren Elise Donaldson's new book MASON  JAR CRAFTS from Ulysses Press was presented to me, my first thought was, "What could possibly be in the book that I haven't seen before on the Internet?" Turns out the answer to that question is a lot. More than 30 projects in fact. 

Lauren breaks down the book into  six sections starting with an introduction and then goes on to project collections titled, Home Decor, Parties and Presents, Holidays, Kids and Weddings, which just might be my favorite part of them all. Yes, the projects are perfect for wedding decor, but they are also suitable for home decor too. (She does this thing coupling Mason Jars and vintage forks to create place setting signage that certainly piqued my interest.)

One of my favorite projects from the Home Decor section is the nightlight pictured in the upper right of the image below, and if I had a 7/8" diamond tipped drill bit, there'd be one shining in my guest bathroom right now! 

For the kids, her piggybank is both cheeky and charming. (BONUS: If you'd like to make one for your kiddo, visit this page.)

Rated from one to four 'difficulty jars', there's something for every Mason Jar fan of any crafting level. You can snag a copy of MASON JAR CRAFTS yourself at Barnes & Noble (which offers a better than average peek inside) and  Amazon for about $12. For more information about Elise and for even more Mason Jar Craft tutorials, visit her website, Lauren Elise Crafted  

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