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How To: Make a Concrete Mason Jar Lid

by DIY Maven
Concrete Mason Jar Lid Feature Image
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Once again, I'm super psyched to be able to share the second of two projects from my recently released book, MASON JAR NATION (Cool Springs Press, 2016)! (For the first project, click here.) Like the hanging air plant planter, this project can also be found in the "Crafts" section of the book. UN-like the last how-to, this one ranks easy on the easy...

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Make It: DIY Woven Wall Hanging Hack

by Lexy Ward
DIY woven wall hanging hack
Photo: Bre Purposed

I love the look of woven wall hangings. They're on trend, but there are a million and one looks, so they're all different! I actually tried my hand at weaving two summers ago, but I'm ashamed to admit that the yarn is still on the loom, and my project was never complete. However, this genius hack can help you create your own woven wall hanging in an afternoon! You won't believe it! 

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