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8 Solutions to Help Your Rental Bathroom

by on Jan 20, 2024

Is your bathroom feeling a little lackluster? If so, it may be time for a revamp. Even in the smallest of apartment bathrooms, there is potential for transformation. You just need to tap into your creativity and take advantage of the space you have. Here are 8 unique bathroom ideas that can help you reinvent your apartment bathroom decor.

Things To Keep In Mind When Decorating an Apartment

When you begin the process of decorating your apartment bathroom, it’s important to think practically. 

Before you start adding colors, patterns, and styles, ask yourself some essential questions:

  • Do you have enough storage for all of your essentials? 
  • How can you make the most of the space available? 
  • Does the decor match the overall style of the apartment? 
  • Is there enough lighting? 

It’s also important to keep in mind any rental restrictions. You want to express your personal style without making any permanent changes that could affect your security deposit. 

Choose decor that is temporary, reversible, and won’t cause damage. 

Your design choices should also take into account the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom may require a different approach compared to larger ones. 

You may need to prioritize function over aesthetics in some cases or find creative solutions that cater to both. 

Although decorating an apartment bathroom can seem overwhelming, remember to enjoy the process. 

Every design decision you make brings you closer to creating a space that feels like home. So dive in, keep these considerations in mind, and let your creativity flow.

Say ‘Yes’ to Temporary Wallpaper

decorating with wallpaper in a rental bathroom

Install some really fun patterned temporary wallpaper. Every time you will walk in you will be happy…and distracted from what you don’t love.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Elevate the look of your apartment bathroom with the magic of temporary wallpaper

This innovative solution lets you make your personal design statement without the long-term commitment, which is perfect for renters. 

Transform your bathroom from bland to breathtaking with ease – installing temporary wallpaper is a breeze, and when it’s time to move out, it peels right off without leaving a trace.

The market is brimming with a broad spectrum of temporary wallpaper designs. From audacious geometric prints that make a bold statement to intricate floral patterns that whisper elegance, there’s a design for every taste and style. 

The right choice can bring an entirely new dimension to your bathroom, effectively changing its personality and ambiance.

So, don’t let rental restrictions dampen your design aspirations. Go ahead and embrace the power of temporary peel and stick wallpaper to create a captivating canvas in your bathroom. 

And remember, with this versatile decor solution, you can easily switch up the look anytime you desire a fresh scenery. Spruce up your apartment bathroom with this decor secret weapon – the transformation will be nothing short of astounding!

Large Storage Baskets: A Stylish Solution for Clutter

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Use large baskets for storage. They not only provide storage space and added texture but they can hide the floors.

Photo: Design Sponge

Do you often find yourself dealing with bathroom clutter? 

If so, allow large storage baskets to come to your rescue. They are an elegant and efficient solution for keeping your apartment bathroom tidy and organized. And the best part is, these baskets can be as stylish as they are functional.

Immerse yourself in the world of woven baskets and discover a variety of designs that align with your decor style. From rustic rattan baskets and nautical rope designs to chic metal wire options, there’s a basket out there for every aesthetic. 

Choose ones with interesting patterns or textures for an added dose of style. These baskets can blend seamlessly into your bathroom decor while serving as a practical storage option.

Do you have spare towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies cluttering your space? Simply toss them in a stylish basket. Not only does this keep your items out of sight, but it also makes your bathroom feel more organized and put together. 

Additionally, these baskets can be easily moved around the bathroom, providing flexibility and convenience.

Using large storage baskets isn’t just about functionality – it’s about elevating your decor game. 

By incorporating them into your bathroom, you add a touch of warmth and character to your space. It’s a design move that marries style and practicality perfectly. 

So, say goodbye to clutter and hello to a stylishly organized bathroom with large storage baskets. Who knew staying organized could look so good?

Enhance Your Space with a Piece of Furniture

Adding furniture for Apartment bathroom decor

Add small or large pieces of furniture to give you more storage and make things look pretty.

Source: My Domaine

Don’t limit your stylish furnishings to the living room or bedroom. 

It’s time to let your bathroom share in the fun! Have you got a little extra room? Don’t let it go to waste! Instead, turn it into an exciting opportunity for an unconventional decor boost. 

Introducing a furniture piece can be a game-changer, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions.

Imagine a compact storage unit nestled in the corner, providing the perfect spot to arrange your lavish towel collection or store extra toiletries. 

Or maybe a chic bench positioned just so, offering a comfortable perch or an additional surface to style your decorative objects.

And who could resist the charm of a repurposed vintage stool or a rustic wooden ladder? They can work as charming towel racks and contribute a lovely, unexpected touch that guests won’t soon forget.

When adding furniture to your bathroom, remember to keep the size of your space in mind. The last thing you want is a cluttered bathroom, so choose pieces that are proportionate to your space.

Consider the style of your bathroom, too. 

A sleek, modern unit may look out of place in a vintage-inspired bathroom, just as a rustic wooden bench might seem odd in a minimalist, modern space. 

The right piece of furniture can seamlessly enhance the existing decor, adding that special touch that makes your bathroom uniquely yours.

So why not think outside the box and welcome a beautiful piece of furniture into your bathroom? 

It’s an inventive way to maximize your space, provide extra storage, and of course, add an extra dash of style. 

This isn’t just any old bathroom – it’s your personal sanctuary. 

Make it a place you’ll love!

Rental Bathroom wall artwork

Hang a gallery wall or walls on your bathroom walls and turn it into an art installation or a wall of your favorite things.

Source: Pinterest Addict

Think your bathroom is too small for artwork? Think again! 

A gallery wall could be just the addition your bathroom needs to feel more personalized and sophisticated. 

The beauty of a gallery accent wall is its adaptability – it can suit any style, any space, and, most importantly, it can house all the things you love. 

Whether that’s vibrant artwork, cherished family photographs, or motivational quotes that get you going in the morning, your gallery wall is a reflection of you.

Don’t shy away from getting creative with your frames. Mix and match different sizes and shapes, and play with diverse colors and finishes. 

Create a layout that’s dynamic, intriguing, and visually appealing. Remember, it’s your space, your rules. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your personal style.

But don’t let the fear of making holes in your rental walls stop you from creating your dream gallery wall. You can hang your frames without any worries with damage-free hanging solutions like adhesive hooks or strips.

A gallery wall is more than just a decor element, it’s a conversation starter, a mood setter, a storyteller. 

It’s a way to fill your morning routine with inspiration, nostalgia, or just pure visual joy. So, why wait? 

Start collecting, curating, and creating your very own gallery wall in your apartment bathroom. Let the walls speak your style, let them narrate your story. 

And every time you step into your bathroom, you’ll be stepping into a space that feels uniquely yours and truly feels like home.

Dare to Decorate with a Bold Shower Curtain

Bold Shower Curtain for Rental Bathroom Decor

Hang a very colorful patterned shower curtain. The above rental has some issues here but my eye is drawn to the shower curtain. The art of distraction is in play here.

Source: Ten June

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 

This is the question you should ask yourself when selecting a shower curtain for your apartment bathroom. 

Remember, this isn’t just a functional element meant to shield your floor from water splashes. A shower curtain can serve as the dramatic focal point in your bathroom, setting the tone for your entire space.

Looking to infuse your bathroom with a dose of fun and whimsy? Opt for a shower curtain featuring quirky illustrations or playful patterns. Or perhaps you crave a sophisticated atmosphere? A curtain with elegant motifs or intricate designs might be the perfect fit. The point is, let your shower curtain reflect your unique style and personality.

Colors matter, too! 

A bright shower curtain can instantly brighten a smaller, duller bathroom, while a deep, rich color could bring a sense of warmth and luxury. 

Don’t be afraid to explore the wide spectrum of colors, patterns, and themes available in the world of shower curtains.

Here’s the exciting part: a bold shower curtain isn’t just for show – it can actually transform your bathroom experience. 

Imagine stepping into the shower each morning, shielded by a curtain that makes you smile or inspires you for the day ahead. That’s the power of bold decor!

So, dare to go bold. 

Let your shower curtain be more than just a curtain. Let it be a statement piece, a work of art that turns your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Your apartment bathroom is an extension of your personality – ensure it stands out with a bold shower curtain.

Embrace the Quirks of Your Apartment

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Embrace the quirks and style your bathroom with things that will complement the quirky elements in a bathroom.

Source: Younghouselove

Isn’t it interesting how each apartment has its own personality, complete with distinctive features and quirky elements? Well, your bathroom is no different. 

It might have oddly placed pipes, mismatched tiles, a non-standard layout, or a retro-colored bathtub, and that’s okay. 

Rather than attempting to camouflage these unique characteristics, why not let them shine? 

By embracing these quirks, you are not only accepting the individuality of your bathroom, but you are also adding a unique flair to your space that cannot be replicated.

Oddly placed pipes? Wrap them in fairy lights or climb some ivy. Mismatched tiles? Make them the centerpiece of your bathroom’s design scheme. 

A funky-colored bathtub? Match it with your shower curtain or bath towels for a well-coordinated look. 

These distinctive elements, once embraced, can serve as great conversation starters and make your bathroom truly one-of-a-kind.

Remember, these unique features are not flaws, they are characteristics that set your bathroom apart. 

They tell a story – a story of your apartment’s history, its charm, its personality. 

In fact, these quirks can provide the kind of character that new, polished bathrooms might lack.

So, let’s celebrate these quirks! Unleash your creativity and turn these seemingly awkward features into beloved bathroom decor elements. 

Embrace them, play them up, and watch your bathroom transform into a space that’s distinctly and unmistakably yours. 

After all, the beauty of apartment living is in its distinctive charm and character. 

It’s time to let the quirks of your apartment bathroom take center stage and watch your space transform into a unique and charming sanctuary.

Amplify the Charm with a Vinyl Rug

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Cover the floor with a vinyl rug cut to size. Kerra Michele Huerta used a vinyl floor cloth from Spicher and Co. You could probably accomplish the same thing cheaper using a vinyl remnant from your local home store.

Source: The Washington Post

Step into a world where practicality meets style – this is the world of vinyl rugs. 

Unleash the charm of your apartment bathroom by placing a vibrant vinyl rug that not only stands up to moisture but also injects a dose of personality into your space. 

From geometric patterns that add a contemporary vibe to vintage motifs that exude a sense of history, vinyl rugs offer a vast palette of designs to choose from. 

The beauty of these rugs is in their versatility. Want to unify your bathroom’s color scheme? A vinyl rug in complementing shades can help. 

Craving a striking focal point? A boldly patterned vinyl rug can do the trick. The choice is all yours. 

And don’t worry about maintenance – these rugs are resilient, water-resistant, and easy to clean. It’s an upgrade that your bathroom floor will thank you for! 

Step up your decor game and treat your bathroom to the charm of a vinyl rug. Your space is waiting for that transformative touch!

The Power of Greenery: Adding Plants to Your Bathroom

Add plants for decor Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into a green oasis by adding some beautiful plants.

Source: Design Sponge

Bring the beauty of nature indoors and give your bathroom decor a refreshing touch by adding some greenery to it. 

Incorporating plants in your bathroom not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also creates a calming and spa-like ambiance. 

Choose plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as the peace lily or Boston fern, as they make excellent choices. 

These lush green plants not only add visual interest but also play a crucial role in purifying the air, making your morning routine a breath of fresh air, quite literally. 

So why not take advantage of the benefits of greenery? Add a touch of nature around your sink, place a leafy plant on a shelf, or hang a trailing beauty in the corner of your shower. 

Allow the power of greenery to transform your bathroom into a peaceful and inviting sanctuary that revitalizes both your body and soul. 

Remember, a touch of greenery can make a significant difference and breathe life and energy into your space. Embrace this natural decor element, and let your bathroom bloom!

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