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How I Made My New Year’s Vision Board, and Why You Should Too

by on Jan 8, 2016

The older I get, the more I find myself fairly obsessed with carpe diem-ing and living intentionally. Without waxing too poetic, I spend a lot of time thinking about the notion that this life is the only one we get, and it’s our responsibility to take the reins and live it fully.  

Pair this day-seizing with the turn of a new year, and I turn into a strange combination of Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and Tom and Donna from “Parks and Rec”. This year, as I compiled my resolutions for 2016, I decided to create a vision board. Because science assured me it would be an excellent visualization tool, and something that would feed the fire in my belly.

Are you still with me? Yes? Okay. Here’s what took place:


I read several articles about vision boards that were inspiring. Here are my two favorites:



For me, the most meaningful part of the exercise was the focus on feeling. Rather than thinking about the things I wanted to garner or achieve, I focused on the way I wanted to feel. 

Focus on feeling, rather than results or goals. Your vision board should reflect how you want to feel.

I spent a few days mulling (errrr … fully obsessing) over quotes I wanted to steer my year. I settled on three. The first was a more refined version of my daily mantra (feeling grateful). The second was sparked by/directed at my work on Curbly (feeling inspired). And, the third was a mind-shift I’m trying to harness (feeling ‘yas queen’ and intrepid). 




I vision-boarded with a dear friend. This was probably the most meaningful part of the process, because we were both fully invested in the project. Having a partner to work alongside created an opportunity for us to have essential conversations; in fact, some of my ‘visions’ were born from – or reframed by – these tête-à-têtes.

Make a vision board with a partner who inspires and supports you

Visually mapping your future is vulnerable work, and it deserves your most open heart. You have to be unselfconscious. You have to feel buoyed.


When the time came to create our boards, we kept it simple. We used 18×24″ canvases and Mod Podge. We had a printer at the ready for last minute inspirations. We brought magazine clippings, pretty papers, photographs, and important memorabilia.

Use Mod Podge to affix your clippings


We did simple things to create a beautiful environment. We drank drinks. Tasted treats. Listened to Beyoncé. Lit candles. Brought flowers. We created a pretty space to make the exercise feel extra ceremonial. 

Set the mood so you can be relaxed and inspired



We displayed our boards in prominent places. The key to making your vision board successful is keeping it within view. Choose a spot that will catch your eye throughout the day. 

I’m undecided when it comes to how much I want to explain my board to all who enter my home, so I placed it in our studio, above my desk. And, I took a picture of it and made it my phone wallpaper so that it’s the first thing I see when I reach for my phone.

Having just completed the board, I’m not yet sure how it will guide my year. But, I know that every time I look at it I feel excited. And inspired. And resolute.

Have you ever created a vision board? If so, please tell me all about it in the comments. I wanna hear about your experiences. 

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  1. So… I like the idea of vision boards but… One has to be careful as to not spend too much time on it…on the other hand, like you wrote, this life is the only one we get so perhaps spending a day working on bettering our lives is not such a bad investment of time?

  2. Alicia Lacy

    Thanks for your comment, Troy! I agree that it’s important not to spend too much time fixated on the process (quotes, images, feelings, etc.). I spent a lot of time mulling over all of it; more meditatively than it probably sounded in the article. It’s a hard balance to strike – being intentional without over-thinking it. And then again, YOLO…

  3. Morgan

    That’s so cool. I’m curious how often you’ll change up your board? Or maybe you won’t? What do you do if your ideas change? Or maybe you didn’t get that specific.
    I really like this idea and want to do it for the new year. Thx for the inspiration!

  4. Alicia Lacy

    Hi Morgan! I’m glad you’re excited to get your vision-board on. Your questions are are spot-on. Though, I don’t think I have definitive answers for you. Ultimately, it’s your board and you’ll make it work for you. I really tried to stick to “umbrella” ideas and feelings that will move me forward. But, I’m open to additions and refinements. Have fun with your board!

  5. Tami

    Hi Alicia, this is a question about your lovely remodel quite awhile back. Do you recall the paint colors used in your daughter’s sweet bedroom? Thanks!