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How To Make a New Year Vision Board, and Why You Should

by on Dec 11, 2023

As the year comes to an end, many of us start thinking about our resolutions for the new year. While setting goals can be a great way to motivate ourselves and make positive changes, it can also be overwhelming and discouraging if we don’t have a clear plan in place. 

This is where creating a New Year’s vision board can come in handy. Not only does it serve as a visual reminder of our aspirations, but it also allows us to break down our goals into smaller, more achievable steps. 

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of making a New Year’s vision board and how to use it as a tool to set realistic goals for the year ahead.

What is a New Year’s Vision Board?

A New Year’s vision board is a powerful tool that can help you visualize and manifest your goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. 

It is a visual representation of the things you want to achieve, experience, or become in the next 12 months. 

Unlike a traditional list of resolutions, a vision board taps into your creative side and uses imagery, words, and symbols to bring your goals to life.

Think of it as a collage of your dreams and desires. 

You can gather pictures, quotes, and even small objects that represent what you want to attract into your life. 

Whether it’s a picture of a tropical vacation, a quote about personal growth, or a symbol of financial abundance, each element on your vision board should hold personal significance and meaning.

By creating a visual representation of your goals, you are reinforcing your desires and reminding yourself of what you want to achieve. 

The visual cues act as a constant reminder of the life you want to create and the person you want to become. It helps you stay focused and motivated, especially during challenging times when you may feel like giving up.

Make a vision board with a partner who inspires and supports you

The Benefits of Creating a New Year’s Vision Board

Did you know that 41% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but Only 9% of Americans feel they are successful in keeping their New Year’s resolutions by the end of the year?

Creating a New Year’s vision board can bring numerous benefits to your life. 

Firstly, it serves as a powerful visualization tool. When you create a vision board, you are not just writing down your goals but actually seeing them come to life through images, quotes, and symbols. 

This visual representation acts as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve, helping to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Additionally, a vision board can provide you with a sense of clarity and direction. 

By breaking down your goals into smaller, more achievable steps, you can create a roadmap to guide your actions throughout the year. 

This allows you to stay focused and motivated, especially during times when you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of your next steps.

Furthermore, a vision board helps to cultivate a positive mindset. 

Surrounding yourself with images and words that represent your aspirations has a subconscious effect on your mind. It programs it to believe in the possibility of achieving those goals. 

This positive reinforcement can lead to increased confidence and a stronger belief in your own abilities.

Use Mod Podge to affix your clippings

Materials For Creating a Vision Board

  1. Poster board or cork board: Ensure your base is sturdy and large enough to display your vision, such as a poster board or cork board.
  2. Magazines, newspapers, or printed images: Collect pictures, words, and phrases that inspire your goals and dreams. You can find them in magazines, newspapers, or online.
  3. Scissors: You’ll need these to cut out the images and words you’ve collected.
  4. Glue or tape: Use adhesive to affix the cutouts onto your board. Glue sticks or double-sided tape work well to secure the images in place.
  5. Markers, pens, or colored pencils: Sometimes, adding your personal touch with handwritten affirmations or additional drawings can enhance your vision board.
  6. Optional decorations: You may want to add decorative items such as stickers, ribbons, or anything that enhances your personal style.

Steps to Create Your Own Vision Board

Creating your own vision board is a fun and creative process that can help bring your goals and aspirations to life. Follow these simple steps to create your own New Year’s vision board:

Set aside dedicated time

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on creating your vision board. Set aside a block of time where you won’t be interrupted or rushed.

Gather your materials

Collect magazines, newspapers, printed quotes, photos, and any other materials that resonate with your goals and aspirations. You can also use markers, colored pencils, glue, and scissors.

Clarify your goals

Take some time to reflect on what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. Consider different aspects of your life, such as health, relationships, career, personal growth, and travel. Be specific when you write down your goals.

Visualize your goals

Flip through magazines and cut out images and words that represent your goals. Look for pictures that resonate with your aspirations and evoke positive emotions. 

Don’t worry about how it looks – trust your intuition and choose what speaks to you.

Arrange and glue

Lay out your cutouts on a board or a large piece of paper. Play around with different arrangements until you find a layout that feels right. 

Once you’re satisfied, glue everything down.

Add personal touches

Get creative and add personal touches to your vision board. Write down affirmations, use stickers, draw doodles, or even include small objects that hold special meaning to you. 

Make it a reflection of your unique desires and dreams.

How to Effectively Use Your Vision Board Throughout the Year

Now that you’ve created your New Year’s vision board, it’s important to know how to use it throughout the year effectively. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your vision board:

Daily Visualization

Take some time out of your day to view your vision board and picture yourself accomplishing your goals. Shut your eyes and visualize how it would feel to have already achieved what you want. 

Experience the excitement, happiness, and thankfulness as if it has already occurred. 

This daily visualization routine helps to synchronize your thoughts and emotions with your goals, making them more achievable.

Set Actionable Steps

Your vision board is not just a pretty collage; it’s a tool to guide your actions. 

Break down each goal into smaller, actionable steps. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, your steps could include finding a training program, scheduling regular runs, and increasing your mileage gradually. 

By setting these smaller steps, you can turn your aspirations into manageable tasks that you can work on consistently.

Track Your Progress

Regularly review your vision board and track your progress. Celebrate the steps you’ve taken towards your goals, no matter how small they may seem. 

Use colorful markers or stickers to mark your progress on the board itself. Seeing your progress visually can boost your motivation and remind you of the progress you’ve made so far.

Adjust and Refine

As the year progresses, you may find that your goals or desires change. It’s okay to adjust and refine your vision board as needed. 

Maybe a new opportunity has presented itself, or you’ve discovered a new passion. 

Allow your vision board to evolve with you and make any necessary updates to reflect your current aspirations.

Tips for Making a Successful Vision Board

Creating a successful vision board is all about putting your own personal touch and creativity into it. 

Here are some tips to help you make a vision board that truly resonates with you and supports your goals for the year ahead.

Get Clear on Your Intentions

Before you start gathering materials, take some time to reflect on your intentions for the year. 

What do you truly want to achieve and experience? 

Having a clear vision in mind will make it easier to select images, quotes, and symbols that align with your goals.

Want to be more creative in the new year? We have 10 Ways to be More Creative in the New Year.

Choose Images and Words That Speak to You

When selecting pictures and words for your vision board, trust your intuition. You can also head online to sites like Pinterest to find inspiration.

Choose images and quotes that evoke positive emotions and truly resonate with you. 

Don’t worry about what others might think or if the images seem unrelated to your goals. The most important thing is that they feel meaningful to you.

Mix and Match

Don’t limit yourself to one type of material. Mix and match different sources, such as magazines, printed quotes, photographs, and even your own drawings or writings. 

This variety will add depth and uniqueness to your vision board.

Use Color and Texture

Incorporate color and texture into your vision board to make it visually appealing. Use markers, colored pencils, or paint to add pops of color to your images. 

You can also add texture by using fabrics, ribbons, or other tactile materials. These elements will make your vision board come alive.

Display Your Vision Board in a Visible Place

Choose a prominent place in your home to display your vision board. It could be your bedroom, office, or any other space where you will see it every day. 

The key is to have it in a visible place so that you can easily remind yourself of your goals and aspirations.

Update and Revisit Regularly

Your vision board is not set in stone. As the year progresses and your goals evolve, feel free to update and make changes to your vision board. Add new images or quotes that align with your changing desires. Regularly revisit your vision board to stay connected with your goals and to remind yourself of the progress you have made.

Creating a vision board for the new year

How To Create a New Year Vision Board

Set the mood so you can be relaxed and inspired

Because science assured me it would be an excellent visualization tool, and something that wouldΒ feed the fire in my belly I created a New Year Vision Board.


  • Poster board or corkboard: This will serve as the base for your vision board. You can also use a digital platform if you prefer.
  • Magazines or printed images: Collect magazines, newspapers, or print out images from the internet that represent your goals, desires, and aspirations.


  • Scissors: Use these to cut out images, words, or phrases from magazines or printed materials.
  • Glue or tape: To affix the cut-out images onto your board.
  • Markers, pens, or stickers: These can be used to add your own quotes, affirmations, or personal touches to the vision board.
  • Optional decorations: You might want to include decorative elements like colored paper, ribbons, glitter, or any other materials that resonate with you and your vision.
  • Clear adhesive or laminator (optional): If you want to protect your vision board from wear and tear, you can cover it with a clear adhesive or laminate it.


Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Take some time to reflect on what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. Think about your goals, aspirations, dreams, and the areas of your life you want to focus on (career, health, relationships, personal growth, etc.).

Step 2: Gather Materials

Collect the materials you'll need: a poster board or corkboard, magazines, newspapers, printed images, scissors, glue or tape, markers or pens, and any additional decorative items you'd like to use.

Step 3: Find Inspiration

Flip through magazines or browse online for images, words, and phrases that resonate with your goals. Look for visuals that represent your aspirations, values, and the feelings you want to manifest.

Step 4: Cut and Organize

Carefully cut out the images, words, and phrases that speak to you. Sort them into categories based on your goals or themes (e.g., health, career, travel, personal development).

Step 5: Arrange and Create

Start arranging your cutouts on the board. Experiment with different layouts until you find a composition that feels right. You might want to organize them by theme or mix them up in a way that feels visually appealing to you.

Step 6: Affix and Personalize

Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, glue or tape the cutouts onto the board. Add your personal touch by including handwritten affirmations, drawings, or any additional decorations that resonate with your vision.

Step 7: Display and Reflect

Place your vision board in a prominent place where you'll see it frequently, such as your bedroom or workspace. Take a moment each day or week to reflect on your goals and visualize yourself achieving them.

Step 8: Review and Update

Regularly revisit your vision board throughout the year. Reflect on your progress, adjust your goals if needed, and update your vision board with new aspirations or achievements.

Step 9: Take Action

Remember, a vision board is a tool to inspire and motivate you, but it's essential to take action toward your goals. Use your vision board as a reminder of what you're working toward, and take steps each day to bring your vision to life.

A little more New Year Inspiration

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  1. So… I like the idea of vision boards but… One has to be careful as to not spend too much time on it…on the other hand, like you wrote, this life is the only one we get so perhaps spending a day working on bettering our lives is not such a bad investment of time?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Troy! I agree that it’s important not to spend too much time fixated on the process (quotes, images, feelings, etc.). I spent a lot of time mulling over all of it; more meditatively than it probably sounded in the article. It’s a hard balance to strike – being intentional without over-thinking it. And then again, YOLO…

  3. That’s so cool. I’m curious how often you’ll change up your board? Or maybe you won’t? What do you do if your ideas change? Or maybe you didn’t get that specific.
    I really like this idea and want to do it for the new year. Thx for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Morgan! I’m glad you’re excited to get your vision-board on. Your questions are are spot-on. Though, I don’t think I have definitive answers for you. Ultimately, it’s your board and you’ll make it work for you. I really tried to stick to “umbrella” ideas and feelings that will move me forward. But, I’m open to additions and refinements. Have fun with your board!

  5. Hi Alicia, this is a question about your lovely remodel quite awhile back. Do you recall the paint colors used in your daughter’s sweet bedroom? Thanks!

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