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Make This: Minimal Magnetic Towel Bar

by M.E. Gray

Make this minimal magnetic towel bar

Currently I'm living in a place with a kitchen that must hold some sort of record for tininess. There are four drawers, a couple of cabinets, and exactly one countertop. Said countertop is about 2.5 square feet, and that's literally my entire cooking workspace. Suffice it to say, I need to be wise about kitchen organization if I want to keep from going crazy. Knowing there's absolutely no room to store things horizontally, I recently went vertical with this magnetic paper towel holder.    

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How to Fold that Hoard of Plastic Bags that Lives Under Your Kitchen Sink

by M.E. Gray

Life Hack: The quickest and easiest way to fold plastic shopping bags

I am pretty good about remembering to bring my reusable shopping bags with me when I pick up groceries. I walk in the store with my canvas bags, and I leave with my groceries and only those bags (and usually a pint of Ben & Jerry's - don't judge me). No matter how hard I try, plastic shopping bags still seem to magically appear under my kitchen sink. While tiny bags are handy to have around (fellow pet owners may agree with me here), keeping them from looking like a literal wad of trash is tricky. I'm here to share with you a folding technique to beat all others. It's by far the fastest, and definitely the easiest, way to fold a plastic shopping bag.    

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How to: Make a Modern Family Chore Chart Your Kids will Actually Use

by Lidy Dipert

How to: Make a Modern Family Chore Chart Your Kids will Actually Use

As our kids are getting a little older, I thought it might be a good time to introduce a simple chore chart to teach them shared responsibility, goal setting, and following through on commitments. Sometimes parents can be so hard on ourselves (and others) when it comes to the idea of putting our kids "to work" at a young age. I've even heard the term "child-labor" thrown around...which is, of course, silly and even dangerous.

I never thought I would say this, but "when I was their age..." I did chores around our house all. the. time. I started helping to clean at six, babysitting when I was 12, and was expected to cook for the whole family as a teenager. (I began working at a fast food restaurant when I was 14 and I'm still alive to talk about it!)

I'm proud of those experiences, and they taught me a deep sense of gratitude and a positive attitude. I think those are all experiences we want to give our children.  So! This is a super simple DIY to help your kids visualize their responsibilities and celebrate their little achievements along the way.   

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Make This: Minimal Clothes Drying Rack

by M.E. Gray

Perfect for small spaces - a collapsible wooden drying rack for laundry.

If you're looking for ways to save money, or working on shrinking your environmental footprint, air-drying your washing is a great place to start. Dryers, while they are handy, use a ton of energy to operate. Plus, you might own delicate clothes that aren't suited for aggressive machine drying. A clothes drying rack is a must-have asset for your laundry room - and bonus, you can make your own.     

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Make Cleaning Less of a Chore with this DIY Household Cleaner Organizer

by M.E. Gray

Handmade cleaning caddy - keep all your cleaning supplies in one place with this cute carrier


There are a couple rules-of-thumb when it comes to successfully keeping your home clean. One of those rules is that you should always keep your cleaning supplies in one place, and you should always put them back when you're done using them. A cleaning caddy meets both those criteria, and - bonus - makes carrying household cleaners from room to room super easy! I've been wanting to incorporate a carrier into my cleaning routine for a while now, and rather than purchase a cheap-looking plastic one that will surely break over time, I opted to make one instead.     

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Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

by Holly Wade

Organize Dangling Earrings with this DIY Concrete Earring Tree

I've tried multiple techniques for organizing earrings over the years, but dangling earrings tend to be more difficult to organize in an easy-to-manage way. Luckily, this simple DIY concrete earring tree does the trick and makes the perfect spot to hang several pairs of dangling earrings in a way that's easy to grab what I want and head out the door.         

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How to Clean Tile Grout

by Chris Gardner

 How To Clean Dirty Grout

Dirty grout is a common problem. But with so many cleaning tips floating around on the internet, it's hard to know what to believe. So I decided to take the guess work out of it by testing a few methods and reporting back to you. Read on to see what I discovered...  

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13 Things You Can Just Go Ahead and Throw Away Right Now

by M.E. Gray

New Years Cleaning Challenge: Get rid of these 13 things cluttering your home

It's a new year. Now that the dust has settled, you want to maintain the great start you've accomplished. That means you gotta make like Elsa in Frozen and just "Let it go! Let it goooo..." That's right, I've caught the purging bug, and I'm talking about getting rid of clutter. After the materialist pressure of the holidays, it always feels good to go through your home and do a quick purge. This January, take on this cleaning challenge and get rid of the unnecessary. Don't think, just act. Here are a few things you can go ahead toss without guilt or a second thought:         

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Everything You Need to Know to Design the IKEA Closet of Your Dreams

by Marlene Sauer

Those Swedes sure do love to organize. Flip through any edition of the IKEA catalog, and the first impression you'll likely get is: a place for everything, and everything in its place. But don't our cluttered, modern, go-go-go lifestyles make it seem impossible to live up to this standard? Most especially in that most dreaded place in our homes --- the closet. Chances are, if you're a Curbly reader, you love organization just as much as we do. And you may need a little help figuring out how to make your closet system work for you. That's why today we are talking all about how to design the closet of your dreams using IKEA closets.                

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Seriously Useful Apartment-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas for Renters

by Erica Young
Seriously Useful Apartment-Friendly Closet Organization Ideas for Renters
Photo: Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock


Most beautifully organized closets have one thing in common - built-ins. Whether it be custom shelving or even IKEA installations, a little (or a lot) of construction is needed. But what if you're a renter, and you can't make any permanent changes to your closet? Are you doomed to a single hanger rod and basically a hot mess? Luckily we have some solutions that don't require a power drill. Read on for renter-friendly ideas that will keep your closet nice and tidy.

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How to Organize Your Linen Closet Like a Boss

by M.E. Gray

Linen Closet Organization

Ah, the linen closet. The junk drawer of the closet world. The gateway to a lesser Narnia. What should be a place for organized towels and blankets can so easily become pure chaos! If you're the type who wads up their sheets and shuts the door, you're not alone! Fortunately, linen closet organization can be achieved with just a little change in routine and some prep work. Read on to learn how to make the best use of the space in your home, and tame that linen or bathroom closet once and for all.               


What is a linen closet used for?

Linen closet
Source: Boxwood Clippings

A linen closet is a useful thing to have in your home, as it holds items that aren't currently being used in the bathroom and bedrooms. Consider it a "stock room" for these spaces (if you're particularly limited on storage, that might include the kitchen, too). Just like a stock room in a retail store, it's important that a linen closet is well organized. As a result, when you need to replenish something in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, you know right where it is.

What should I put in my linen closet?

The linen closet ideally should contain what isn't currently being used in the bedroom and bathroom. This means towels, washcloths, bulk toilet paper, and unopened toiletries from the bathroom, and sheets, blankets, and pillows for bedrooms. Keep in mind, you should not try and shove more into your linen closet than what will fit! A functioning linen closet is not filled to the brim. Above all, it's arranged so every item is easy to access when it is needed.

Linen closet organization

A well-organized linen closet is a thing of beauty, and should focus on function over fashion. This means towels are folded and stacked, sheet sets are kept together, and toiletries are grouped. Linen closet organization also makes smart use of space. When deciding what items should go on what shelves, consider these guidelines:

  • Stack frequently-used items like towels or sheets on the middle shelves for easiest and fastest access
  • Keep large bins on the bottom shelves, housing things like toilet paper or paper towels
  • Store infrequently used items (like linens for the guest room, or extra pillows) on the highest shelves

The power of labeling

Julie Blanner closet organization label
Source: Julie Blanner

Don't underestimate the power a well-placed label! I'm going to reference my stock room metaphor again, because it feel it's very applicable to good linen closet organization. Like a stock room at a retail store, back stock items have specific places where they exist, and those spaces are labeled clearly. That way, if a team member is looking for a specific item, they can quickly locate it, even if they weren't the ones to initially fill that back stock. 

If you assign a spot to everything in your linen closet, you'll know where items go in the future - and so will others in your household. Good linen closet organization works best when everything has a spot to go.

Chris Loves Julia - DIY Chalkboard Basket Labels
Source: Chris Loves Julia

That does mean that sometimes spots are going to be empty! If all your towels are dirty because you're behind on laundry, the spot where your towels are normally stacked will be vacant. Resist the urge to "temporarily" use that shelf to house other things. Stick to your organization layout, and you'll be able to keep your linen or bathroom closet tidy.


Baskets and bins

Linens, towels, blankets and pillows can be stacked directly on your linen closet shelves. But what about loose items? A few baskets or bins can do wonders for linen closet organization. If your bins aren't see-through, make sure to label them so you can find things quickly and with ease.

BULLIG box from IKEA

Gold wire basket from H&M

When selecting boxes, baskets, or bins for your linen closet organization, consider what you need their function to be. Organizing lots of small items? Pick smaller bins, potentially with more compartments. Storing rolled-up towels? That opens up the possibility of using round or cylindrical-shaped baskets. I'm particularly fond of the BULLIG boxes from IKEA (pictured above/left), since they're low enough that items would be easy to locate without digging, plus their unique look would brighten up any closet. A wire basket is a classic option for linen closet organization since you can see everything inside the basket without moving it from the shelf. Also, a gold basket like this one (pictured above/right) can add a bit of flair to an otherwise boring closet shelf.

Baskets from Target
Source: Target

If you are using a lot of baskets to organize your linen closet, switch up the style. A few woven baskets paired with metal wire ones can keep linens organized without being too matchy-matchy.


Making the best use of space

Be My Guest with Denise Cooper - Linen closet organization
Source: Be My Guest With Denise Cooper

Chances are your linen closet has a lot of multi-tasking to do. Wouldn't it be nice if we all just needed to store a few organic cotton towels in some artisanal wire baskets? If you're a normal human like me, however, you have a lot of stuff you need to fit in your bathroom closet or linen closet. Aside from the shelves, make sure you're making use of the floor, and the inside of the closet door.

The inside of the door is most useful for storing hanging or thin objects. Add a few hooks to the inside of your closet door to store brooms or mops. Hang some narrow baskets to store smaller items. Or, simply use the space to store an ironing board.

How to fold linens

When you look at pretty pictures of of linen closet organization, they all have a similar thing in common: neatly folded linens! If you're not a fan of folding, you can always store your linens inside of closed-weave baskets, but pairing sheet sets will always be easier when they're folded up nice and neat.

How to fold a fitted sheet

Let's start with the largest hurdle in the world of folding: the fitted sheet. As a sheet-folding convert, trust me when I say that once you get the hang of it, folding a fitted sheet is a piece of cake. I know it can seem like an impossible magic trick, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second-nature. Plus, learning how to fold a fitted sheet will save you space in your linen closet

How to fold a fitted sheet
How to fold a fitted sheet

Step 1: Find the corners on one side of the sheet, and turn one corner inside-out.

Step 2: Tuck the inside-out corner into the right-side out corner.

Step 3: Repeat for the other end of the sheet.

Step 4: Turn one of the corner pairings inside-out, tuck the inside-out pairing into the right-side out pairing.

Step 5: Lay the sheet flat, and fold into thirds.

Step 6: Fold into thirds again.


How to fold a sheet set

In order to organize your linen closet, you'll need to group like-items together. Towels stacked in piles, toilet paper all on one shelf, and sheet sets together. Here's how to turn your sheet sets into a cute little bedding package.

How to fold a sheet set

Step 1: Lay matching pillowcases on top of one another, and fold in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Stack folded fitted and flat sheet in the middle of the pillowcases.

Step 3: Wrap pillowcases around linens, and tuck the closed end of the pillowcases into the open end.

Step 4: Flip the sheet set over.


How to fold towels

The linen closet is the best place for extra towels to live, but due to their bulky nature, they can look messy or take up extra space. To save room when folding your towels, try rolling them up and storing them in a round container. Or, do the folding in thirds method, like this:

How to fold towels

Step 1: Fold towel in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Fold in half again.

Step 3: Fold one third of towel over.

Step 4: Fold over the other thirds.


How to store blankets

How to store blankets
Source: Kelley Nan

Bulky blankets can be tricky to stow away until needed. If you're wondering how to store blankets, there's no one right way to do so! You can simply fold and stack them on a shelf - preferably a top shelf, since ideally you'll only need access to them during the cold months. You can roll your blankets up and tie them with a bow. You can store them in a basket or hamper. However you choose to store excess blankets, make sure you're only holding on to what you need. Get rid of any itchy, scratchy, worn-out, or stained bedding, and only keep what you regularly use. And finally, keep mold and mildew at bay by making sure your blankets aren't folded too tightly. Proper airflow is essential to keeping blankets dry, aerated, and fresh.

How to organize your linen closet
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Now that you know how to organize a linen closet, are you ready to tackle your clothing closet?

How to organize a closet

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75 Kids' Decor Ideas You Can Totally DIY

by M.E. Gray

75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas You Can Totally Do!

Decorating a child's room is such a fun experience. You can go crazy with color, pick animated and adorable elements, and all the furniture is just so tiny. However, these small spaces do come with their own set of unique challenges. As kids grow and change, so do their interests and needs. If you're looking to save money, or are just looking for ways to add your own unique stamp to a room, why not do-it-yourself? We've rounded up 75 fun DIY kids decor projects that you can start today. From wall art to furniture, there's a handmade solution to all your home decor dilemmas.          

Where do you draw inspiration for kids decor? Let us know in the comments!



Wall art idea from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Bloesem Design via Apartment Therapy

1. You can do this! A row of hanging flashcards makes for cheap and doable wall art.


Wall art idea from Alice & Lois | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Alice & Lois

2. With a little felt, capture a child's initial on this colorful banner.


Wall art idea from Merry Pad | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Merry Pad

3. The hoard of kids' drawings is inevitable - this DIY helps you turn them into a collage to mount and frame.

Wall art idea from Liz Marie Blog | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Liz Marie Blog

4. This project is geared more towards advanced crafters, but who can resist wanting a sweet faux deer's head in their room?


Wall art idea from Lil Blue Boo | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Lil Blue Boo

5. This is a project the kids can help create. Make a paper mâché unicorn head (or you could just leave the horn off and have it be a regular old horse, but where's the fun in that?). 


Wall art idea from DIY Network | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: DIY Network

6. Practice a little pain-free taxidermy on some stuffed animals by mounting them to the wall.


Wall art idea from Pneumatic Addict | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Pneumatic Addict

7. This make-it-yourself light box could double as both DIY kids decor, and as a fun nightlight!


Wall art idea from Spot of Tea Designs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Spot of Tea Designs

8. Let the kids decorate their own walls! This toddler art gallery allows you to switch out craft projects and drawings as the kids grow and advance. 


Wall art idea from Papery & Cakery | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Papery & Cakery

9. As long as you're prepared to get glitter everywhere (which, we'll admit, is sometimes kinda magical), this glitter animal wall art is bright, colorful, and kid-approved. 


Wall art idea from Alice & Lois | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Alice & Lois

10. Nurseries are the sweetest spaces to decorate. Learn how to paint a giant gold heart to display your love for baby. 


Wall art idea from Alice & Lois | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Alice & Lois

11. Animals, bright colors, and kids decor are an idyllic trio. Create this animal block art using the tried-and-true technique of decoupaging. 


Wall art idea from A Bubbly Life | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Bubbly Life

12. Okay, who doesn't want some tasty looking fruit slice shelving in their bedroom? This DIY kids decor project is easy enough with wood rounds and craft paint.


Wall art idea from A Bubbly Life | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Bubbly Life

13. Wall art doesn't just have to be contained in a frame. Kids' rooms are the perfect place to play with bright, happy murals, like this pretty pastel geometric design.


Wall art idea from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

14. Feeling a little more adventurous? Try your hand at this painted wallpaper art.


Wall art idea from The Sweetest Digs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Sweetest Digs

15. Speaking of adventure, you don't have to be an artist to paint this on-trend mountain mural.


Wall art idea from Curbly | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Curbly

16. If you use magnetic paint for your mountain mural, you can invite an entire team of these DIY mountain climbers (on belay!). 


Wall art idea from The Sweetest Digs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Sweetest Digs

17. Sometimes simple is best, as is the case with these Scandinavian-inspired wall decals.


Storage solution from Garden Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Garden Therapy

18. If a child has a lot of beloved stuffed animals, these tree branch swings are a cute way to store and display them. 



Storage solution from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Apartment Therapy

19. Throw a shoe organizer on the bedroom door, and you've got yourself a perfect doll organizing system!


Storage solution from DIY Inspired | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: DIY Inspired

20. This DIY stuffed animal chandelier is clever comprised of beads, spray paint, and a hanging plant holder. 


Storage solution from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

21. Storage solutions don't have to be pricey. Paint coffee cans and use chalk labels for small storage.  


Storage solution This Little Street | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: This Little Street

22. Everything's better on wheels, and that includes this rolling toy box


Storage solution from | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas


23. Let's keep the storage solutions rolling! By combining the efficiency of casters with the unused space under the bed, this rolling storage solution utilizes every last inch of space. 


Storage solution from The Merry Thought | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Merry Thought

24. We love the look of these open, minimal wood storage bins. Get the plans to make your own at home.


Storage solution from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

25. These sew-it-yourself fabric bins show that storage solutions can be cute and modern. These are especially awesome because they are reversible!


Storage solution from I Heart Organizing | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: I Heart Organizing

26. Check out this book caddy idea created from a dish rack!


Storage solution from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Kristen DeLap via Apartment Therapy

27. We're going to look at some more book organization DIY ideas, like these basket book holders.


Storage solution from Penny Carnival | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Penny Carnival

28. This one requires a little sewing, but how cool is this hanging book holder at toddler-height?


Storage solution from Balancing Home | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Balancing Home

29. If you're looking for a totally cheap DIY solution to displaying reading books, you can use rain gutters as shelving.


Storage solution from Dahlias and Dimes | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Dahlias and Dimes

30. For a more polished look, craft these wood ledges (don't they look so sweet in this nursery?).


Storage solution from The Sweetest Digs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Sweetest Digs

31. One more book solution - these are spice racks! They make great shelves.


Storage solution from The Sunny Side Up Blog | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Sunny Side Up Blog

32. With a little forethought, you could be hiding all the kids' toys in the walls with these pull-out storage bins.


Storage solution from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Tabitha Blue via Apartment Therapy

33. You can totally DIY this little clothing rack for a new baby.


Storage solution from Style Curator | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Style Curator

34. Or how about building this a-frame, free-standing clothing rack?


Storage solution from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

35. And finally, switch out the dress-up trunk for this adorably grown-up clothing rack made simply from wood and PVC pipe.


Colorful pillow idea from Aww Sam | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Aww Sam

36. Who wouldn't want this yummy-looking cake pillow? Really brings meaning to the phrase "sweet dreams!"


Colorful pillow idea from See Kate Sew | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: See Kate Sew

37. Let's keep the tastiness going with an ice cream cone pillow sprinkled in cuteness.


Colorful pillow idea from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

38. Combine sewing and painting (the kids can help!) to make this loveable, pocketed dollhouse pillow.


Colorful pillow idea from My Cakies | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: My Cakies

39. Speaking of houses, we love this house block cushion as a cute DIY kids decor addition!


Colorful rug idea from Hello Giggles | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Hello Giggles

40. Okay, I really, really want one of these unicorn throw rugs for myself. So magical!!


Colorful rug idea from Say Yes | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Say Yes

41. DIY a soft space for little feet by making this pom pom rug.


Fun pouf idea from Living with Punks | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Living with Punks

42. Take a seat, tike! DIY them a mini floor pouf.


Fun pillow idea from Modern Textiles | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Modern Textiles

43. Bring the enchantement of the outdoors inside (where there are less bugs and bears) by sewing a fluffy campfire.


Fun pillow idea from Design Sponge | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Design Sponge

44. No adventure-themed room is complete without the classic mountain top pillow. Fortunately you can make this one, too.


Fun rug idea from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

45. You can DIY this, and we ain't "lion!" Learn how to make a cushy and cute animal mat.


Fun pillow idea from It's Always Autumn | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: It's Always Autumn

46. I could see spending hours on one of these DIY pillow beds (which are super simple to make - you just sew a few pillows together!).


Colorful pillow idea from kojodesigns | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: kojodesigns

47. A cute addition to any kids space, make your own pineapple pillow.


Fun pillow idea from Alice & Lois | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Alice & Lois

48. This DIY kids decor idea keeps the magic of childhood alive. Make a decorative pillow with a convenient pocket for the tooth fairy so she doesn't have to dig through all the covers for that missing molar. 



Baby's mobile idea from The Sweetest Digs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: The Sweetest Digs

49. Continuing on our DIY kids decor journey: Mobiles! Mobiles are as magical as they are mesmerizing. You can make this simple statement piece from feathers.


Baby's mobile idea from Vitamini Handmade | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Vitamini Handmade

50. Got a classy baby? DIY this Eames-inspired mobile.


Baby's mobile idea from Ceci Bean | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Ceci Bean

51. For a woodsy feel, you can create a woodland-creature mobile from cutouts and an embroidery hoop.


Baby's mobile idea from Look What I Made | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Look What I Made

52. If the mountains are calling, pay them homage with a super simple watercolor wall hanging.


Baby's mobile idea from A Burst of Beautiful | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Burst of Beautiful

53. Happy and very doable, this pom-pom mobile would make a cute addition to any nursery. 


Baby's mobile idea from Morning Creativity | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Morning Creativity

54. If you've never felted before, not only is it simple, but it's also relaxing (think voodoo doll). Make a felt ball mobile for that extra pop of primaries. 


Kids garland idea from | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas


55. If you're on a felting kick, you might as well make a felt ball garland while you're at it!


Baby's mobile idea from Make and Tell | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Make and Tell

56. This DIY fruit slice mobile looks just radiantly refreshing. 


Kids garland idea from Aww Sam | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Aww Sam

57. This project encorporates actual kids' toys! With lights and some toy food, you can make a tasty illuminated garland.


Kids garland idea from Curbly | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Curbly | Tutorial: Sweet Teal

58. Fake flowers never looked so lovely as they do in this DIY flower wall garland. This DIY kids decor project fills up a blank wall quickly and easily. 


Kids garland idea from girl. Inspired. | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: girl. Inspired.

59. How precious are these little dolls all holding hands on a garland?


Kids garland idea from Babsouk | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Babasouk

60. This cat garland is actually a premade kit! How easy is that??


Kids garland idea from Hipster Mum | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Hipster Mum

61. Go bold with a cactus garland... cacti garland? I always get confused over that prickly plural.


Chair makeover idea from Alida Makes | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Alida Makes

62. Okay, this is the most fun chair we've ever seen. It's part chair frame, part exercise ball, part fur


Play tent idea from Style Curator | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Style Curator

63. Create an escape where kids can go to read, draw, or imagine in this DIY a-frame play tent.


Chair makeover idea from Houseologie | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Houseologie

64. Create big impact in a child's room by reimagining and reupholstering furniture pieces.


Lego table idea from Centsational Girl | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Centsational Girl

65. Legos are far too small to be disorganized. This Lego table solves that problem, and has a play area on top.


Tent idea from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

66. If you don't want to go full play tent, you can create a kid-sized oasis out of a hula hoop and some fabric.


Chalkboard paint idea from Beckham + Belle | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Beckham + Belle

67. It looks cute and it's functional - decorate the inside of shelving with chalkboard paint for a simple decor solution. 


Chalk paint idea from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Apartment Therapy

68. Or cover an entire dresser in chalkboard paint to signal to kiddos that even though they're young, it's never too early to start organizing. 


Shelf idea from I Can Teach My Child | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: I Can Teach My Child

69. How sweet! This DIY kids decor project is a big more hands-on, but how can you beat a dollhouse shelf?


Storage idea from Apartment Therapy | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Apartment Therapy

70. By adding cushions to storage shelving, you can create mini bench seating


Dresser makeover from Spot of Tea Designs | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Spot of Tea Designs

71. By simply using white paint, you can decorate more grown-up furniture and turn it into pieces fit for a princess. 


Desk idea from A Beautiful Mess | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

72. Make a mini desk! This tutorial shows you how to create a child-sized work area from wood and copper pipe.


Desk idea from Reality Daydream | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Reality Daydream

73. If you want to save on space, this DIY kids decor project folds up! Learn how to make a mini Murphy desk.


Bed idea from Styled Curator | 75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas

Photo: Styled Curator

74. Feeling adventurous? Learn how to construc a toddler-sized day bed.


Bed idea from Jen Woodhouse

Photo: Jen Woodhouse

75. And finally - this project is for the real DIY experts. Learn how to build this dreamy, wooden toddler bed.

75 ways to decorate a kid's room - DIY style!

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Conquer Clutter with 44 DIY Jewelry Organizers and Displays You Can Make Yourself

by Rachel Jacks

Display your jewelry with these DIY jewelry organizers and storage ideas you can make yourself. #DIY #jewelry #jewelrystorage #organization

As fun as jewelry is to collect and wear, it can be tricky to figure out how to store all your pieces. If you're not careful, it can too easily turn into clutter. Home organization stores would love to convince you to run out and spend tons of money on jewelry organizers and storage. But if you're willing to get a bit crafty, you can easily make your own DIY jewelry organizer or holder to store your jewelry in style.               

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How to Give Your Laptop the Deep Cleaning It Deserves

by M.E. Gray

How to clean your laptop

If you're sitting at your laptop right now, I want you to look down at your keyboard. Get really close. Close enough so you can take a peek under the keys. Now look at the screen. Move from side to side to get different angles. How's it looking? If your computer is like mine was before I cleaned it, then you're probably noticing a bunch of greasy fingerprints mixed with crumbs from lunches past. Real talk: When was the last time you actually cleaned your laptop? There's no shame if the answer is "never," and luckily it's a pretty quick clean. If your QWERTY is crusty, keep reading to learn how to clean your laptop at practically no cost.

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