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Tidy Up With These Beautiful Bathroom Shelf Ideas

by on May 6, 2024

Your bathroom shelf holds everything you need to begin and end your day, so why not make it beautiful? Don’t let the chaos of cluttered countertops and overflowing cabinets disrupt your self-care. Yep, it’s possible to have a bathroom shelf space that keeps all your beauty and daily routine items organized and aesthetically appealing.

With a bit of creativity and the right shelving, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and organized space. We’ll explore a few ideas ranging from boho to industrial and more!

Photo by Emily Silverstein on Unsplash

1. Add a Tropical Touch

Consider unconventional options for your next bathroom shelf like shelves made from bamboo or rattan for a tropical vibe. These shelves offer a unique look and provide ample storage space for towels and toiletries.

Wicker cabinet on white bathroom wall
Photo by Kate and Laurel

2. Embrace Open Shelving

Try experimenting with open shelving. Add decorative hooks underneath shelves to hang towels or robes for both functionality and visual interest. Don’t forget to mix and match storage containers like woven baskets, ceramic jars, and wire bins to enhance the texture and personality of your shelves.

Open bathroom shelf with baskets in large bathroom
Photo by Hunker

3. Get Creative

Feeling inspired to start a new DIY project? You can start by upcycling old crates or wooden pallets and turning them into custom storage. Install tension rods between shelves to create additional hanging space for towels or small baskets. You can also repurpose vintage ladders as towel racks or shelving units for a little more character and charm.

Repurposed wooden shelf over toilet for bathroom storage
Photo by Jar of Lemons

4. Elevate Your Vanity

Does your bathroom have a vanity space that needs an update? Enhance your vanity’s storage space with drawer dividers, acrylic organizers, and stackable bins to keep makeup, skincare products, and grooming tools neatly organized. Install a mirror with built-in storage or shelves to maximize vertical space above the vanity, providing easy access to everyday essentials while adding a decorative touch to your bathroom. We love the functionality!

5. Take it to the Shower

Maximize small spaces by installing corner shelves or a built-in shower niche to store shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Opt for waterproof materials like ceramic or resin to ensure durability and easy maintenance. For a renter-friendly option you can install a shower caddy or organizer with adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized bottles and toiletries to keep everything within reach.

Shelves in the Wall in the Bathroom
Photo by Curtis Adams

6. Wall Space for Small Space

Vertical storage is your friend in compact bathrooms. Make the most of unused wall space with tall shelving that can be wall-mounted. Add floating shelves above the toilet or beside the vanity to create additional storage for towels, toiletries, and decorative accents. Hang a wall-mounted cabinet or medicine chest to store medications, first aid supplies, and other essentials while keeping them out of sight.

brown wooden shelf with bottles
Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

7. Add Aesthetic Appeal

Your bathroom shelves are a great place to add ambient lighting or string lights to create a cozy atmosphere. To add boldness to the look, you can also introduce depth and warmth with painted shelves.

White sinks placed on wooden cabinet in contemporary illuminated bathroom
Photo by Max Vakhtbovycn

8. Keep Linens Organized

No linen closet? No problem! Roll towels and stack them on open shelves or in decorative baskets. Label bins or baskets with embroidered tags or chalkboard labels on different types of linens, such as bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Try adding towel racks or hooks on the back of the bathroom door to keep linens within reach.

White bathroom with grey towels on shelf and under sink
Photo by Place Ideal

9. Get Clever with Drawers and Hooks

Use under-sink storage with pull-out bins, sliding trays, or stackable shelves to make the most of limited cabinet space. Install hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang hairdryers, flat irons, and other styling tools, keeping them off countertops and out of sight when not in use.

10. Create a Spa-like Atmosphere

Update your bathroom with a spa-like ambiance by displaying luxurious amenities like body scrubs, bath salts, and plush bathrobes displayed on open shelves or in decorative trays. Additionally, incorporating natural elements like bamboo bath accessories, river rock accents, and live plants can add to the calm. Take it up a notch by installing a rainfall showerhead, heated towel rack, or aromatherapy diffuser.

green leafed plant place on floating shelf
Photo by Jessica Arends

11. Pick Smart Storage Solutions

In addition to your bathroom shelf, choose smart storage solutions like pull-out drawers with built-in organizers or adjustable shelving systems that can be customized to fit your specific storage needs. These innovative solutions maximize space efficiency and help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

White tiered bathroom organizing shelf hanging on white door
Photo by Driven by Decor

12. Over-the-Toilet Shelving

The space above the toilet is often overlooked. It’s time to use it! Install shelves or a cabinet unit designed to fit over the tank. This area can provide valuable vertical storage space for extra towels, toilet paper, and decorative accents, helping to free up floor space and keep your bathroom organized. Choose a unit with closed cabinets or open shelves, depending on your storage preferences.

13. Opt for Hidden Storage

Love a sleek and minimalist look in your bathroom? Explore hidden storage options. You can install recessed shelving units or cabinets into the walls to create hidden storage space for toiletries and other essentials. In addition, you can use mirrored cabinets that double as storage for a discreet way to keep your bathroom tidy.

Modern bathroom interior with counter near mirror and shelves
Photo by Max Vakhtbovycn

14. Mix and Match Shelving Styles

Mix and match different shelving styles to create a dynamic and visually interesting display. Combine floating shelves with traditional wall-mounted shelves or integrate open shelving with closed cabinets. You can play with varying heights, depths, and materials to add depth and dimension.

round white analog clock at 3:50
Photo by Jonny Caspari

15. Create a Personalized Display

Add your personality by showcasing your favorite decorative items, such as framed photos, artwork, or travel souvenirs. Mix in personal touches like scented candles, small sculptures, or vintage finds to create a curated display that reflects your unique style and interests. Don’t be afraid to rotate these pieces seasonally, but be mindful of bathroom ventilation and items that can’t withstand humidity.

white and beige petaled flowers
Photo by Steven Ungermann

16. Charm with Wooden Shelves

Introduce warmth and natural beauty to your bathroom with the addition of wooden shelves. Whether you prefer rustic reclaimed wood or sleek and polished finishes, wooden shelves are the perfect option. Opt for floating wooden shelves for a modern look, or choose sturdy wall-mounted wooden shelves for a more traditional feel.

white sink
Photo by Arno Smit

17. Go Industrial Chic

For a trendy and industrial-inspired look, use pipe shelves in your bathroom design. Industrial pipe shelves combine rugged functionality with modern aesthetics. Install pipe shelves above the vanity or toilet to store towels, toiletries, and baskets, or use them as open shelving. You can customize the size of your pipe shelves to fit your space perfectly and pair them with reclaimed wood or metal accents.

green potted plant on black wooden shelf
Photo by Sanibell BV

With these ideas, you can take your bathroom shelf organization to the next level. Not only will you create a functional and organized space, but it’ll also be beautiful. Whether you choose to optimize wall space, use over-the-toilet shelving, or include hidden storage options, there are countless ways to enhance your bathroom shelves.

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