GENIUS DIY Modular Storage with IKEA Boxes

GENIUS DIY Modular Storage with IKEA Boxes

IKEA Prant boxes may be handy, but they are uninspired. The geniuses at Livet Hemma took care of that last bit. Using about 14 of them, pastel paint and (get this)

metal office clamps, they made a modular, designery storage system. As far a tute goes, all we really need is the picture. As far as the solidity of the unit goes, I'm thinking that the placement of the individual boxes against its neighbor is the thing to keep in mind as they each lend stability to the other. 

Spotted at the delightful Bright.Bazaar

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Nunya on Apr 14, 2015:

Love this! But they stopped selling prant boxes in 2012. :(

Craig on Oct 03, 2011:

What size binder clips should you use?

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