How To: Give an Old Wooden Bowl a Gold Leaf Makeover

by DIY Maven


supplies for wood bowl goldleaf makeover
Photo: Delineate Your Dwelling

I don't know about your favorite thrift store, buy mine is LOADED with wooden bowls and canisters and stuff. Honestly, I don't spend much time in that aisle. After seeing Amy's wooden bowl makeover I just might be making a beeline for that particular aisle on my next visit. Some inexpensive gold leaf, glue, Martha's patterning tape, and a soft-bristle brush is all you need. And...

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How To: Make Dramatic PVC Uplights

by DIY Maven
Dramatic PVC Uplights
Photo: Dremel Weekends

Our friends over at Dremel Weekends feature this absolutely lovely trio of uplights made of PVC. They look great with white interiors, but I'm wondering what they might've looked like sprayed on the inside, perhaps with something metallic like gold.

Besides the PVC pipe and a roto tool and bits (preferably Dremel, of course), other things we'll need to make them include spotlights, clamps...

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Before & After: Lucy's Home Makeover

by DIY Maven
Lucy's living room before
Photo: Cup of Jo

Makeover stories are usually uplifting. This one is too, but it didn't start out that way. You see, Lucy's home didn't feel like home anymore as she had recently lost her husband. Lucy's sister Jo brainstormed with her interior designer friend Jenny Kmoenda and came up with a plan. They decided to

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Curbly Original
Embracing Simplicity: DIY Clothesline Photo Wall Display

by DIY Maven


inspiration for clothesline photo wall display
Photo: Umbra


As my new office space started coming together, I realized I had a very large blank wall that needed some major artwork. On the opposing wall, I have a small trio of frames, so I didn't want to do the same on the big wall. But I didn't want just one big image either. So I did what we all do, I searched the internets for some inspiration. One product popped up from Umbra (pictured above) that caught my attention immediately. The 30" x 26 1/2" configuration would be perfect photographs that hold a special place in my heart but have yet found a special place enlarged on my walls.

The store-bought version costs a very reasonable $20, but I knew I could make one for next to nothing. Which I did. Actually, I made two

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