How To: Turn a Gumball Machine into a Succulent Planter

Gumball Machine as succulent planter
Photo: The Crafted Sparrow

(Don't tell Chris, but I've determined this week to be "succulent" week here on Curbly.) Yesterday I highlighted a very cool DIY watercolor cactus wall art project. Today we're checking out Rebecca's clever re-use of a gumball machine, which she turned into a succulent planter. She found the gumball machine  at Goodwill and, initially, turned it into a very cute Christmas snow globe. But when Rebecca put away her holiday decor, she knew exactly what to do with it. And the best part, the second transformation only took minutes to make. (I love how the addition of the succulents and gravel give the machine a more modern vibe. Don't you?) For the entire tutorial, visit The Crafted Sparrow

The gumball machine after its first transformation. 

Gumball machine as snow globe
Photo: The Crafted Sparrow

Gumball Machine Succulent Planter [The Crafted Sparrow]

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