A Holiday Mantel Makeover: No Mantel? No Problem.

by Lidy Dipert

Christmas Mantel Makeover: No Mantle, No Worries.

A couple years ago, we designed a fireplace mantel facade for our fireplace. Although we still love it's Scandinavian and modern vibes, this year we decided to focus on our fireplace as-is! Sometimes, you have to just work with what you have and go with it. Here's how you can give any mantel-less fireplace a simple Christmas makeover! 


Christmas Mantle Makeover: No Mantle, No Worries

Start with clearing out the surroundings or rearranging your...

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How to: Easy and Adorable DIY Pet Portrait Christmas Ornament

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Printed Pet Christmas Ornament

This holiday season, a group of the Curbly writers decided to team up and each of us created a simple and stylish new Christmas ornament. We're calling it the "Curbly Ornament Challenge" but there's not much competition involved...just a lot of fun, seasonal crafting. See all of the ornaments here.


My Christmas tree is filled with my pictures and things that represent everyone in my family. This year I decided to make a little ornament with a sweet picture of my dog. Piper, my Vizsla is getting older but she is well loved and I can't believe we have nothing representing her on our tree. I love these pet photo pillows so here is how I made an ornament version for my tree.  

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Roundup: 10 Stylish Ways To Display The Christmas Cards You Receive This Year

by Jennifer Farley

Roundup- 10 Stylish Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

By now, I am sure your mailbox is starting to be flooded with Christmas cards from your family and friends. Can I mention the fact that I have not sent mine yet? My friends and family might get my family card until sometime in February...or maybe March. Anyway, It really is a fun time of year to get updates on all your friends. Here are some fun ways you can display your Christmas cards you will receive this year.   

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Curbly Original
How To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel from Scratch!

by Faith Towers
How-To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel
Photo: Faith Towers

I recently tackled a big project for my dining room - a DIY wooden mantel - and today, I'm pretty excited to share the process with you. If you have a fireplace without much character like mine used to be, this project might be the perfect solution for you. And let me be clear ... I only have basic woodworking know-how, so this is feasible for anybody with a bit of crafty know-how and a willingness to try. Click through to check out the new mantel and to find out how to make one yourself.   

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Curbly Original
How to: Elegant and Oh-So-Simple Himmeli-Inspired Christmas Trees

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Tabletop Himmeli Christmas Tree

When it comes to stylish Christmas decor, I always love the classic and elegant look of Scandinavian simplicity. I'm especially into the Finnish Himmeli craft, and dig all the ornaments, stars, and wreathes made from them. So, I wanted to add to that trend by making a Himmeli tabletop Christmas tree design to use as decor around my house and in my Christmas tablescapes.

Sometimes, Himmeli projects are known for getting a little complicated. Believe me, I know. I have tried and failed at many. So, I made these Himmeli trees to be easy, modern, and adaptable to create a variety of tree designs. To pull off the look, you only need to know how to make one simple Himmeli triangle. 

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