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Free Printable Garden Planner

by on Apr 2, 2024

While I like to dream about becoming a skilled gardener someday, the reality is I have a terrible brown thumb. I think a lot of my garden woes have to do with inattentiveness. I forget to water my leafy friends, fertilize them, or do anything that might come close to caring for them. Terrible right?

So I decided to make up a free downloadable garden planner to track my plant care, watch seedling growth, monitor pests and plan out my garden beds. Hopefully this will help me get organized in my backyard and straighten out by brown thumb!


Step 1

Printable garden planner

The instructions for this one are as simple as they come – grab some letter-sized copy paper and print out the garden planner.

If you’re printing this at home it may print out with white edges; just trim these off with a pair of scissors.

Printable garden planner

The file comes with 5 pages: a pest tracker, seedling log, 2 square foot planners (one in 4 x 4 format and one in 3 x 6 format) and a spiffy cover sheet to tie it all together. 

Printable garden planner

For the seedling log and pest tracker, simply fill the fields in as you plant your seedlings or spot pests.

In the square foot planner, make a note of how you’d like to set out your garden beds by allocating each type of plant to a square foot.

Draw in a sketch of the plant (if you feel up to drawing), then write in the name and quantity that will be housed in each square.

Note – my quantity of 4 tomatoes in one square foot is just an example and probably not correct! When dividing up your plants into a square foot garden planner, remember to follow the planting instructions on your seed packets to ensure each seed has enough room to grow.

See below for a preview of all the pages in the planner and happy gardening!

Printable garden planner
Printable garden planner
Printable garden planner
Printable garden planner
Printable garden planner
Printable garden planner

Plan your dream garden with ease using this printable garden planner! Organize your planting schedule, track progress, and design layouts that maximize your outdoor space.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this free printable tool is a must-have for creating a beautiful and productive garden.

Get inspired to cultivate your own oasis and enjoy the fruits of your labor all season long!

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  1. Thank you so much for the free printable. My grandson is in 6th grade, and has shown quite an interest in gardening. I think he will like this.