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15 Best IKEA TROFAST Hacks: Storage, Play, And More

by on Mar 18, 2024

The IKEA TROFAST storage units are where organizing magic and fun meet! These units are great for transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary place for creativity and organization. If you aren’t familiar with all the cool things you can do with your TROFAST (or you’re deciding on whether you want to get one as your next storage solution), we’ve got you covered.


Photo by Mama Mikolaja

So what exactly is a TROFAST? It’s a customizable storage system that’s as adaptable as it is stylish.

TROFAST units, created by the innovative minds at IKEA, feature a modular design to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your home. We love them because of their sturdy frames and array of bins, shelves, and accessories to choose from. TROFAST units offer a world of possibilities for organizing everything from toys to clothes to crafting supplies.

Their modular design is what makes TROFAST special. Because of its ability to transcend basic storage, it’s a hub of creativity and play. From building the ultimate toy station to creating a cute and cozy reading nook, these units can be repurposed and customized for any need or aesthetic.

Now that you know what a TROFAST is, let’s look at 15 of the best hacks to take your IKEA organizing game to a new level!

TROFAST Hacks for Kids

1. Toy Storage Solved: Create a clutter-free space for your kids to play by transforming TROFAST units into toy storage shelves. Use different-sized bins to categorize toys by type, making cleanup a breeze.

2. Playroom Paradise: Transform your child’s playroom into a haven of creativity and fun with TROFAST units as the central feature. Try colorful bins and shelves to store toys, books, and art supplies while leaving plenty of space for imagination and play.

Play room featuring white storage units and a wooden floor
Photo by One Day Pa

3. Kid’s Room Bliss: Maximize space and minimize clutter in your child’s bedroom with TROFAST units seamlessly integrated into the decor. Use bins to store clothes, shoes, and accessories while adding shelves for books or toys.

White kids bed with a beige storage shelf and grey rug
Photo by Hunker

4. Decal Delight: Personalize TROFAST units with playful decals that speak to your child’s interests and personality. Whether it’s dinosaurs, unicorns, or outer space, use decals to add a touch of whimsy.

Ikea Trofast storage bins decorated with sunflowers and pink and blue decals
Photo by Potter and Mash

5. Activate Activity: Create a versatile activity table by repurposing a TROFAST unit and adding a custom-built tabletop. Positioning storage bins underneath will allow easy access to art supplies, puzzles, and games.

6. Reading Nook Nirvana: Create cozy reading or play nooks with TROFAST units as the base for custom seating. Add cushions, pillows, and blankets for comfort, and use bins to store books, toys, and games within arm’s reach.

Kids bed above two Ikea Trofast units with a large map as the wall backdrop and red arrows on wall
Photo by Grillo Designs

7. Lego Love: If your kids love Legos, you can conquer the chaos with TROFAST storage. Turn your TROFAST into the coolest Lego storage and building station. Consider using shallow bins to sort bricks by color or size – you can also add a custom Lego tabletop for building and play.

Ikea Trofast unit with green Lego table top and Lego toys on top of it
Photo by Crafty Hacks

8. Bed Frame It Up: Elevate their bedroom storage with a DIY platform bed built around TROFAST units. Use the space underneath to store bedding, clothes, and shoes, adding a stylish and functional touch to bedroom decor.

Childs bed with Trofast unit underneath. Twin sized bed with grey blanket and blue walls.
Photo by Hey There Home

9. Perfect Plywood: Reinforce TROFAST units with plywood for added stability and durability to withstand wild play sessions. You can use screws and wood glue to secure the plywood to the frame to create a solid foundation.

Kids room with floating plywood Trofast shelves and grey wallpaper
Photo by Ikea Hack

10. Stair Sensation: Spruce up your child’s bunkbed space with extra storage. By adding a TROFAST unit to customized bunkbed stairs, you’re not only offering your kids more places to store their toys or clothes, you’re also maximizing the space. This hack is great for smaller bedrooms!

Ikea Trofast bins used under stairs of wooden bunkbed
Photo by Lena Willburg

11. Stained Superstar: Give your TROFAST unit a stylish makeover with a fresh coat of stain, instantly transforming it into statement pieces of furniture for your child’s bedroom. Choose a stain color that complements your home decor and apply it evenly for a professional-looking finish.

Stained Ikea Trofast units with white and black bins
Photo by Hand Makes Home

TROFAST Hacks for General Storage

12. Dine Don’t Dash: Transform a TROFAST unit into stylish storage for kitchen or dining area supplies. Add doors or shelves to create a streamlined look that complements your home decor.

13. Cozy Closet: Ready to say goodbye to your chaotic closet? Try using TROFAST units as your secret weapon. You can install shelves and bins to maximize vertical space and keep clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly organized.

14. Makeup Maven: Your new chic makeup storage solution? A TROFAST! Customize shallow bins and shelves to accommodate your makeup collection and organize it by category or color for easy access. You can also add a tabletop mirror and a comfy stool to complete your makeup vanity fit for a queen.

Makeup vanity with a white Ikea Trofast attached. Large mirror on top.
Photo by Ikea Hackers

15. Cabinet Cover Craze: Give your TROFAST unit a new look with a customized cover. Simply attach a door to the front of your existing unit using screws to create a seamless and modern facade. Customize the design with paint, fabric, or trim to add a touch of personality to your space.

Trofast storage with pink doors
Photo by If Only April

IKEA TROFAST storage units are more than just organization solutions; they’re decor essentials! These versatile pieces can be transformed into anything from play tables to closet shelves, making them a must-have for any home. So, whether you’re looking to revamp your child’s playroom or finally conquer the chaos of your closet, TROFAST units are here to help.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can turn basic furniture into personalized masterpieces that both kids and adults will love. So, grab your toolbox, and let’s get organized – the TROFAST way!

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