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Free Template Generators for Boxes, Bags and More!

by on Nov 25, 2020

Handy, free and just in time for the holidays! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite resources for box template generators, our favorite tutorials for making your own gift boxes, PLUS some free printable downloads that we’ve created just for you! That’s a lot of gift-wrap magic!     

Ever been in the middle of wrapping gifts and realized you needed a very specifically-sized box or bag? The internet teeming with free box template generators that will create unique containers based on your measurements.

Box Template Generators

There are a few paper box template generators out there to choose from, but not all are created equal. Here are our favorites:

Box Template Maker
Source: Template Maker – The original and oldest paper box template generator out there. I find the site a little cumbersome to navigate, but if you’re willing to dig through it, there are a wealth of options here for your gift wrapping needs!

Box Designer – This simple (and FREE) online service lets you enter your box dimensions (width, length and height), and then provides a PDF you can use to create your container – please note, however, that these templates are for notched boxes created out of either wood or heavy-duty cardboard. Not suitable for folded paper boxes.

Makeabox – With this box template generator, you simply enter the box dimensions (length, width, height, etc., in inches)  that you’d like, and a box design template is generated PDF style. Once it’s printed (on the material of your choice) you can cut it out and have perfectly cut boxes for any occasion.       

Boxshot – This is a software service that creates 3D packaging templates (intended for more professional usage). This box template generator shows a bunch of paper box templates that you can download for a fee.

Free Printable Box Templates 

Maybe you’re not sure what size box you need. Or, perhaps you’re looking for something a little more festive. Good news – we’ve got you (and your gifts) covered!

Box templates

We’ve created six templates you can download and print for free, in both plain and holiday designs! Simply click the box you’d like to download and print. We recommend printing on cardstock and assembling your boxes with a glue stick.



If you like these paper box templates, you should check out our printable pie boxes. They’re cute, and ideal for sending house guests home with sweet leftovers after Christmas dinner.

Printable pie boxes

Video: How to Turn a Take-Away Container into a Decorative Gift Box

And finally, watch this video that we pulled from the Curbly archives for wrapping inspiration! JoAnn shows us how easy it is to transform an existing container into a festive, unique gift box. 

to-go box transformed into gift container

Tarting up a take-away container with paper is a fun, fast and easy project. They make beautiful gift boxes, but equally pretty storage boxes as well! Watch the video below to see how this project is made, and keep reading for all the details.


  • A clean takeaway container (to forego the lingering scent of vegetable lo-mein, you can buy new takeaway containers at your local craft store for about a dollar)
  • Decorative paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Craft knife
  • Two metal brads
  • One large needle
  • A cutting mat and scissors
  • Newspaper


  1. Remove the container’s handle.
  2. Open the container and flatten its folds.
  3. Lay newspaper in a well-ventilated area, place the container (right side up) on the newspaper and spray with adhesive.
  4. Carefully lift the container and remove the sticky newspaper from underneath of it and replace it with clean newspaper.
  5. Then, apply your paper.
  6. When the adhesive has dried, cut off the excess paper with your mat and craft knife.
  7. Using a large needle, re-open the holes.
  8. Re-fold your fabulous new decorative box and install one metal brad in each of the original handle’s holes. And you’re done!

Free box templates to print for the holidays
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Hopefully you’ll find these templates, generators, printable, and tips to be helpful this holiday season. Happy wrapping!

Looking for more box making inspiration?

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