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No Tag? No Problem! Print These DIY Holiday Gift Tags

by on Dec 19, 2019

I literally never remember to purchase gift tags at Christmastime – and I’m not using the term “literally” for extra drama here. I actually cannot recall a single time I’ve ever picked up gift tags at the store, put them in my shopping basket, and taken them to the register to check out. What usually ends up happening when I’m wrapping presents is I realize my mistake, try to find a nice-enough piece scrap of paper, scribble the recipient’s name on the back, throw on a little Scotch tape, and call it a day. Janky, I know. Hence why I love printable gift tags!           

Cute patterns, merry thoughts - gift tags for you to print and share.

Even if you’re a more prepared/normal person who remembers to pick up tags at the store, hopefully you’ll enjoy and be able to use these printable gift tags I’m sharing today! I’ve been obsessed with patterns this holiday season, which is how these printable gift tags ended up as a mix of hand-drawn lettering and repetitive designs. Also – and maybe this is true for you too – I’ve kind of abandoned the traditional red-and-green scheme at Christmastime. Instead, I picked softer pastels for these tags, because A.) millennial pink is awesome!, and B.) Why not.

Print these: Girly holiday gift tags



This is an easy one! Download the printable gift tags template, and print onto a piece of white cardstock. Cut out each tag using scissors or a paper cutter. Use a one-hole punch to create a hole at the top of each tag, and string with thread, twine, or ribbon. Now you’re ready to start trimming your packages!

Sweet printable gift tags you can download for free

Print these! Holiday gift tags

Printable gift tags for holiday wrapping

Fa la la! Download these pastel tags to trim your presents with.

Head over to the blog for these free printable gift tags, and get ready for gift-giving this holiday season.
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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? I started my gift-getting really early this year (prior to Halloween, even!) hoping to be done by now. What ended up happening was that I got too comfortable with how ahead I was, and now I’m behind schedule again! Yikes! Good luck to everyone else doing their last-minute shopping and wrapping.

Now that you have your printable gift tags, print out some wrapping paper, too!

Printable wrapping paper


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