Greeting Card Gift “Pillows”

Greeting Card Gift “Pillows”

This is a great and easy way to recycle greeting cards (Christmas or otherwise) into gift card holders or small gift boxes.


The Supplies:

Greeting cards



Straight edge blade



The Procedure:

1. Print out figure below as template, adjusting size to 7 ½" by 6 ½" to fit standard gift card, if necessary.

2. Position template over greeting card, as shown, aligning card’s fold to template’s center fold.

3. Trace around template.

4. Cut out card.

5. Transfer flap line and curved lines onto back of card. Using a ruler and glass or can with the same diameter to trace around makes this step easier.

6. Lightly score flap line and curved lines with straight edge blade.

7. Fold in flap and glue it to opposit side.

8. Wait for glue to dry.

9. Fold in ends of pillow, beginning with notched ends and then fold in non-notched ends.

10. Stuff your "pillow".

Bonus Hint:

For a tiny, standard box-shaped alternative, see this cool idea.

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baconthecat on Apr 16, 2007:

This is a great idea for recycling cards! Thanks for posting this.

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