Make It: Printable "To Go" Pie Boxes

Printable pie boxes

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not far behind, I thought it'd be a good time to start thinking about all those desserts that will be leftover in the wake of the festivities. Because at this time of year there always seems to be too much food, despite my best efforts to eat everything in sight! 


These pie boxes are perfect for handing out the extra pieces after the party's over; and best of all, they're so easy to make that you could put them together while the turkey's roasting. Click through for the full tutorial...  


Printable pie boxes


Step 1

Print out the pie box printable onto sheets of white letter-sized card. 

There are two pieces to each box; a lid and a base. On each piece, there are faint white lines that mark out the triangle section and the tabs. Score along each of the white lines using a ruler and bone folder (there will be six lines to score on each piece).

Printable pie boxes

Step 2

Cut out the pie box pieces with a pair of scissors.

Printable pie boxes

Step 3

Fold along the lines you scored in Step 1.

Printable pie boxes

Step 4

Apply some glue or a piece of double-sided tape to each of the tabs on the box. Stick each tab to the side of the box that's directly next to it.

Printable pie boxes

Printable pie boxes

Printable pie boxes

Printable pie boxes

And that's pretty much all there is to it!

Remember, to complete one pie box you'll need to repeat these steps twice; once for the lid and once for the base. The printable file will show you which piece should go at the top and which should go at the bottom (the base is slightly smaller so it can fit inside the lid of the box). 

Printable pie boxes


Printable pie boxes

Printable pie boxes


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Cate on Nov 11, 2016:

These would also be great as gifts for pi day (3/14)!

Stephanie Lee on Nov 17, 2015:

Thank you Alexis! :)

Alexis on Nov 16, 2015:

These are adorable, Stephanie! So very cute.

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