Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Natural Stone Fireplaces

Natural Stone Fireplaces
Source: Lonny; Photo: David A. Land

Painted fireplaces have become a trend in the last decade and in someways, in the DIY world, our attention has been diverted from beauty of natural stone fireplaces. Dont get me wrong, I love a good painted fireplace. There have been a few brick/stone fireplaces that have been victim to my paint brush...for good reason. Today's post is a good reminder that natural stone fireplaces can make a beautiful statement in any style of home...even modern ones. Here are ten natural fireplaces that might make you want to put down your paintbrush and consider stone.


1. The mix of natural stone and slate slab surround are stunning in this living room. The heavy mortar lines that stick out beyond the stone create modern texture. The common mindset is to paint walls earthtone colors alongside a natural stone fireplace. If you notice, the contrast of the more modern white paint makes the natural fireplace stand out stylishly.

2. I am normally not a huge fan of river rock fireplaces but this combo of rock and painted wood has won me over. This mix of natural and modern and creates a cozy space. If you have a full river rock fireplace and are overwhelmed by it, try adding some painted wood paneling.

Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: One Kindesign

3. If you live in Texas you know about stacked limestone. Some people in Texas call it "Austin Stone." This stone is a creamier stone with flecks of white. Some stones are mostly white. If you hand pick your stones you can attain an almost all white look. For a more modern look, bring the mortar flush with the stone instead of inset between the stones. 


Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: Country Living

4. This natural stone fireplace makes this more modern space very cozy. Using white mortar instead of cream, grey, or beige was a great way to tie in the bright white modern space.

5. Leave it to Emily Henderson to show us how a very natural fireplace can exist in a very modern space. She does help anchor the stone in her modern space with the use of wood tones and natural textures such as plants.

Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: House and Home; Photo: Donna Griffith

6. If you are loving natural but your style is just too modern to embrace the stacked stone look, then consider a slab of stone. This fireplace has a slab of Cipollino marble as its hearth and surround. 

Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: Terrat Elms via HomEdit

7. This fireplace is one solid piece of marble and the natural slab element gives warmth to the contemporary living room.


8.  If you like the slab of natural stone but not the price tag, a more wallet friendly fix is to use natural stone tiles. Sarah Richardson covered an exisiting fireplace with tiles of blue limestone. This fireplace is sleek and modern and natural. This is not a cheap option but it is a cheaper way to accomplish the stone slab look.

Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: Lonny

9. Grey stone sometimes gets forgotten in the world of natural tile fireplaces, but it is so stunning. I think the trick is making everything around it brighter and allowing it to be the element in the room that brings depth. This fireplace is grey slate stone.

Natural Stone Fireplace
Source: Style at Home; Designer Laura Fisher

10. White stacked stone can be very modern and yet still fit in a cottage like or rustic space. This fireplace is stacked quartz but this look can easily be accomplished in smaller budgets with stacked stone veneer tiles.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Are ready to put down the paint brush and head to the rock quarry or stone yard? Maybe it just makes you want to cozy up by the fire on your day off today. Happy Monday!

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