Six Creative Fireplace Makeover Ideas


We have a gas fireplace, and although it's eminently practical, sometimes I wish it were a traditional wood-burning fireplace. If for no other reason than to make it over in the off seasons. Here's a few ideas to do just that, all of which would be great options for non-working fireplaces too. 

The stacked logs in the white fireplace pictured has an almost sculptural quality about it. 

We've all seen the candle option, but these ice cube candles are not only pretty, when displayed in a fireplace, their cheekily ironic too. Who shows us how to make them over at Cut Out and Keep.

Completed Project: Ice Cube Candles Picture #1

Speaking of candles, these Lighthouse Oil Lamps from Horne would be great in a fireplace. However, at $85 to $155, they're pretty expensive. A more budget-friendly alternative might be to use IKEA's Strangnas block candle holders. They range in price from $1.99 to $7.99.

STRÄNGNÄS Block candle holder black Height: 6 ¾ "  Height: 17 cm

If you'd still like the glow without the conflagration, a Himalayan rock salt lamp could look cool.

himalayan salt rock lamps.jpg

rocksalt lamp in fireplace.jpg







A plant tucked on the cusp of the firebox is always a GREAT look.

Fireplace and large plant

An unexpected place for a bit of culture, the firebox might be the perfect spot to display a sculpture or bust. Not this bust of Antinous, however, which sold recently at Sotheby's for $23.8 million, but a cheap knock-off that wouldn't mind a little soot! 

Sale of antiquities from The Collection of Clarence Day totals 36769250 580x388 Roman Imperial Marble Bust Sells for a Staggering $23.8 Million at Sothebys

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