Eye Candy: 15 Totally DIYable Wooden Furniture Ideas

by on Aug 8, 2014

Different DIY wood furniture ideas are shown.Ever since I wrote my first post on Curbly back in ’06, some of my favorite finds have been products that are totally DIYable. Especially wood working products. Shelves, tables, light fixtures, cubbies, I’m not choosy. The items just have to be stylish yet simple enough to reproduce just by looking at them. Going through Curbly’s coffers, I found no less than 15 of these gems just waiting to be knocked off in our shops/garages. Take a look!

We’ll start with coat racks/clothing hangers. In this case, a piece of plywood with holes cut out of it = a clothing butler.

A room has a light white rug.Curbly

Dowels, bits, and a drill press later, we have a coat rack.

A coat is hanging from and next to a coat stand.Curbly

I’m not quite sure if this coat rack/wall art was for sale, but it was as knock-off worthy then as it is now. And what a great way to use up scrap/found wood! 

Different items of clothing hang from a treelike thing.Curbly

If you’ve never thought a coat rack could look elegant, this one just might change your mind: 

A ladder shelf is hanging clothing.http://www.curbly.com/users/diy-maven/posts/13277-utterly-diyable-coat-rack#!bxWO5s

Now let’s turn to lighting, shall we? This chandelier was made using pallets. As I mentioned in the original post, it looks like the wiring is tucked in unobtrusive channels plowed through the center of the insides of the boards. 

An industrial, geometric wooden lamp has mini bulbs.Curbly

Another chandelier, but this one is non-electric. Just candles. Easy-peasy.

A light colored dining table with light blue arm chairs and blue hydrangeas on the table under a circular tea candle chandelier.Curbly

If you’re not in the market for a chandelier, how about this sweet desk lamp?

A wooden desk lamp with a green cord.Curbly

This book shelf + reading lamp + book mark takes multitasking to a new level. Finding an angular light to tuck inside that corner might be tricky. A possible substitution would be an LED strip.

A small bookshelf with a lamp underneath.Curbly

And finally in the lighting group, we have these cheese lamps. Their maker used MDF, but check out the comments section of the original post to get ideas using other non-woodworking materials. 

A person shows off lamps with bright white stars on black.Curbly [http://www.curbly.com/users/diy-maven/posts/3932-cheese-lamps#!bxXig4

Wine bottle holders are a popular DIY item. And this “Sporadic” wall panel wine rack is particularly cool.

Ten wine bottles stuck stem first into a wall board.Curbly

This wall-mounted wine bar used to be an old ammo box, but if you don’t happen to have one on hand, you could easily make one.

Bottles of wine and wine glasses are arranged in a case.Curbly

Another wall-mounted situation. Could be used as a bar or sideboard. 

An outdoor case can be used to store glasses and hold and serve drinks.Curbly

And, finally, the “shelves” category. This combo bike hanger/shelf still tops my charts. (A scrap piece of wood used as a cleat attached to a wall stud or two should keep it in place, no problem.)

A wooden shelf with an opening that holds a yellow bike bar, a part of a wooden shelf with the opening hold a bike bar, the side of a wooden shelf with an opening that is holding a yellow bike bar.Curbly

Made in multiples and displayed in sets, these staircase bookshelves serve as wall art too.

"A Simple and Easy idea for Storing things and Books"Curbly

And, finally, one of my favorite posts of DIYable furniture I’ve ever written. That’s because when I originally posted the Pisa bookshelf, fellow Curblier Craig was so inspired that he used Photoshop to make a plan of the original…

A leaning brown bookshelf and a man standing with his back to it while he looks at something in his hands.Curbly

and then he made a prototype using plywood!!!

A bookshelf on its side full of books.Curbly  

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