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Eye Candy: 12 Drool-worthy Modern Home Libraries and Bookshelves

by on Jan 21, 2013

I have a Nook and an iPad, but I also have a home library. (A bookcase wall in my office.) Even with the advent of digital media, my collection of favorite bound titles isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the home library, as evidenced by the first six offering on today’s eye-candy dish. 

We’re starting off on a very high point. I’m not sure which is more beautiful, the collection of book or the view. Gorgeous.

Another Eames lounge chair that is the perfect addition to a mid-century modern  library.

Although open and light-filled, this space keeps its cozy feel. 

Light on books but heavy on style in this Beverly Hills residence.

Most people, like me, don’t have the luxury (or, perhaps, the need) for an entire room devoted to books. A space along a wall, like in this living room, not only does the job, it provides another stunning architectural element.

If not in the living area, how about in the bedroom? This sweet corner of floating shelves would make perfect sense in a one-bedroom apartment or, perhaps, a teen’s room. 

corner, floating bookshelves.

Now for the bookshelves…this one by Amy Hunt is not only cool, it looks eminently DIYable. 

I love the versatility of Alex de Rouvray’s Severin bookcase. It can hold a variety of media, and its small footprint means it can be used in a variety of spaces. If you’re a welder, or if you know one, it might even DIYable. 

Wooden bookcase with small footprint.

I’m not sure if I really like this arrangement or if I think it’s silly. Maybe both. I like that the assemblage is DIYable, and that the individual pieces can be mixed up to different effect. As for its practicality…whatever. Okay, I’ve decided.  I really like it.

I do enjoy a nod to the vintage in this one:

Another DIYable offering that adds architectural interest and a pop of color.

Another DIYable offering that adds architectural interest and a pop of color.

And, finally, a cheeky, concept bookshelf for someone who doesn’t have many books. If you can’t keep your read/not read books straight, here’s a hint: I organize my read/to be read books by keeping the former vertical–and alphabetized in genre groupings–while the later in small horizontal stacks tucked into the corresponding genre groups. I’m happy to say the horizontals are few.

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