Free Template Generator for Boxes, Bags and More

Free Template Generator for Boxes, Bags and More

Handy and free and just in time for the holidays—or any gift-giving occasion—is this sweet template generator. You simply enter the box dimensions (length, width, height, etc, in inches)  you'd like and a box design template is generated PDF style. Create boxes, envelopes, bags, cones, milk cartons and more. Once it's printed (on the material of your choice) you can cut it out and have perfectly cut boxes for any occasion. Click here to get started. (Be sure to read the instructions at the bottom of the page.) 

Note: You can use scissors to cut out these designs, but we prefer a laser cutter. Though it's expensive, the GlowForge is pretty amazing. Check it out here.

Free template maker [Ideogram]

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bec on Sep 30, 2018:

Its a very old page, but it came up in a google search. And the links are dead.

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