Best of Curbly: Top Ten DIY Organization Ideas of 2011

Top 10 DIY Organization Ideas of 2011

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like cleaning and organizing your home. Every new year, I think of one particular Chinese tradition that requires each family to thoroughly clean their home in an effort to sweep out the bad and make room for the good fortune that every new year promises. This year the Chinese new year doesn't begin until January 23rd, so we have a little time to get our ducks in a row. We've assembled a top ten round-up of organization projects that will inspire you to tidy-up and bring some order to every nook and cranny of your home. Here they are, in a very particular order only I understand (in other words: no particular order):

10. It's time to pack all the holiday gift wrap away, and if you're a person who throws it all in the closet and hopes the door latch keeps it all from tumbling out, take a deep breath and try one of these ideas instead. See a host of ideas here.

DIY Storage Ideas for Unruly Wrapping Supplies

9. Hit the recycling bin (for old milk jugs) or use plastic bread clips to bring a little order to the cables and cords in your life. 

8. Using popsicle sticks and a alphabet stickers (or a marker) you can bring chaos to the bookshelves and DVD libraries in your life. ABC order is the key to organizational bliss.

7. If your home recycling center has a mind of its own, these simple and extremely functional DIY bins will help you restore order. See the project over here on our brother site, ManMade DIY.

DIY Pantry Recycling Center Makeover

6. By using the theme of stations, Melanie super-organized her small and very practical kitchen. 

5. Junk drawers are equal parts man's best friend and organization's worst nightmare. Using balsa wood, this drawer went from 'eek' of 'sweet'.


4. Bring a little order (and style) to your home office or work space using a magnetic memo board and some stylish contact paper.

3. DIY a mail sorter to keep track of bills, invites, and junk.

2. Using PVC pipes you can create 'holsters' to house everyday items.

1. An old drawer turned sandwich station makes lunch prep a breeze.


To see the rest of the best of 2011, check out the Best Of 2011 page here.

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