How to Make PVC Bathroom 'Holsters'

How to Make PVC Bathroom 'Holsters'

Have a curling iron or two tucked in a closet? Here's a genius idea from The Family Handyman using PVC to make storage 'holsters' for those particular appliances. Another use of PVC, they suggest, is cutting short lengths to serve as razor holders in the shower. Makes me think of other places around the house/garage that could use 'holsters'. Got any ideas??? 

created at: 08/11/2011

To see how to implement these and other bathroom storage ideas, head on over to The Family Handyman.

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ciaece on Feb 28, 2013:

Finally found some good ideas!Thanks!

DIY Maven on Mar 03, 2012:

@gail--according to The Family Handiman, hook and loop.

Gail on Mar 03, 2012:

How do you attach the PVC pipe onto the back of the door most effectively?

Janette on Jan 03, 2012:

Curling Iron StorageWant to see something even more genius...stowawayproducts.com! They have a great storage solution to curling irons and blow driers. Their material is basically heat proof and won't melt like PVC.  You can put your curling iron away hot!!!!!

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils) on Aug 11, 2011:

Now THAT is a truly genius idea! Curling irons and other similar devices always seem to get tangled up in everything and make it hard to access all my other bath and body products. I am going to look into trying this. Thanks for sharing!

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